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VILLAINS DRAFT: ROUND THREE - Hifidog vs. Andronicus


(01-24-2019, 07:07 PM)andronicus Wrote:
Hidden Evil

Masked and Masquerading Villainy Through The Ages

Masked Villains

[Image: is?zI180fsoqVrU9AOjvLpHEQ2x7J4lIbYVSdF8f...height=255]          [Image: is?44zJR1OzelbHgmwohXELnAqK0g5d748SkkcKV...height=255]
The Predator - Predator (1987) {movie villain}                    Darth Vader - Star Wars (1977) {male villain}
"Anytime."                                                               "I find your lack of faith disturbing"

[Image: is?vV8IT8e37idjkIC3zTK4t3R2IQ80ti-CfpbIK...height=255]          [Image: is?h4IYYjSzs1v650KPvrKO429Qq_qHLn3DVUk15...height=196]
Michael Myers - Halloween (1978) {horror villain}   The Phantasm-Mask of the Phantasm (1993) {comics, animated, villain with a point}
"............."                                                         "Sal Valestra, you Angel of Death awaits..."

[Image: is?ZKarjdFgtgkR_SxHOcZctnFoNbklPMX-pqUI3...height=239]
Dr. Phibes-The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971) {Villain with a point}
"What  lovely music for a murder...or 2...or 3...or 9!"

Masquerading Villains

[Image: is?ybvPLJ0_EMncd6O4-hkr4-hzzs9Qqpo-D62S2...height=222]          [Image: is?ff6En3Rokxstt0EPcPzhihHpG5Zn5gjwkOyls...height=200]
The Thing - The Thing (1982) {post-70's}                              Caprica 6 BSG (2004) {female/tv}
"Sccccrrrreeeeeeeeeee!"                                              "I'm the one who should have stabbed him."

[Image: is?8bAjsguQenlN_JUUFW3rcMe4wTIahMzbao3-P...height=262]          [Image: is?EAxRs2mqeo8TfQ2lqjKytAArpNuXPdC5i0ti5...height=227]
David - Village of the Damned (1960) {pre-70's}                          T-1000 Terminator 2 (1991) {movie villain}
"You have to be taught to leave us alone."                                                 "Say, that's a nice bike"

[Image: is?P9Eo7fKhUaEIPWUB0OIXJ_kqF2MfO5cXgbYDy...height=112]
The Pod People-Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) {post-70's/movie villain}

Bonus Picks

Mr. Morden-Babylon 5 {tv villain/male villain}                      Stormbringer-Elric Saga {Unadapted Villain}
"What do you want?"                                                  "Farewell friend.  I was 1000 times more evil than thou!"
Classic - Wicked Witch and Professor Jarrod vs. Doctor Phibes and David

The Wicked Witch is maybe the most iconic villain of all time.  Somehow completely OTT and still genuinely menacing.

Horror - Dr. Phibes and David vs Michael Myers and the Thing and the Predator and the Pod People

The Carpenter twofer beats all.

Female - The Wicked Witch and Harley Quinn and Regina King vs. No. 6 and The Phantasm

Hifi takes another round handily

TV - Harley Quinn and Gus Fring vs. No. 6

Hifi extending his lead with a handicap match

Animated - Harley Quinn vs. The Phantasm

Gotta be Harley, right?

Superhero - Harley Quinn vs. the Phantasm

Same as the first.

Misunderstood -  Gus Fring vs Phantasm and Dr.Phibes

Andronicus strikes back.

Modern Movie Men -  Beetlejuice and Khan and Warden Norton and the Dentist vs the Predator and Darth Vader and the T-1000 

Andronicus has a trio of the most iconic baddies in all of cinema.  Are they, along with his horror crop, enough to overcome Hifi running the rest of the table (in less commanding fashion)?  Probably, although the bonus pick of real-life supervillain Billy Mitchell comes very close to edging things back in Hifi's direction.
Stormbringer is a BRILLIANT choice for unadapted villain.
Superlaser speaks for me from now on.

(02-05-2019, 10:59 AM)superlaser Wrote: Stormbringer is a BRILLIANT choice for unadapted villain.

Thanks man, really appreciate it. Stormbringer was the first thing that popped into my noggin when the bonus picks were announced. It fit my Masquerading theme perfectly as for six books we had seen it manipulate Elric into doing some truly evil shit but it isn’t until, literally, the last paragraph of the series that we’re informed that the sword was the antagonist of the series the entire run. Plus it gets the best closing quote of a book of all time, in my opinion.
In a perfect world, we'd cast Michael Wincott as Elric and de-age him for a new HBO series.
Sadly, I think that the biggest thing holding any adaptation back is how do you ‘albinize’ and give a wavy mane of bone white hair to an actor without making them look like a bargain-basement cosplay?

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