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DEN OF THIEVES 2: PANTERA Pre-Release Thread
Quote:Sierra/Affinity is handling foreign on eOne and Tucker Tooley Entertainment’s upcoming Den of Thieves 2: Pantera.

Gerard Butler and O’Shea Jackson Jr are reprising their roles as Big Nick O’Brien and Donnie Wilson. In the sequel, being written and directed by Christian Gudegast (who also was behind the original 2018 film, Big Nick (Butler) is back on the hunt on the mean-streets of Europe closing in on Donnie (Jackson Jr.) who is embroiled in the dangerous world of diamond thieves and the infamous Panther mafia, as they plot a massive heist of the world’s biggest diamond exchange. Meadow Williams will also return as Holly in the film.

The pic’s original producers, which include Tooley, Mark Canton, Alan Siegel and Butler, will produce the sequel, and Williams will executive produce. It is expected that Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson will join in a producing capacity as well. eOne and Tucker Tooley Entertainment are financing. The pic will shoot later this year.
“That which doesn't kill you wasn't done right.”—Khaya Dlanga
DEN OF THIEVES is very much the definition of "it's aiight" in regards to current action/crime films. You can see what they're going for but 2010's THE TOWN very much blows it away. As do other films I'm sure I'm forgetting.

DEN OF THIEVES aims high, and Butler really goes for it, but the script just isn't there. It introduces big threads that go nowhere. The heist crew never really leaves much of an impression. The final chase/shootout is well done in terms of lensing, blocking, geography, but it leaves almost no impact or weight on the viewer.

Maybe this will be an improvement, but I'm not optimistic.
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