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"Contraband" (1980)
Out of the poliziotteschi I've been watching, really only two are of note. I'll briefly mention From Corleone to Brooklyn (1979) simply for the score and half of the movie being filmed on the streets of 70s New York. The other is Italian gut munching master Lucio Fulci's take on the gangster genre with Contraband (1980). With Fulci holding the reigns, you know this is gonna be bloody, and a horror director bringing graphic practical effects to the gangster genre is fun to see. Someone on youtube edited a cut together of all of the mob hits in the movie, which is the only reason you should watch Contraband anyway.

The production of Contraband is just as interesting. According to Fulci, they blew the whole movie's budget in two weeks of filming, and actual gangsters/smugglers donated money to the movie and worked as extras and crew members (which wasn't entirely uncommon in poliziotteschi films). One of the gangsters working on set was Giuseppe Grecco, who was the son of Mafia boss Michele Greco, and from his experience on set, Giuseppe would have a brief film career himself as a director in the 90s. 

Unfortunately, the poster art for Contraband is lame as shit, and that's the cover art for the American DVD. The UK knows what's up and has this balling ass cover art on the right.

[Image: 911MyYjtoRL._SY445_.jpg]                               [Image: 51BS3yPi28L.jpg][
Contraband is now on Amazon Prime. I've watched a handful of Fulcis on there lately. Good stuff.
I was in a horror-comedy called BLACK HOLLER. It's now on Prime Video. Check it out!
I LOVE the sequence in the disco club that is entirely lit in strobe lights up until the point that Testi and his brother's character sit down to discuss things with Perlanti. Fulci knew how to be flashy. Love the score to the movie and the gore effects really do set it apart from the rest of the crop of Italian crime films.

I saw one back in the spring that was put out by Scorpion Releasing called Strange Shadows In An Empty Room aka BLAZING MAGNUM that is technically a Poliziotteschi film, but it was filmed in Canada. It's basically ITALIAN DIRTY HARRY and stars Stuart Whitman. It also has one of the most incredible car chases I've ever seen. It's one that should be spoken of when discussing the ones in Bullitt and The French Connection.
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