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Noah Hawley's ALIENS?
"Particularly since the output of films is expected to be low. For instance 20th, which has been making a full-size slate of pictures since The Depression, might only be able to make four theatrical films and four streaming films per year, if the rumors I am hearing are true.

Whether it is the current acrimony between the Writers Guild and the agencies, or how the future of Disney has been calculated, Hollywood is ruled by television. For a film guy like myself, it has been cruel, watching Fox’s TV heads be an inclusive part of the discussions of the future, while the feature folks who used to puff out their chests on the lot have essentially been forced into the position of being told their fate.

We’ve known for some time that film chief Stacey Snider won’t be part of the Disney future, even though she has been in her office this week. Watts has long been known as a very strong executive, and several have said she is about the only one there who has been clued in on the Disney plans. Does she have the clout to prevent Fox film properties from being repurposed as TV projects or as streaming projects on Hulu and Disney+ with low budgets and no back-ends? Sources said that in the recent past she fended off an attempt by Hawley and FX to take the Aliens franchise and turn it into a miniseries, and when Searchlight once wanted to do something with The Omen, she held fast because who wants to give up your franchises? She did that before the Disney deal, when it was a whole different ballgame."

With Disney drastically reducing the films released by 20th and pivoting them to produce more TV, there's a chance they might revisit Noah Hawley's ALIENS miniseries for FX or Hulu.
No thanks!
Not a Noah Hawley fan?
I'm in only if it's like teenage Aliens at like an LV-426 high school with lots of angst and love triangles.
(03-22-2019, 03:47 PM)barry woodward Wrote: Not a Noah Hawley fan?

Not at all!

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