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2018-2019 NBA Season
But at least he was on a relevant team. Now he’s definitely not and even if he ends up with the Heat I don’t think that will move the needle for State Farm. Just need this national nightmare to end.
DeMarcus tore his ACL:
I've never been the biggest fan, but it absolutely stinks for someone to get so many injuries in his prime.
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I'm definitely up for another Laker implosion this season, don't get me wrong. But was hoping DeMarcus could stay healthy for the year.
JFC! Lakers can't catch a break, it's like they're being haunted by the Ghost of Jerry West (who's not even dead).
(08-15-2019, 04:18 PM)history buff Wrote: JFC! Lakers can't catch a break, it's like they're being haunted by the Ghost of Jerry West (who's not even dead).

The team that had LeBron and Anthony Davis hand=pick them to come play for just because they're in L.A. can't catch a break?  Okay.
Fuck the Lakers. Cousins was done anyways. He wasn't going to recover from that achilles injury
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Feel unconditionally terrible for DeMarcus Cousins.

The man has lost more minutes to injury than one would want to see any NBA player lose already, and now a torn ACL in the middle of August.

One would think that the obvious solution is losing some weight...

What makes this news only worse is that he had already slimmed down dramatically this summer and was, when photographed only a few days ago, looking as svelte as he has since his days at Kentucky. He looked like he had taken some sort of hybrid of the Draymond Green/Stephen King's Thinner diet regimen.

The reports were that he had lost approximately 35-40 pounds.

And yet this still happened to him.

As a Pelicans fan, I feel very conditionally terrible for him. I want to watch the Lakers burn.
Superlaser speaks for me from now on.

Well yeah. I want to see the Lakers burn, too. I usually have this begrudging respect for that organization in spite of all of the history between the Lakers and Warriors... Their present clown car front office (seems like the Warriors and Lakers performed some kind of "Freaky Friday" switch some years ago) and the whole LeBron factor, etc., makes them truly unlikable again in a fresh way.

But, personally, individually, I feel truly bad/sorry for DeMarcus Cousins.
Why the hell was Harrison Barnes playing almost twice as many minutes as Khris Middleton? Pop has lost it. What an embarrassment. On today of all days.

Quote:When Livingston sustained one of the most horrific injuries in the history of his sport in February of 2007, it wasn’t much clearer. He’d missed 101 of 246 career games to that point with various injuries, and what he’d shown in terms of flashes still amounted to intimations as to how his tools—length and swiftness and quickness and skill—might someday fit together. When his left leg imploded during a game against the Charlotte Bobcats—the leg was broken, his kneecap impossibly dislocated, his meniscus and anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments torn and his MCL severely sprained—it looked like the end of a career that hadn’t really even started in earnest.

Livingston finally retired on Friday, after learning to walk again and then learning to play again and then bouncing between nine NBA teams in 10 years before landing as an integral contributor to an era-defining dynasty. All of it was astonishing, both because of how far back Livingston had to come even to begin again in earnest and because of how he kept going after he’d won the career he managed to win for himself.

Great story, and by all accounts a guy it's easy to root for.
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