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State of the Union
Anybody else watching this? Rosamund Pike and Chris O'Dowd as a married couple meeting in a pub before marriage counseling every week. 10 episodes, 10 minutes each, written by Nick Hornby and directed by Stephen Frears. It's airing nightly on Sundance. The first three episodes have been a lot of fun to watch. The dialogue is top-notch and both Pike and O'Dowd are great. I think the whole thing is probably streaming already, but we've been watching each episode as it airs, kind of a nice little break during the evening.
Well, even though none of you other jerks watched this, the whole thing was lovely. Really fun performances from Pike and O'Dowd and sharp dialogue that doesn't sound like a conversation that two people would actually have, but you just roll with it. I think the whole thing is streaming on Sundance now.

In fact, here it is. Quit bitching about Game of Thrones and watch this.

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