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F Is for Family (Netflix)
I know damn well there was a thread for this, but I guess it was deleted?  A search yields nothing.

Anyway, I like this show.  It's too bad it's being slept on here - though I guess somebody's watching it if it's on Season 3.  There is something sneaky about it, and I think it's improving with each passing season.  They need to get off these 18 month cycles though.
My wife got me into this, and yeah - its pretty good. Star-studded cast. Rockwell's McConaughey character is my favorite, and I also love how much of a disgusting slob David Koechner's character is.

We haven't gotten around to the new season yet, but definitely will after the holidays.
Renewed for Season 4.
I've never even heard of it. What's the 411 on the show?
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I binged it about a week ago. Gets better as the seasons go along. Sort of a cross between traditional family sitcom and more crude material. If you like Bill Burr you'll probably like it.

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