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Zhang Yimou's SHADOW
Just watched Zhang Yimou's SHADOW. Excellent film. Does for monochrome what HERO did for color. Beautifully designed and performed with several surprises up its blood-spattered sleeve. Best of all, it gives us things we've never seen in film before  Then again, that is typically what Zhang Yimou excels in.

Edit: I removed the trailer because it gave away one of the best moments of the film. If you like Yimou's stuff, go in without seeing any footage if you can.
Yeah, this movie is great. The monochrome color scheme, which basically make it look like a black and white movie with some splashes of color, makes for maybe his most visually striking movie.

The action in this is also fantastic, and the battle of wits between the main players is great to watch.

I'm surprised this movie took so long to come out here.

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