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Headed to NYC in April.
I’m going to be in the city...well, Bellmore in Long Island for a week around the Easter weekend. I’m looking for some suggestions on cool, non-touristy’ things to do while I’m there. I’m going to be checking out the Alamo Drafthouse, for sure. I’d also be up for meeting up with some of you folks if anyone is interested?

Be sure to head to the Comedy Cellar and heckle Louis CK for me.
- Movie Locations (Superman: The Movie, Ghostbusters, Manhattan, Annie Hall, etc)
- The tram over the River to Roosevelt Island
- The Staten Island Ferry
- The Empire State Building Observation Deck (pricey but I love it)
- Central Park, The Hayden Planetarium and Museum of Natural History
- The Lexington Candy Shop, The Tick-Tock Diner, Junior's Cheesecake, The Strand Bookstore
- Greenwich Village, The Blue Note and The High Line
- Grand Central Station, The New York Public Library, Kinokuniya Bookstore, Book-Off
- Columbia University, Little Italy, Tudor City, Lincoln Center
- Brooklyn Heights and Coney Island

Just for a few.
Cool, thanks. I’m going to take my daughters to some of the touristy places, for sure; Central Park, Times Square, the Met Museum of Modern Art, The Intrepid but I was looking for some other, smaller, more ‘New York’ things. I hadn’t thought of some of the classic movie shooting locations.
I am headed to NYC in April as well. You stole the thread I was going to post.
Hey, both of you feel free to PM me when it’s closer to the travel dates. Happy to meet up. Maybe see a movie at the Alamo, it’s my go to theater.
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Originally Posted by JacknifeJohnny: 
Glad that you guys worked that out amongst yourselves.

Ny is a city of restaurants. There’s incredible stuff at every price range. Do some research on that, and make a point of going to local stuff and none of the chains in Times Square.
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The natural history museum.  Dinosaurs, a planetarium, and that life sized blue whale just awed me as a child.  And while you're on the upper west side, a pleasant stroll in central park to Dana Barret's building would also take you past strawberry fields/the dakota.
I love NY. I live in South Africa but try go there every 2-3 years.

For typical touristy stuff do the Natural History Museum, Moma, Guggenheim, New Museum, The Highline and Central Park. Also very much recommend Museum of the Moving Image (tons of great movie artefacts and memorabilia) and Museum of the American Gangster (it's quite obscure but one of the best). I wouldn't go to the statue of liberty. If you're insistent just check it out from the ferry.

I'm sure there'll be plenty of cool plays on if that's your type of thing. My fav was Sleep No More which is a hell of an experience. If you like comedy, go to one of the places in the East Village (not Times Square) and look up what's happening at the UCB. It's always a fun place to go to. Go to one of the Artists and Fleas locations if you want to buy some cool clothes and art at decent prices.

For food, check out Momofuku, have pizza at Grimaldi's or Lombardo's, deli food at Katz's Delicatessen, coffee at 9th street espresso (best coffee on the planet) and chilli hot chocolate at any of Jacques Torres's chocolatiers.

But mainly do a lot of walking, that's how I discovered most of the really non-touristy things I did, since there are new spots and attractions opening up all the time. Walk through Williamsburg, Soho, East and West Village.
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Yeah, plenty of stuff to find just wandering around the east village.  Upright Citizens Brigade.  There's a pretty chill jazz bar called Rue B a friend used to gig at, on Ave. B obviously.
Going to New York? Bring your wallet.

Hit the Guggenheim museum. That's probably my favorite museum in NYC. Just beautiful.

For food, hit Katz's Deli. They filmed WHEN HARRY MET SALLY there (the orgasm scene). Awesome sandwiches. There's also a dining experience called Eataly (Italy) with some really good Italian food options. There's one over by the 9/11 monument/museum and we ran into one someplace else. Great place for lunch.

Give yourself plenty of time for the 9/11 monument/museum. If you can, get there early before it gets too crowded.

If you're gonna shop, give yourself a day to just walk Madison Avenue and such. It'll take you right into Central Park, so you can shop and see the park in one day pretty easily.
Oh, just remembered that the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) will be closed for four months this summer for some massive renovation project. Not sure when it starts, but it may not be open when you're here.
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Originally Posted by JacknifeJohnny: 
Glad that you guys worked that out amongst yourselves.

If MoMA is closed, definitely hit the Guggenheim. There are several excellent modern art pieces in there, including a few Jackson Pollacks. It's just a really, really cool museum.
Chinatown used to be my first stop every time, for import DVD shopping. The four places I made my stomping grounds have all closed now sadly, though. But Chinatown itself is so much fun to walk around. Lots of good spots for food (a favorite of mine was called Shanghai Garden and had excellent pork and mushroom dumplings). And you're not far from the East Village and Alphabet City.
We should have an NYC Chewer meetup if Andronicus and I are there st the same time. Maybe see a movie. I’ll be there about a week, visiting my sister and friends.
Some excellent videos to study in the meantime...

