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Diego Maradona (2019) from the director of Amy and Senna
Trailer is out:

Fuck yes Im watching this. Amy and Senna are documentary masterpieces, and Maradona is as big, broad and complicated a figure as few can be.
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You had me at SENNA. I know nothing about this guy and don't follow soccer but if it's from the guy who made SENNA, I'll watch it.
Maradona is only 5'5" but is the second biggest personality in the history of world sport after Muhammad Ali. With Senna, Kapadia made my second favourite doc of all time after When We Were Kings. Coincidence? Doubt it.

Big, broad and complicated isn't a bad way to put it Ryoken. A creative genius on the pitch to the point that some of what he did seemed physically impossible, and a troubled madman off the pitch to the point it often seemed he wouldn't live to see this documentary about him released in 2019. 

He was conjuring the type of magic we marvel at today in Messi and Ronaldo in an era in which attacking players like him were given much, much less protection from referees. Threats like Maradona had the crap kicked out of them by the opposition's defense. When it comes to the "Hand of God" game English supporters like to forget that he was also elbowed in the face off the ball by English defender Terry Fenwick.

A piece by veteran South American football expert Tim Vickery provides some neat context: Former Argentina captain Roberto Perfumo once made a fascinating comparison between Diego Maradona and Julius Caesar. The Roman Emperor had a slave walk behind him and constantly whisper in his ear "remember you're only a mortal". Argentine society has done the reverse with Maradona. Constantly being told he was a God has had terrible consequences for Maradona's mental and physical well-being. No footballer exemplifies the phenomenon that is South American football like Diego Armando Maradona. ---

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