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ANT-MAN AND THE WASP Post-Release Discussion
Saw this last night. It was fine, but man, I'm getting tired to techno mumbo jumbo that are just a bunch of words thrown together that will solve "the issue at hand". Same thing in Inifity War when discussing Vision and why they didnt "correlate the electrode endings to the progressive string particles" or whatever she said.
gotta do the quantum thingy!!!
We need to get the quantum processor to the lab stat! And once there, reverse the polarity and bypass the quantum chamber and while this is happening, upload the quantum algorithm
bring me my quantum burrito from the microwave realm, quanto!
It sounds better in a Doctor Who episode than a Marvel film.
Giving money to the studio that keeps enabling Adam Sandler is morally equivalent to Satanic kitten rape orgies. - Hypnotoad
Saw it last weekend. Lot to unpack. Primarily, I am really stuck on this question: Is this the worst film in the MCU? It's definitely in the conversation. Let's go down everything this film gets wrong:

1.)Completely squanders the Infinity War momentum. It absolutely and utterly strains any semblance of credibility that with the world in the balance, nobody bothers trying to contact Rudd. I figured they would have some sort of clever scenario for that: he's in a supermax prison, etc. Nope. Apparently, Stark and Co. just didn't bother? Da fuq? The best scene in this entire movie was the post-credits sequence. Cause it actually had some momentum with the greater MCU.

2.)Who is Ant-Man? I mean ... it's Rudd in a suit. They have done nothing else with the guy in three movies. Nothing. It was a nagging problem in the first one, but okay, I like Rudd and the film had personality. This is now the third film with Ant-Man and I know nothing about the guy except he's funny, a hands-on dad, and he seems to be the worst possible choice to actually put on the Ant-Man suit. Why does he have no arc? Maybe he's pissed about not seeing his daughter enough, maybe he's on the run and bitter, maybe ... something! If he's such a great dad, why does he consistently make major decisions that I don't think a thoughtful father would make (which makes me not like him). Stop having his incompetency be arguably his central character trait. Which leads me directly into this question:

3.)Who made the choice to make Ant-Man the least competent, least capable member of the "action team" in his own film? He's a fucking joke. This has been a problem from the get-go with this guy. Stop making him the goofy sidekick of his own film. Or, if you're going to go that route, at least give the real heroes (Wasp and Mr. Catherine Zeta Jones) some real arcs, personality, and screen-time. It was enraging how many times Rudd is the wrong size, or does the wrong thing, or doesn't listen, or lies ... it was just eye-rolling. Don't ask me to take this guy seriously if you aren't going to.

4.)Douglas has no arc. He basically is "Mr. Plot-Pusher." Lilly looks as fetch and cute as ever, but she rotates between a horrific case of Super-Competent-Sidekick and Terminator Waif cliches. And she and Rudd have no chemistry together. None. I don't know if they don't like each other in real life, but she comes across like a snippy bitch and he sounds like a whining, lying simpleton. Michael Pena's role feels like it belongs in a different film. I would be legitimately embarrassed for him and Rudd ... except for the money they're making. I don't even understand how Michelle Pfeiffer was alive, let alone understand her motivations, behavior, powers, etc. How was she up to speed on modern programming after spending 30 years in an acid trip? What'd she eat? Why didn't she go insane? How was she able to take over Rudd's body? How does she quantum heal anybody (stupidest fucking thing the MCU has probably ever done)? The entire denouement of this film made zero sense.

5.)The action was flat. Dull. Lifeless. Somehow they went backwards with portraying this character in a kinetically engaging fashion. The lighting in this film was really, really poor. Just an all-around terrible directorial effort. The best lighting and directing in the entire film is when Rudd sets up the adventure house for his daughter.

6.)Third appearance for Ant-Man. I have no idea of some of the basic principles surrounding his powers. There is no consistency whatsoever with the portrayal of the suit's abilities. Is he super dense? No, cause he can run on light things ... but then how does he have the momentum necessary to punch people while small? And when he gets big, shouldn't he be less dense? Also, when something increases in size, and it hits something, the force is going to be absolutely tremendous (why weren't the cars getting smashed)? How is that building which is tossed around like a rag doll not being ripped internally to shreds? How did Pfeiffer gain quantum healing? How'd she communicate? Why is it that Ant-Man STILL doesn't have guns or anything if he's supposed to be helping Wasp (the real hero) save mom? Shouldn't Douglas want the guy helping him to have the best tech possible?

7.)Is Ghost even a villain? I am not certain she qualifies. I just feel like she and the Ant-Man team were misunderstanding each other ... there was no threat, gravitas, ANYTHING about her. Terrible acting job, too. The scene where she gives her backstory is pretty bad ... is she better in other material, cause I don't get how ANYONE could watch her audition and think: "this person should play the main villain in an MCU film". Cletus Van Damme, much like Ant-Man, was the butt of too many jokes to take seriously whatsoever. I have no idea why his role even existed, except they probably felt they needed someone to ACTUALLY be a bad guy in the film. I know people felt like Corey Stoll was basically channeling Jeff Bridges, but at least Stoll had some small measure of screen-presence and menacing charisma.


Film is not funny, action stinks, don't like and/or understand the main character, don't like the barely fleshed out side characters, and it is completely maddening that Ant-Man has now been on screen for three fucking MCU films and I still have some basic questions about how his powers work.

**The asian FBI (???) agent was great. I hope he comes back for more stuff.

****The de-aging tech is just sheer fucking magic at this point.
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It’s a real throwback to the Tim Story Fantastic Four movies.
When I watched it in a theater, I thought maybe I was just in the wrong headspace to enjoy it properly. Rewatching it 48 hours ago, I was barely paying attention. None of it registered as being an actual film, much less any connective tissue to the MCU. Anyway, Overlord nailed it.
Giving money to the studio that keeps enabling Adam Sandler is morally equivalent to Satanic kitten rape orgies. - Hypnotoad
(10-07-2018, 10:32 PM)DerekM Wrote: When I watched it in a theater, I thought maybe I was just in the wrong headspace to enjoy it properly.  Rewatching it 48 hours ago, I was barely paying attention.  None of it registered as being an actual film, much less any connective tissue to the MCU.  Anyway, Overlord nailed it.

You're exactly right.  It doesn't even feel like a movie.
[Image: latest?cb=20130405010724]
I didn’t feel that strongly, but I certainly have no particular interest in revisiting it, and given their recent output, it’s no stretch to call this one a big nothing.
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