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SORRY TO BOTHER YOU post-release
Wild and trenchant and awesome and seriously just bananas.  The conceit that Lakeith Stanfield finds success in telemarketing after he discovers his "white voice" - and literally becomes overdubbed by David Cross when he activates it - is like the 24th weirdest thing going on in this script.  Get Out will probably be the most frequent touchstone for people groping to compare this to some other known quantity, and that comparison does have some scraps of validity.  But STBY has equal amounts of Repo Man, Network, Being John MalkovichBrazilBlack Mirror, and Idiocracy rattling around in its DNA.  I know that sounds like a mishmashed disaster, but it's actually a mishmashed miracle.  

In some ways this is the movie every Chuck Pahlaniuk book wants to be.  It would make an absolutely fascinating double-feature with Fight Club, just to see how switching the racial perspective of the protagonist inverts the thematic throughline entirely.  

You guys gotta see this.  I don't want to spoil anything, because the wild left turns are so much part of the fun, but I will say the compliment-fight had my entire theater rolling for the better part of a minute.  One of the longest sustained laughs in my moviegoing life.
Really looking forward to this. Local pride is going to be a big factor for audiences in my neighborhood.
"I'd rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on Earth."--Steve McQueen
It played really well to a Chicago crowd.  Not sure that means it will play in Topeka, but whoopdie do.

I saw this on consecutive days with Ant-Man And The Wasp.  The Bay Area is having a pretty big July in my theaters.
comes out here Friday, me and some of my coworkers (we work at a large corporate call center) are going to see it then.

I am amped.
the empire never ended
Been really looking forward to this. I may be seeing it on Friday.
I only have one friend that will see this with me and I doubt that she'll have a chance to anytime soon. I've never been to a movie on my own but I may have to try out the experience for this one.
I think these screen captures and giant (Dildi? Is there a plural?) are just the next step in the JJ Abrams online adventure series. Very slyly played, Bitches Leave.-Tom Fuchs
Going to movies alone is great!

Especially the discussion afterwards. You're always right and everyone agrees with you!
the empire never ended
not me. Shit I tend to get into arguments with myself.
"Why did she do it?"
"Why are you the fucking Police?"

Ha, I've done that, too, I guess.

I went and saw TDKR alone (it was a very late Thursday showing when it first came out) and was arguing with myself for days afterwards.
the empire never ended
I love going to the movies on my own... as well as going with friends.
Well then, I may try a Sunday afternoon show...on my lonely!
I think these screen captures and giant (Dildi? Is there a plural?) are just the next step in the JJ Abrams online adventure series. Very slyly played, Bitches Leave.-Tom Fuchs
I get it. I have friends who simply cannot FATHOM the idea of going to the movies alone. As if they have a kneejerk shame of the very notion.

But I got used to it pretty early on during my college years hahahaha
Which is so strange since we're not talking during a movie.
I think these screen captures and giant (Dildi? Is there a plural?) are just the next step in the JJ Abrams online adventure series. Very slyly played, Bitches Leave.-Tom Fuchs
Whoa. Schwartz review is pushing my buttons. Sounds like I should see it.
I did see this by myself tonight. The wife and I got into a huge fight, and when that happens I leave the house and go to the movies. I was hoping to catch "First Reformed" at the "art" theater, frankly, but it was gone by now.

Also the movies serve beer now, which is good-- because this movie is totally batshit. I mean that in a good way, but I don't think I would've liked it as much if  I were sober. Fucking horse nostrils, man.
Our sanitariums are full of men who think they're Napoleon... Or God.
Riley was interviewed on the Pacifica station out here this morning. I have gotta check this one out.

I have a suspicion his white voice takes over?
(07-11-2018, 01:26 PM)wasp Wrote: Going to movies alone is great!

Especially the discussion afterwards. You're always right and everyone agrees with you!

It's more fun being the pin in Bart's Excitement Balloon!

ETA: Chalk me as someone else wanting to see this. The trailer had me intrigued and Schwartz's reaction only reinforces that.
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(07-13-2018, 02:36 PM)turingmachine75 Wrote: I have a suspicion his white voice takes over?
Trying to predict anything that happens in this movie based on the trailer is an absolute fool's errand.

