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I made an app!
Did you see any jump in downloads after that video?
Oddly no. It’s got 1400 views and I saw no major spike in downloads on that day - well not on iOS anyway. The Android data takes a couple of days to update so I might be able to see Wednesday/Thursday numbers by sometime on Sunday.

I’m going to forward the video to more reviewers as a thumbs up from one reviewer is a better endorsement than just rucking up sand asking for them to review a game no one heard of. Plus they guy in the video picked up on all the points I wanted him to and he can verbalise them much better than I can.
I recommended your game to people I know, Elvis, I wonder if any of them will be trying it.

I do enjoy playing it still and a fuss around a bit when I have a few minutes to spare here and there.

Cheers catartik I appreciate all of that.

Can I ask what the reaction of those you recommend it to is?

I’m guessing most will say it’s too difficult or think it’s not welcoming enough with its dark colours.
I did get some feedback from one person who thought that the scaling with the speed was too quick.

I said I didn't have an issue with it, it's a surprise at first, but you get used to it.

But maybe it's something to consider tweaking?

Yeah most people say that about the speed. TBH I have made tweaks to it by making it start as slow as it is to start with - initially it had a a 3,2,1 countdown and then dived straight into full speed.

If I did slow it down the people would be scoring 20/30+ on their first try and that takes away from the whole people who can't score more than 5 being shocked that people can score 20+ 50+ 200+

It has to be fast, it has to be challenging, it has to be brutal - otherwise there's no game. It's like saying Everest is too tall of a mountain to climb - if it wasn't so high I'd give it a go. There'll aways be people who'll climb Everest just because it is so high and so difficult. Thats the point of the game - it's so difficult 99% of people won't leave basecamp.

I recognise it puts a lot of people off to start with - it's only through recommendation I think people will stick with it. Thats why I think it will only take off if its a game everyone is playing simply because everyone else is playing it. It's ridiculously simple that anyone can play it but its also ridiculously difficult that if someone gets a high score its a WTF?? moment because those that do play know it's *possible* to get a high score its just so unbelievably difficult to get one.
Oh yeah I totally agree with you. I’m not the type to balk at a challenge. I’ve been gaming since I was a kid and there are some NES games that were totally brutal in their difficult but when you were a kid you had no choice but to “get gud” at them because there was no other option.

I like the difficulty as it is. I did my best to be diplomatic with it. It’s a pretty simple game and the concept is intuitive enough that if you keep playing you get better at it.

Case in point being I can generally score 100+ now when I just casually play.

I’m not proud of myself but I made my own Flappy Bird clone...

Here it is - Loony Lander for Android
...and Loony Lander for iOS.

[Image: bhaxqg.png]

I remember once getting a pretty high score on flappy bird

I can't remember what it was


Or was it more around 200?
It was 300-something.
Dalyn has the current high score of 3.

To be fair though, he’s the only one on the board.
Going to a pain in the ass pimping this over the next 48 hours. Sorry all.

Here it is folks, the simplest game in the world - Jack Jumps!

Not as intense as Live for the Ding it's perfect for when you've got 5 minutes to spare - it's probably the easiest game ever - everyone can score points here, but how many?

Please give it a download. Use the rate, share and leaderboard buttons in the game and please share it with everyone you know.

Cheers all Smile

Jack Jumps is available for iOS and Android phones:

needs iOS 12 or later???
that's what it tells me

I take forever to update to the latest iOS! usually in order to hold off on any issues they have early on
The game is so advanced that it can only run on the most cutting-edge systems.
Superlaser speaks for me from now on.

You’ll need at least 48k of memory for it to run.
The Anti-aliasing and Bloom effects are stellar.
Superlaser speaks for me from now on.

I’m glad you mentioned those, most people don’t notice the little details like that. They were added late in the day as I spent far too much time on creating a compelling protagonist for the story.
Bah, bloom effects are soooo 2005. Talk to me about your volumetric dust/particle models.

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