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Mostly good, but tailspins at the end.
Anybody see this? It made $19 million over the weekend, somebody else must have seen it.

Anyway, spoilers.

A few things bugged me about the ending but my biggest gripe is setting up a showdown between Benecio and Brolin and then wussing out by having Brolin believe the cartel killed him. Not even saying I needed Benecio and Brolin to have some knockdown, drag-out fight but there needed to be some interaction between them after that phone call.
I saw it.
did you take a leak during the intermission?
This was eh.

There's a part of me that wishes they actually went the schlocky DTV action route with this.
“That which doesn't kill you wasn't done right.”—Khaya Dlanga
I thought this was the schlocky DTV action route, except without the DTV part.
I actually enjoyed this a fair bit. The director's style is solid. The visuals and tone have a slick yet detached neutrality that works for me.

I enjoy Taylor Sheridan scripted movies more the less seriously I take them. Sicario 2 can jump from conservative power fantasy to unintentional black comedy in the space of a scene. It's basically the same movie Peter Berg keeps trying to make, but without the drippy melodrama.
Wow, not many people here. This was great, really intense and well paced. Mad me wince several times too. Ok, they did the 'incredibly tense vehicle convoy" thing again, but I enjoyed it so much I forgive them. Josh Brolin making me wonder why he isn't in more movies, and he seemed a lot more engaged and almost gleefull in this one. I wouldn't go as far as to say the ending is a tailspin, but I was taken by surprise.

Spoilers: When Del Toro is tied up on the ground and the kid is aiming the gun at him I'm thinking, well, I don't really care for Del Toro's character much so I'm okay with this, but the helicopters are going to pop over the ridgeline any second anyway. And then bam. Which was pretty great, but then of course they have to walk it back, and have him survive a shot through the face for the last film in the trilogy. I get why they didn't need Emily Blunt's character, because that perspective was handled through the Isabella character anyway.

Good film, looked great too, kept me engaged all the way through.
There are weapons in my hands, my hands are weapons.
I thought this was great.  Maybe I am blinded by my love for Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin, but every scene they are in is just awesome to watch. 

I really like the detached nature of the characters.  None of these characters are "good" people, and yet they somehow find a way to make them somewhat sympathetic.  I also dig that they never spend too much time on trying to humanize the characters, and yet you can't help but kind of root for them.  Key examples being BDT's use of sign language as well as Brolin's moment of silence when he thinks BDT is dead.  There are a few moments with BDT and the young girl where they kind of bond, but it's never schmaltzy. 

The "fake out" death was kind of perfect to me.  I was kind of disappointed when they shot him in the face, but it's the kind of movie where you think "well, this guy is not really a hero, so I can see why he should die".  When they show he is still alive, I was genuinely kind of shocked.  I can see why some might see it as a "cheat", but it's something that is done to death in action movies, so the fact that I genuinely accepted he was dead made it work for me.  Considering they showed the new Mission Impossible trailer beforehand only adds to this.  Sure Tom Cruise did all his own stunts, but you know he is going to live, so it reduces the drama.  With characters in Sicario, there are no such assurances so you can never be sure where it is going to go.
The weakest point is probably the kid involved with the border crossing, but I think the way it ends, justifies it in retrospect.

That being said, the action is this is pretty great as well.  The dodgy effects in the beginning gave me pause, but the rest of the action is so tightly wound, that it makes it unique to other action movies.  Brolin's team is militaristic and they execute their attacks as such(Loved the part when Brolin stands up, turns around and takes out the pursuing cops) .  No long winded speeches, just blunt force shock and awe.  I mean, there was a guy in the row next to me who had his feet up, relaxing, in the beginning of the movie, and by the time they are about to shoot BDT, I looked over and he was sitting upright gripping the seat in front of him.  Something I rarely see in a theater.

The score is fantastic.  Full of dread and menacing from the first frame to the last.  For me this(and the original) is the current gold standard for action movies.  It makes MI, Bond and Marvel movies seem tame in comparison.

I honestly can't wait for the sequel. 

Also, saw one of these billboards on the highway a couple weeks ago.  Love it.

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Yeah, I thought this was a worthy follow up to Sicario, leaning just a tad bit more into its identity as a taut, mean action thriller as opposed to arthouse fare. But Brolin and Del Toro are great as unconventional leads, and even the fakeout didn't bother me so much because it's set up that the shooter is hardly an experienced triggerman. My only real critique is that Brolin's abrupt turn doesn't get any time to breathe, and as a result the resolution to the girl's fate is tossed off in a single muttered line.
I agree about the end with Brolin, but the way it quickly jumps to a year later with BDT confronting the boy who shot him, makes me think that maybe they already know where the next movie is going and that maybe the girl will play a part in the next one? It didn't seem like a typical cliffhanger(if you can even call it that), where they will figure it out later if the movie is a hit, but that just could be me.

Also agree that it definitely went more action than arthouse, but did not suffer much in the process. It would be cool if they had a different director for each one. As much as I enjoy the Mission Impossible movies as popcorn entertainment, I'm kind of disappointed that they stopped switching directors for the latest one, but it's only a minor gripe. Always thought it was a really cool idea to keep the series from going stale, for better or for worse.

I'm wondering if a sequel will even get made. By all indications, based on the theaters close to me, it looks like this will be out by next week. I saw something that said it dropped like 86% in it's second week. Even if there isn't a third one, I am pretty happy with what we have gotten so far. Glad I got to see it on the big screen.
It dropped around 60% in the second weekend. Not that out of the ordinary for action-oriented fare.

It's going to outpace the original both in terms of foreign and domestic. I'd say the odds of a third film happening are good.
Oh cool. Must've misread. Good to hear.
Oh that's good news. Love to see what happens next in this series.
There are weapons in my hands, my hands are weapons.
I'm surprised to be saying this, but I'd actually watch a follow-up that was just Brolin's Grayber character getting prosecuted for his insubordination.
For such a brooding film there were some genuine laugh out-loud moments. Mainly Modine dressing down Jeffrey Donovan for answering his question, followed by Brolin giving Donovan's exact same answer.

Oh and the post-it on Benecio's door.
Yeah, those bits were great.
I liked it, didn't think it had the same intensity as the first one, but very good nonetheless.

Whereas the first one centered on the drug trade this one centered on smuggling immigrants across the border which surprised me, thought it would once again center on the drug trade.
I think the story was a bit muddled as it looked they were going to make it about Islamic fundamentalism vis-a vis the cartels, then have Brolin's character come in to do his dirty work. Although I did get a little lost at times, it was still a lot of fun to see.

Del Torre's character continues to fascinate me. I would say he's the best thing about both films and one of the reasons I was shocked when they "killed off" his character, the fake out clearly means that they want to make this a trilogy which I certainly hope they do.

Didn't care for really either of the two kids in the story though the daughter was a little more compelling especially her interaction with Alejandro, but I don't see them bringing her back in part 3. But it does look like they're going to make the kid at the mall the focus for a third film. Either way, I want to see more scenes with BDT and James Brolin, they have made both of these films must watch and they need to round out the trilogy with the 2 of them either killing each other or having a lengthy discussion about the line of work their in.

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