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"Straight Time" (1978)
I don't know how Straight Time (1978) stayed off my radar for this long, this movie is fantastic. The cast can't be beat: Dustin Hoffman, the gorgeous Theresa Russell, pre-crazy Gary Busey and the first role of Jake Busey, M. Emmet Walsh, Kathy Bates, a younger Sandy Baron (Jack Klompus from Seinfeld), and the amazing Harry Dean Stanton. Though he's not credited, I'm pretty sure I saw Eddie Bunker (Mr. Blue from Reservoir Dogs), who wrote both the screenplay and the source material, in a cameo. The story is simple: Dustin Hoffman is a newly released con that tries to go straight, fails, and returns to a life of crime. What’s great about Straight Time is when/where it is set: grimy 70s Los Angeles; and man it doesn’t waste anytime getting started. I thought I was in store for a 2 hour wishy washy movie about trying to stay straight, but within 30 minutes of the movie Dustin Hoffman says fuck the man and unapologetically gets down to crime-town. I don’t know how Criterion hasn’t scooped this film up – a fantastic forgotten gem of the late 70s.
Great flick. Hope Shout puts out a blu for it now that they're working with Warner.

Also provides an ample look at M. Emmet Walsh's fanny.
This was recently shown on Filmstruck, so maybe Criterion will release it in the near future?

Great movie. My strongest memory of the movie is the moment where a young Jake Busey clocks his dad in the face, and a stunned Gary lectures him on camera while staying in character. You rarely see in-the-moment acting like that anymore.
I was in a horror-comedy called BLACK HOLLER. It's now on Prime Video. Check it out!

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