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2018-2019 NBA Season
Portland really blew a great chance there. Durant is probably done for the series and you could have split on the road. I don’t think ther can’t win 4 straight because I don’t like their chances if it got to a game 7 in GS. Warriors in 5.
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(05-14-2019, 10:12 PM)anyawatchin angel Wrote: New Orleans needs to trade AD for the #3 pick and stuff and build around Zion.

This is exactly what will happen.  New Orleans now has a franchise face superstar to fill the AD slot.  Not saying he's AD immediately of course, but they're MUCH less desperate to sell of AD for just anything.  Any talk about AD staying is just playing the leverage game for trade purposes. That bridge wasn't just burnt; it was nuked from orbit and the entire area blasted off the face of the planet.

Jrue, Zion and Randle isn't the worst set of players to build around.  If you can get either the #3 and a guy to fill the last starter spot (either PG or SF) or a later pick and a few of Boston's pieces (Brown/Tatum/etc) and baby you've got a stew going. 

Remember that there's an ownership change here.  Tom Benson didn't care much about the Pels, but with the front office changes his wife has green-lit (Griffin is a great get there) and stealing that trainer from Phoenix (which is a massively underrated move considering how abysmal our training staff has been in dealing with injuries), I think this could EASILY be back close to the level of the team that swept the Blazers a year ago in short order.
Superlaser speaks for me from now on.

Scottie Pippen is in the Trail Blazers Hall of Fame. How sad. Portland really reached with that one.
AIt's just tits and dragons. - Ian McShane on Game of Thones
Lillard has been awful in this series. Was bad in Game 7 against Denver too but had CJ there to carry them that day.

Blazers will either put up one last fight for their home fans tonight or start thinking about their vacations at tip-off. I'm betting on the latter.
Warriors advance with a sweep.

Raptors tied the East at 2-2.  

I'm still fearing the deer.
Feel like Warriors would have a smoother time against Toronto but I don't care. I'm all in for the Bucks. That dolt Drake.  Unparalleled asswipe.
The Giants are just waiting to see who to trade, hockey season is over (it's not? Who's left? St Louis? Nope, rooting for the other team... it's Boston? Nope, rooting for the zamboni to run over both teams), and the Warriors are off for a week and a half.

So I'm just rooting for 7 fun games. Well, 3, but you get my drift.
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