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Angel Has Fallen Pre-Release
Didn't see another thread for this..From the director of 2017's best movie.

It looks like Nick Nolte is playing his old man, a Bob Lee Swagger-type, who has an interesting way of handling Jehovah's Witnesses and cookie-selling girl scouts.  

Anyhow, looking forward to this.  Given Waugh's last few films, wouldn't be surprised to see some actual depth to the characters.

And Chris Browning is playing a 'militia man.'


looks fun!
Looks violent!
Looks decent.

But hopefully Lionsgate has another teaser/trailer debuting tonight w/ JW3.
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Looks like I'll probably see this.
I'm pretty sure I mentioned it before but I want to thank Subotai for talking up Shot Caller. So great. I hope that Waugh can sprinkle some of his awesome onto this franchise. I didn't care for Olympus or London but I will be going to see this one.
I think these screen captures and giant (Dildi? Is there a plural?) are just the next step in the JJ Abrams online adventure series. Very slyly played, Bitches Leave.-Tom Fuchs
You had me at 'bat drones'.
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(05-16-2019, 03:27 PM)vtran Wrote: You had me at 'bat drones'.

I didn't think Bruce was THAT mad at Lucius Fox, but I guess I was wrong.
Superlaser speaks for me from now on.

(05-16-2019, 01:58 PM)subotai Wrote: And Chris Browning is playing a 'militia man.'

I read that as Chris Brown at first and was seriously confused for a few seconds.

Anyway, this looks fun. Guess I should probably see the first two movies, though.
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OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN is incredibly violent, dumb fun. Utterly implausible and yet so gleefully R rated in its action.

I haven't seen LONDON HAS FALLEN but I've heard nothing good about it.
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I saw "London Has Fallen" on a double-bill at the drive-in with "The Brothers Grimsby." I can't remember which was funnier.
(05-16-2019, 03:27 PM)vtran Wrote: You had me at 'bat drones'.

“Crebain, from Dun-“


So sweet seeing Nolte show up. He’s going full-Douvee.

LONDON was fantastic. Hoping this can meet or exceed that one.
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