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End of an Era for "Mad" Magazine

Quote:Mad magazine, the venerable satire publication, will stop publishing issues with new content this fall. 

The magazine, famous for the grinning face of character Alfred E. Neuman and his slogan, "What, me worry?", will stop publishing issues with new writing after issue No. 10, according to DC, which publishes the magazine. Starting with issue No. 11 there will be republished content sent to subscribers and sold in comic shops.

It will no longer be carried on newsstands, DC said. 

"After issue #10 this fall there will no longer be new content -- except for the end-of-year specials which will always be all new," DC said in a statement to ABC News. "So starting with issue #11 the magazine will feature classic, best-of and nostalgic content from the last 67 years."

It will continue to publish a year-end issue with new content and "Mad books and special collections." 

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