"Another installment in a continuing project that aims to document the life and times of New York City--on film--from the Lindsay years through the first two Koch terms. As indicated, this piece will likely be revised / supplemented with additional footage. The project will continue with a second installment, which will pick up in some way from where Part I ends. All shots are connected by at least one of the following: location, film, character, actor, signage, repeating object, or recurring motif. I've tried to source everything from 16x9 DVDs, but have had to compromise this standard in some cases.

Engineer, you still here?

I had very similar experiences re: heading to Chinatown in the mid-late 90's to get a hold of high-quality dubs of movies (on VHS!), sometimes when they were still in theaters. I remember being soooo excited when I managed to get a high-quality copy of Seven a few weeks after it came out. I miss the old Chinatown.
If you're happy, you're not paying attention.

Originally Posted by JacknifeJohnny: 
Glad that you guys worked that out amongst yourselves.

Back now, sounds cool! Yeah, I started visiting NYC on the bus from Boston in 2003 and went every couple of months for something like seven years. I'd most look forward to a Chinatown visit when I'd get my tax refund and load up on DVDs. HK, South Korean, Japanese... they'd get it all at LAI YING MUSIC on Bowery and NY MUSIC on Canal and Bowery. They'd even save things for me. Great people there too. I'd also hit the KIM'S VIDEO locations at St. Marks and on Bleecker, and also a cool DVD shop at 40th and 5th. All closed now of course, sadly.
Best vinyl shops? I’m looking for some early 2000s Scottish indie that’s impossible to find stateside anymore.
(02-06-2019, 11:12 PM)bendrix Wrote: Best vinyl shops? I’m looking for some early 2000s Scottish indie that’s impossible to find stateside anymore.

I like Academy...
There were shops in Greenwich Village that I really dug, but at least three of them closed up some time ago.
A friend of mine recommends Rough Trade in Brooklyn...

Just found this...
Heh. A friend I’m visiting works at Rough Trade.
Academy Records is great.
home taping is killing music
Here's a wacky question for those who really know the NYC streets.

When I first started visiting Manhattan in the early 2000s, I was struck by how many shops there were, all over the place, that sold DVDs.  Many, like dozens, featured front window displays with tons of some legit import (and some bootleg) Asian action movies.  Some of these stores were actually adult-video (porno) shops that had the adult stuff in the back and the HK, Japanese and South Korean DVD stuff up front as a cover for the real business they were in.  

The thing is: a few times I'd go in specifically to buy the Asian DVD movies.  (Yeah, go ahead... Laugh and goof, but I did.)  

I'd find Asian films like I'M A CYBORG AND THAT'S OKAY, CHAW, ROUGH CUT and PUBLIC ENEMY RETURNS at a place over by Madison Square Garden -- months and even years before they found American distribution and were available stateside.  And there was a legit shop on the corner across from The New York Public Library (on 5th Ave and 40th Street, if I remember it correctly) that had good ones.  Does BOOK OFF on 45th still have good deals on physical media?  It's been a while since I've been there to look around the island for movies.

So, at the risk of putting myself out there as a perv for DVDs, if not for Manhattan porno shops...   Now that the DVD and home video physical media shops have mostly died off, is there anywhere left in NYC where you can find Asian action movies on discs?  Or anything left in Chinatown that's confirmed to still be open for business?  

I miss looking at whatever just released from Jackie, John Woo, Takashi Miike and all the rest.  Still possible, anywhere in Manhattan?

Checking NYC/Manhattan movie theaters this weekend, at various points in the next five days one could see THE IN-LAWS, DO THE RIGHT THING, WHAT'S UP DOC, ROCK & ROLL HIGH SCHOOL, WHERE'S POPPA?, HAROLD & MAUDE and a JEFF GOLDBLUM RETROSPECTIVE (with INTO THE NIGHT playing on Saturday afternoon)!
Engineer, there are a number of DVD places around the city where you might be able to find what you're looking for. I'd say that your best bet is to probably start in Koreatown, which is around 32nd and Broadway. That's also close enough to 42nd that you could walk up and go to this place, which has a fairly large media collection on the 2nd floor:

I seem to remember them being pricy-ish, but you might have some luck.
home taping is killing music
Thanks... Yep, I picked up a few DVDs in Koreatown (THE HOST, THE RESURRECTION OF THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL) in the past. Good to hear there are movie spots there, still, as last time I checked there were maybe three left and that was in 2010. Kinokuniya, I've been to as well, for books about Takeshi Kitano and by Haruki Murakami, but it has been quite a long while!
Thanks for all the suggestions, folks, I really appreciate it. I’m certainly down for a meet-up (movie night maybe) if you local types are cool with chillin’ with a yokel from the barren wastelands of Saskatchewan? I’m also hoping that the Islanders can make a playoff run and try score some tickets (my brother who lives in Long Island says they can’t give them away, these days so fingers crossed).
I believe that I’m going to go to the Alamo Drafthouse for ‘Shouting at the Screen’ on the 18th, if anyone is interested? Looks like a blast and a film going experience I’d otherwise never have a chance to have anywhere else. That and it’s hisye by Wyatt Cenac and Donwill, which makes it extra cool in my books.
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So how'd that trip to NYC go?


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