Totally insane and an absolute blast. And completely impossible to talk about with anyone who hasn't seen it.
(07-11-2018, 01:53 AM)schwartz Wrote: , but I will say the compliment-fight had my entire theater rolling for the better part of a minute.  One of the longest sustained laughs in my moviegoing life.

I kind of wish that bit had gone on a little longer. The audience I saw it with didn't seem to quite figure out what was happening until 'you smell nice,' and by then it was practically over.
This was really good!

I read some reviews that makes it sound like this film gets scatterbrained as it goes along. it really doesn't. it is very focused on its core ideas and characters and it really follows through on them. that said, there are some elements that the film invests time in (specifically a sort of love triangle sub-plot) that left me scratching my head a bit, just in terms of not being sure what the film was trying to accomplish there. it's a movie from a first-time writer-director and you definitely feel that at points, at the same time that it's pretty easy to forgive because the film packs so much creativity and verve and righteous anger into its modest run-time.

the first hour or so of the film worked like gangbusters for me. my theater audience seemed sort of just mildly into the movie, except for the row I was in and the row behind us, we were basically eating the movie up. I think having a couple beers definitely upped the enjoyment of that first section of the film (oh Lord did that call center stuff ring true, me and my coworkers were dying) but may have hurt my appreciation of the back-half, as I found the pacing kind of wonky but it may have just been the come-down from the non-stop chortling I was doing for the first hour or so. I kind of loved where the film goes with its ideas, but there's just something about how the film is constructed that leaves the film feel like it is winding down when what's actually happening in the story is winding all the way up.

The cast was pretty phenomenal for the most part, Glover and Thompson and by golly I could listen to the shit Oswalt and Cross were doing all day. There are actually a lot of low-key intimate and almost naturalistic moments in the film, though, that maybe don't work as well dramatically because there is this sort of tonal whiplash from the film's over-arching satirical and surrealist bits (and I loved what Jermaine Fowler brought to his role but there's a point at the end of the film where you realize that maybe the film needed to give his character and his dynamic with Cassius a bit more time--time that I personally would have taken from the Squeeze-Detroit thing). The social commentary is so on-point here, so entertaining and tragic and brilliantly conceived, that when the film suddenly flips to character drama I think it's tough for those quieter scenes to measure up. Stanfield nails the comic aspects of Cassius Green, but outside of that he really leans into how downtrodden the character is in a way that has something very real about it, which I respect, but I think we end up investing in Cassius more as an idea than we do in him as a character. Which is fine, but again for those character drama moments that the film loads into the back-half, it might have worked better if we could have invested in Cassius both ways.

The running gag with the picture of his father... so, so great. Just another example of how this film really stuck to its core ideas and just continued to build on them and follow through on them as it progressed. I do totally agree with Fafhrd that I wish the compliment fight had been given just another fifteen seconds or so, as the film so casually slipped into it that by the time my audience caught up with it and started laughing, it was pretty much done.

Great soundtrack, as to be expected. For a low-ish budget movie and a debut film I really thought the technical credits were very nice. The world of the film definitely had a vibe to it that was pretty singular. And the way absurdist humor is just kind of woven into the fabric of this world that so closely mirrors our own is done in a way that you can't really nail down to its influences. Yeah, there's some Spike Lee and Gilliam happening, but I really think Riley came out the gate with his own thing happening and that's very cool to see.

There's a moment, and anyone will know it when they see it, where my entire theater just rang out loud with "WHAT THE FUCK." Like I said, I thought most of my audience could have been a bit more engaged, but regardless this movie was definitely pushing some buttons. Really refreshing to have that experience as opposed to the usual where we are so conditioned and fed such a pattern, a comfortable construct of what a movie is supposed to be like and we know what its beats will be and we know where it goes and how it's going to do what it's going to do that we're usually just sitting passively enjoying (or disliking) it. This film's effect is far more provocative and pronounced and you could feel it in the theater for most of the time it was playing. Also, my God, that rap performance scene...

Anyways, this isn't in the same ballpark as my two favorite films this year so far, First Reformed and Annihilation, but it's very easily in third place. And it feels like it should have strong re-watch value.
the empire never ended
about to see this

but first, 20 minutes of trailers!!!
(07-14-2018, 09:52 PM)Nooj Wrote: about to see this

but first, 20 minutes of trailers!!!

