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I made an audio drama!
Hey folks,

So for the last couple of years I've been working on a mystery-comedy audio drama, called Arden. The website and prologue finally went live today:

Ten years ago, starlet Julie Capsom went missing after crashing into a tree in northern California, leaving behind an abandoned car with a male torso left in the trunk.

Now, intrepid, professional, somewhat snobbish reporter Bea Casely has proposed to a thoughtful, serious look back at the legacy of the case for her radio station. The station agrees... except then the station is immediately bought by new corporate ownership (Wheyface Industries: The Good People!) who decide that's not flashy enough. Enter Brenda Bentley: the detective who notoriously blew the Julie Capsom case back when it first happened, and has gone somewhat off the deep end since then, to the point where she has publicly theorized that aliens kidnapped Julie. But Brenda's unconventional methods (and evidence she was not allowed to use back in the day) are just what the show needs to fulfill its new goal: find Julie Capsom. And they're gonna do it in twelve episodes! Or rather, they've been budgeted for twelve episodes.

Will Bea and Brenda be able to work together to solve the case, or will they end up just adding another death to the Capsom Case Curse? What products will they be forced to shill for Wheyface Industries (The Good People)? What happened to Julie? Whose torso was that? And did aliens really take Julie... or was it the dreaded skunk ape? Join us, won't you, as we unravel the mystery... on Arden.

Anyways. My longtime friend Todd VanDerWerff (yes, AVClub/Vox critic Todd) and I and many talented others have been working hard on this over the last couple of years. Episodes 1 and 2 launch on September 24th, and the show proceeds weekly from there. Would be so grateful if y'all gave it a listen. Cheers!
Dent! That's awesome! Congrats and good luck with this!
Listening to the prologue now. Sounds fun. Subscribed and looking forward to it.
Thanks, guys! We already passed my personal goal for the number of downloads we needed to hit in the first 24 hours this afternoon, we're off to a really terrific start for an indie audio drama like this. This is gonna be a real wild ride, and I hope you all enjoy it!
It feels like all of my years of podcast listening have been preparing me for this.
Our first two episodes dropped today. And we got one hell of a review from PodMass:

"The release of Arden calls for some merrymaking. Touted as “Serial meets Moonlighting” by its creators, the fictional true-crime podcast is actually a better take on both.... It’s as gruesome as it is refreshing. Subverting tropes and peppering mystery with comedic high notes, Arden is adept at surrounding its audience with a narrative that is captivating and deserving of a proper celebration. "

Check it out on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts, baby!
This is fun!

And one of the hosts kinda sounds like Alison Brie!
Yes, Michelle does sound like Alison Brie!

An update, we are halfway through the season, and I am so pleased to announce that our show is being featured on the front page of Apple Podcasts as part of their curated "New and Noteworthy" list:

What's more, they will be adding us to their Modern Audio Drama collection, alongside the biggest modern audio dramas like Welcome to Nightvale and The Black Tapes (and it is, with only a couple of exceptions, only shows on that scale). Both of these are curated lists - the Apple Podcast team listened to our show and made the choice to give it this extra boost because they enjoyed it so much.

Today's episode is the first-ever episode of any project ever that I personally edited, and is our "listener theory" response episode (where listeners submitted theories and our main characters responded to them). We are also fundraising for RAINN - for each review we get on Apple Podcasts, we and another upcoming podcast will be donating $1 apiece. So it's a great time to get onboard! So proud of our cast and crew, and also very sleepy. Audio editing takes a long fucking time, lol.
Can someone explain to me "fictional true-crime"?
"Nooj's true feelings on any given subject are unknown and unknowable. He is the butterfly flapping its wings in Peking. He is chaos and destruction and you shall never see his true form." - Merriweather

My Steam ID: yizashigreyspear
it's a fictional work that plays on the conventions of the true-crime/journalism genre of podcasts?
It's just a weird juxtaposition of descriptors. Is it fictional? Is it about a true crime?

But if I understand you correctly, it's an entire fictional story that's structured in a way similar to that of Serial and other true crime podcasts?
"Nooj's true feelings on any given subject are unknown and unknowable. He is the butterfly flapping its wings in Peking. He is chaos and destruction and you shall never see his true form." - Merriweather

My Steam ID: yizashigreyspear

but also very deconstructionist by also taking breaks from the characters' shows by having them bicker on mic and off mic while also dealing with their sponsors/producers/etc
Nooj's description is accurate: it's a fictional story investigating a fictional crime that uses the format of shows like Serial and its legion of imitators, while also incorporating NewsRadio/Slings & Arrows/Noises Off!-style backstage shenanigans and genre deconstruction.
Thanks to being featured on Apple Podcasts this week, we smashed past 10,000 unique downloads (which is basically double from where we were as of Sunday) and are high on the charts not just in the Performing Arts section (where audio dramas are categorized - haven't checked this morning but last night we got as high as #14, alongside the real big, non-indie players like Marvel's Wolverine podcast), but the Arts section, period.

I do hate to be the "rate/review" guy, but if you guys have listened to the show, rating and reviewing really does help us out, and we and another show will be donating to RAINN for each review Arden gets this month, good or bad. So again, if you've listened, I would be so grateful if you'd take a couple of minutes to rate and review. It's been a bit of a crazy, exciting week, and thanks to all those who did listen!
Well, we're closing on 45,000 downloads, and check out this awesome review we got:

"While there’s been a slew of true crime parodies–The Onion’s A Very Fatal Murder comes to mind–Arden is the first that feels genuinely astute, genuinely subversive, and genuinely intriguing along with its humor."
Spotify has picked us as one of the best podcasts of 2018.
LOL. It's just been a wild ride. We just dropped our penultimate episode this week and it seems like it's our most-buzzed episode thus far (and for good reason!), we smashed past 50,000 overall downloads, the show's really taking off. Good times!
Dude, congratulations!
Rock'n'roll Dent, that is aces!
Thanks, gents! Much appreciated.
And we close off the year with over 70,000 downloads... and were named by Forbes' podcast critic as one of the top 10 new podcasts of the year, and his pick for the best independent podcast of the year:
First time seeing this Dent but that's brilliant, congrats! Can't wait to listen.
I might have been born yesterday sir, but I stayed up all night!
100,000 unique downloads. In less than six months of release.

We have our first S2 writers' room meeting next weekend. It's gonna be a wild ride.
Wow, fantastic! This is one of literally dozens of podcasts I'm behind on, but I'll catch up someday. Keep up the great work, congrats!

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