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I made an audio drama!
Hey folks,

So for the last couple of years I've been working on a mystery-comedy audio drama, called Arden. The website and prologue finally went live today:

Ten years ago, starlet Julie Capsom went missing after crashing into a tree in northern California, leaving behind an abandoned car with a male torso left in the trunk.

Now, intrepid, professional, somewhat snobbish reporter Bea Casely has proposed to a thoughtful, serious look back at the legacy of the case for her radio station. The station agrees... except then the station is immediately bought by new corporate ownership (Wheyface Industries: The Good People!) who decide that's not flashy enough. Enter Brenda Bentley: the detective who notoriously blew the Julie Capsom case back when it first happened, and has gone somewhat off the deep end since then, to the point where she has publicly theorized that aliens kidnapped Julie. But Brenda's unconventional methods (and evidence she was not allowed to use back in the day) are just what the show needs to fulfill its new goal: find Julie Capsom. And they're gonna do it in twelve episodes! Or rather, they've been budgeted for twelve episodes.

Will Bea and Brenda be able to work together to solve the case, or will they end up just adding another death to the Capsom Case Curse? What products will they be forced to shill for Wheyface Industries (The Good People)? What happened to Julie? Whose torso was that? And did aliens really take Julie... or was it the dreaded skunk ape? Join us, won't you, as we unravel the mystery... on Arden.

Anyways. My longtime friend Todd VanDerWerff (yes, AVClub/Vox critic Todd) and I and many talented others have been working hard on this over the last couple of years. Episodes 1 and 2 launch on September 24th, and the show proceeds weekly from there. Would be so grateful if y'all gave it a listen. Cheers!
Dent! That's awesome! Congrats and good luck with this!
Listening to the prologue now. Sounds fun. Subscribed and looking forward to it.
Thanks, guys! We already passed my personal goal for the number of downloads we needed to hit in the first 24 hours this afternoon, we're off to a really terrific start for an indie audio drama like this. This is gonna be a real wild ride, and I hope you all enjoy it!
It feels like all of my years of podcast listening have been preparing me for this.

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