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So, I just read this and, if true, I'm psyched to be able to read the book when it's available...

Marvel Ignites Rumor That Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man 4’ Will Finally Happen As Comic Book

I love when this happens.  I think all unmade and lost first-draft screenplays by filmmakers I enjoy should be made into comics.  
The Dark Horse THE STAR WARS in a fine example. and their recent ALIEN 3: THE UNPRODUCED SCREENPLAY will be mine soon when it hits trade.

I'm also that guy that reads the comics based on his favorite films.

DIE HARD: YEAR ONE was a solid, enjoyable read.  A MILLION WAYS TO DIE HARD was very not-of-interest to me though.  Looked awful.
The legendary fiasco of 88MPH's GHOSTBUSTERS comic still lead to a fun read for me.  As did most of IDW's GHOSTBUSTERS output.
The BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA book (co-written by John Carpenter) was silly fun, though when the art got bad, I walked.
IDW's BACK TO THE FUTURE comic (created by Bob Gale, no less) had a lot of fun ideas, though I still need to finish the series.
There were a couple of TRON comics.  One worked well with it's digital-color assisted art, while one just kind of sat there.
The recent run of ALIEN/ALIENS/AVP/PROMETHEUS was decent.  Maybe a little underwhemlming but excellent art, overall.
I still have a bunch of Kevin Smith's CLERKS and JAY AND SILENT BOB books from Oni Press.
These can go overboard, as seen with all the ASH/EVIL DEAD/ARMY OF DARKNESS series and crossovers.  Enough is enough, sometimes. 
And let's not forget how long the classic Marvel THE ADVENTURES OF INDIANA JONES ran, and how Marvel's STAR WARS output is back in a huge way.  VADER DOWN was excellent fun.

Anyone else interested in Raimi's SPIDER-MAN 4 making it's run as a graphic story?  What others have you liked over time?
I'll probably read this.

I've recently been reading "Darkman" (speaking of Sam Raimi) and "RoboCop" comics that Marvel put out in the early-'90s. I mean, if you want to see RoboCop fight dinosaurs, you ain't gonna see it in some movie house.
So, instead of this being an adaptation of the lost Raimi Spider-Man it turned out to be a series by JJ Abrams and his son.

Remember that gag they used to do on The Simpsons where they'd make an announcement to a crowd and there would be silence except for a lone cough?
Yeah, it's quite funny how hard they fucked up on this.
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JJ Abrams?? BAIL.

Between this and all the "NEW X-MEN" stuff I've been hearing about, Marvel Comics seems to be losing its shit.
I'll probably not read this.
Wow this is like being promised cake but the cake turns out to be made of shit and then you remember Trump is president.
I mean, what the fuck?


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