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Borderlands 3
It's official

Also, from Ice-T:

Quote:Gamer Stuff: There’s a rumor that I’m doing a voice in Borderlands 3.....
“That which doesn't kill you wasn't done right.”—Khaya Dlanga
"We got you boo."

Tiny not so Tiny anymore.
Git' in under mah belly!
Initial impressions: pretty good so far.
- the world seems HUGE even compared to the previous games.
- overall, suffers what I see as a common problem in sequels: adding lots of visual flair, without adding anything to the dynamics of the gameplay. Which is more or less the same, with more detailed enemy animations slowing down the action a bit. Similar new flourishes in the UI animations, which also just slow things down.
- Still getting used to the new inventory management. Don't like it so far. I'm not convinced there's not a bug in the sorting.
- auto-pick-up feature is welcome.
- UI font in general seems really small & tough to read. I've read this is a common complaint, may be fixed in an update.
- more gender diversity in the enemies, lots of female psychos and bandits. "Midgets" are now called "Tinks".
- new Claptrap voice is slightly distracting but still great. Characterization good & wacky as ever. Story pretty interesting so far.

So overall more of the same with updated graphics & animation, no big surprise, which is great if you love the first two (like me!)

EDIT: hotspots for picking up items are way too small. Annoying.

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