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Do you Live for the Ding?
It’s D(ing) day!

Here it is, my first ever app. The result of locking myself away for months and banging my head against a monitor and muttering "why won’t you just bloody work?"

It's not the type of app I had in mind when I started looking into app development, in fact I wanted to stear clear of games completely but it developed naturally out of functionality I was testing for another project. I could have launched at the beginning of the year but the ancillary functionality had bugs that needed squashing and I wanted everything to work as it should at launch. It's fair to say it became my white whale and everything else dropped by the wayside as I focused on trying to get it to work.

All that said, the game is laughably simple and is was designed to be that way. A game where there's no super-soldier, bouncy ball or candy to crush - It's a level playing field for all demographics. The gameplay (if you can call it that) is incredibly simple - press Ding, don't press Dong. Once you get to 5 points the game is at full speed, meaning if you can score 5 you can score 10. And if you can score 10 you can score 100 - it all depends on how long you can hold on for. Regardless of what someone else scores you can always score higher.

I've been told that the speed increases too quickly with players only managing to score about 10 points - they also tell me to slow it down, but thats like saying you need to make goalposts further apart because it would be easier to score goals, or mountains need to be smaller so they're easier to climb. To me the speed is just right as I can regularly score well into the hundreds. The game is fast, its difficult to score but it's not impossible.

Begrudgingly tested throughout its development by my friends, it received many comments that spurred me on in my times of doubt, ranging from the "not this again", "please stop making me play this" and "this is what you’ve been spending your time on? It’s shit." right through to the quite generous "literally the worst game I’ve ever played."

Please give it a go, give it a chance. Tell everyone you know about it (please). Share you high scores on Twitter (via the sharing button) and add them to the leaderboards (via the Leaderboad button) and whether you love it or hate it please let me know what you think and post your score here.

The moon landing has come and gone, but when future generations ask if you remember when this app was launched, you can say "Yes, I remember. I was there!" It truly is a wonderful representation of one man’s vision far surpassing his ability.

And without further ado, here it is, my gift to you and to all of humanity in the hopes that it will unite all the nations of the Earth... #LiveForTheDing

[Image: 2zth9no.png]

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