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NFL 2019-2020 Season
That loud sound I hear must be the laughter coming from the general Pittsburgh area.
Oh you're goddamn right I'm laughing.
Had to turn of Hard Knocks because it was so boring
AIt's just tits and dragons. - Ian McShane on Game of Thones
(08-11-2019, 07:53 PM)anyawatchin angel Wrote: Had to turn of Hard Knocks because it was so boring

Crazy conspiracy theory I heard somewhere on sports talk radio..., The whole Antonio Brown helmet fiasco was "invented" by Gruden and co. because so many people complained about the first episode and how boring it was. They gotta spice things up!
you'll know if you see something tomorrow night. if you don't see anything about it, or very little, its a thing that the NFL is keeping a lid on.
Even for NFL-produced propaganda, I found the first ep painfully bland. It seems like if they don't address the issue, that would kill the show. I bet they're sweating over the edit as we speak.
"The standard for [The Browns] is lower than the standard for Trump giving a speech after a hospital has exploded."

Harsh but fair Mr. Magary -
"Browns GM John Dorsey, the kind of guy who looks like he eats gum, "

this is my favorite line of the whole WYTS 2019 entries.

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