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LAST CHRISTMAS Discussion (Sponsored by the "GOT Did Emilia Clarke Dirty" Foundation)
Midway right? Can't imagine that many people will want to see that.
Yeah, Nooj and I were discussing it the other day and I've LITERALLY never heard of it. And it's a big massive 100 million dollar film and Emmerichs first movie since ID42.
Ooh, no one’s gonna see Midway.
Brigadier Cousins on PSN
Pearl Harbor was a disney’s marketing juggernaut back for the summer of 2001 and didn’t meet the high expectations the studio clearly had for it

I don’t think audiences would be excited to see a movie that seems to repurpose a lot of its VFX money shots 18 years later
Midway looks like colossal ASS. I was all excited for Pearl Harbor in 2001. I was a fool. It did get me to reread Winds of War and War and Remembrance, though, so something useful came out of it.

Having not really paid attention to Emilia’s physical beauty much before, I must remark how absolutely gorgeous she is in this trailer. Green is her color.
I'm not Avery.
Will you watch Triassic Attack now?
Not even I would recommend that.

ME for fucks sake.

What is Midway even about? Pearl Harbor?
The Battle of Midway took place in the summer of 1942 and represented the first major naval victory for the Allies in the Pacific Theater.
If we can dream it, then we can do it.
Well alright then.

Sounds fun!
The star-studded movie version from the 1970s is not great, but it does use some actual footage shot during the real battle, which makes it kind of a curiosity.

The new version looks very pedestrian.
If we can dream it, then we can do it.
International Trailer

Mike Flannigans Doctor Sleep opens this weekend.

Both may involve a central character who can see ghosts!
If we can dream it, then we can do it.
I sure hope not. If this is "Into Darkness" all over again, they're going to be pretty disappointed that people saw the twist coming from miles away.
Yeah, Golding is totally dead, given that he wears the same freaking thing in that trailer.

Clarke looks delightful though!
home taping is killing music
Meta-ly: don't we need some sort of article about how plumbing a record company/pop star's back catalogue for magic- and social- realist themes is a way to get a film made now?

Pop culture used to stay in its nostalgia lane while eating itself!
I don't think what we need is more essays about invented outrage. The Onion has it covered.
It's not outrage. It's gossipy industry trend watching if anything, It makes sense to me, up to a point. For ever now record companies have been content to just sit on their cans and refuse every license and/or charge massive clearance fees. I wouldn't be surprised if there's diminishing returns to that overall as people just stop licensing music or just use covers.
You can probably see a bit of a bump when older tunes get resurrected in a popular film, bio pic and so forth. It would make sense if some people started treating music like every other piece of old IP in recent years that large corprorations are sitting on: something to be leveraged, a brand to be re-invigorated once in a while.
You're doing well if you walk into a pitch meeting with a gimmick. "This is a Bruce Springsteen music movie". They might give you a soundtrack you could never afford the old bureacratic way. Or the other direction; record company people go to studios saying "we're looking for a film we can theme with one of our classic artists. What have you got?"
(admittedly the three films that I can think of seem to have been custom written with particular songs or artists in mind. So this second scenario may not have been happening).

Anyway, get at it Hollywood Reporter or whoever.
... Alrighty.
At heart what I'm hoping is that the right environment has finally come where I can dig out my dream project:
"Half Way There" - the life affirming story of an inner city maths teacher who inspires his class to learn about Zeno's Paradox through the music of Bon Jovi.

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