Well how else are you to know what's coming to theaters soon?
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You guys scoff, but if it weren't for those 25 minutes (no joke) of previews, I might only be aware of 4 of the 7 movies Tiffany Hadish has coming out before Thanksgiving.

also, this constantly made me feel like I was watching SAVE THE GREEN PLANET

edit: and like SAVE THE GREEN PLANET, it's a movie that I admired the verve of while not getting INTO it all that much? My audience wasn't particularly great tonight either. It was a mix of grumbles and applause. Had I seen the movie without seeing a trailer and hearing how nuts it was, maybe I'd be more blown away by it... but as it is, I registered that the movie was crazy, but didn't really delight at it as I'd hope to be.
ha, Save the Green Planet, yeah, I can see that.

I definitely vibed with this one more than I did with that one, though.
the empire never ended
the film also made me think of bong joon-ho's SNOWPIERCER and OKJA... which also means I'm thinking of BRAZIL
I think BEING JOHN MALKOVICH was the closest touchstone for me, which is strange because it is such a bizarre and singular movie that trying to imitate that experience would be doomed from the start. But the way the movie starts very weird and heightened and just keeps zagging into more and more outlandish directions as the protagonist lost themselves in this wackadoo new world brought it to mind. In particular, there is all the stuff about the different worlds on secret floors of this mundane looking office building, and the third act introduction of the reincarnation cult/horse people felt of a piece in how they would seem to be going completely off the rails from a plot perspective, but somehow fit with the deranged logic on which the films operate.
Was coming into this thread to say someone on Twitter compared this movie to Repo Man and how I was now looking forward to seeing it and then I see nooj compare it to Save The Green Planet and now I'm really interested...
This movie is a total blast and completely bananas! The first thing it reminded me of was, as others have mentioned, a 2018 update of Repo Man, where it starts out as the story of a guy trying to scrape by and make a living in a terrible job in a weirdly tweaked version of the real world. And then the weirdness just picks up from there.

I don't think I've seen a movie like this, where I had no idea what could possibly happen next or where it was going to go, since the last Jodorowsky movie I saw. But not just weirdness for weirdness's sake, but it has things to say about contemporary life, the contemporary economy, being true to yourself and your roots vs. selling out ("white voice," "power callers," etc.). And it does this with the sympathy and humanity of Charlie Kaufman; you genuinely care about Cash, Detroit, and Squeeze and what they're going through, rather than just using them as cyphers for the movie's message. (Speaking of Kaufman, was Michel Gondry involved with the WorryFree animated segment, or did they just borrow his name? It looked like something that could've come out of The Science of Sleep.)

A great, fun, weird, interesting movie. Definitely one of the best of 2018.
Originally posted by Schwartz on Cool as Ice ("When a girl has a heart of stone, there's only one way to melt it. Just add Ice."):
"It's not just a mixed metaphor, or that the stone is one that is melting...but the ice is actually making it melt. (kisses fingers) Magnifique."
I believe the video said it was directed by Michel Dondry which caused me to lol.

I loved this movie so much.
Some of the other forums I frequent (such as Criterion Forum) are really divided on this, liking the message of the film but taking all sorts of issues with the heavy-handed execution and the general sloppiness.

I guess it's not surprising. You could practically taste how polarizing the film would be as you watched it.
the empire never ended
I wish I felt more strongly about the movie either way!
once again, the Nooj stands alone
the empire never ended
(07-26-2018, 02:37 PM)Nooj Wrote: I wish I felt more strongly about the movie either way!

I kind of feel the same way. I definitely liked it, and think it is well worth seeing, but it almost felt like it needed to be edited/tightened up a little bit. As soon as it would pick up steam, it would sputter a bit, and then hit another good streak, and so on. It almost wasn't crazy enough for where I thought it would go. I wanted to love it, but ended up just thinking it was just pretty good.
I've said it before but I really wish they had cut out the Squeeze-Detroit subplot. It didn't add anything to the movie thematically or dramatically, in my opinion, and messed with the pacing in the back-half.
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