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Star Wars: Resistance
I somehow missed that this premiered last week, so I caught up with the first two episodes this morning.  It's definitely more kid-oriented than Clone Wars or Rebels.  Not childish, mind you, but definitely brighter and friendlier, although there are still some rough edges to things (thugs will still pound your face in or throw you overboard if you cross them).  And so far it's been fairly enjoyable.  Yes, it's a bit The Force and the Furious -- person joins underworld racing ring to root out criminals (or First Order operatives, in this case), but it's got a lot of energy and the sense of movement and flight is fantastic.  And though I mentioned the Force back there, there's no sign of lightsabers or Jedi or anything mystical so far, which could make for a refreshing take.
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I've hear this described as STAR WARS: ROBOTECH. I'll try to catch it one of these days as that combo, on the surface, sounds awesome.
I'm not as steeped in Robotech lore as some, but there are definitely some anime influences on the animation style. But the crowd who hates Dragon Prince probably won't take to this either.
My karmic debt must be huge.


My blog: An Embarrassment of Rich's
I like the animation style, but it did come across as feeling like either a rejected video game turned into a show, or a tie in to one they have in the works. Cel-shading, an isolated location filled with quirky npcs, sending you on fetch quests to upgrade your ship so you can win at racing, etc.

Also, Big Head/Green Alien dude's character scarily reminds me of a guy I work with. Even kinda looks like him, minus, y'know, the bionic implants, tentacles, and green skin.
I like this! It's for kids, very obviously, but it's fun. It's sort of the Deep Space Nine of the Star Wars universe of shows. With a dash of Top Gun via a kids show.
So, it is the Tailspin of the Star Wars Universe?
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Much like REBELS, which was pretty light in the first season, I think RESISTANCE will develop into a much more well rounded show.
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Saw Batman v Superman.
Now I know what it's like to see Nickelback in concert.

That's my review.
Did this ever get resolved or is Butera just under a rock for now?
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