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Churches Taxed For Parking?
I saw this link and was wondering if any of the more devout/knowledgable folks knew about this -

Quote:Churches and other historically tax-exempt organizations will now have to file federal and likely state income tax returns according to a recently unearthed provision in the newly instituted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that applies the federal income tax to parking benefits. Hundreds of organizations are now calling for its repeal.

"Tax practitioners who have evaluated Section 512(a) (7) generally believe that the result of this new provision is that tax‐exempt organizations that provide parking to their employees will be subject to unrelated business income tax on the cost of the parking provided. A nonprofit organization that simply allows its employees to park in a parking lot or garage that is part of the organization's facilities will be subject to a tax on the cost of the parking provided," the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability explained in position statement included in a petition seeking to repeal the provision.

"Because of this new tax, many tax‐exempt employers, including churches, hospitals, charities, and schools will be required to file federal Form 990‐T, and in many cases, state corporate income returns, every year regardless of whether they actually engage in any unrelated business activity. This new tax was purportedly added to the law to put tax‐exempt employers on the same footing as taxable employers with respect to employer‐provided parking," the statement added.

I can't recall this kind of tax hitting churches before. Is this new?
Call me back when churches are taxed for existing.
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I have never understood why Churches are automatically exempt from paying taxes without having to demonstrate that they are complying with the general tax exempt rules that apply to secular non-profit entities.

I'm guessing that if they actually did have to file the same paperwork/returns they probably wouldn't qualify as they are, in fact, "for-profit" entities.

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