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STAR WARS UNDERWORLD featuring Qi'ra, Maul, Jabba & Boba Fett? (Disney+)
Is an Emmy win actually that much of a game changer for people? I literally have no clue who the last few years worth of winners have been. Dinklage won once.
I think if she wins and Last Christmas does well, then yes, those two things are a game changer.

But yeah, an Emmy win still means something - Dinklage has won like three for Thrones - at least when it comes to negotiating future deals for television appearances.

My point wasn't that it would help her career overall per se, but it would give her more bargaining power and leverage if they wanted her back for a Star War.
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I'm still not convinced they quite know what they're doing yet. Lets wait until The Mandalorian comes out, is widely praised as good, then keep going with the grand plans.
(09-17-2019, 12:13 AM)headless fett Wrote: Emilia Clarke will be happy to get anything in a couple of years. She's a competent TV actress.


Clarke, from all appearances, is a charming, grounded, and attractive person. I wish her well! But based on everything I've seen from her...she doesn't have a career of headlining tentpole films ahead of her.
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I think people love Khaleesi as an icon more than what Emilia brought to the role.
I don't mean to stan quite so particularly hard for Emilia, but there are countless examples of "tv actors" who struggled to make the leap from TV to movies until they got that one role where it all seemed to click for them. George Clooney's movies after ER were full of headbobs and the same tv tics until he got paired up with Soderbergh for OUT OF SIGHT, and the rest is history. That's just one example, although we shouldn't ignore the cultural factor that it was "hard" for actors to move from TV to movies until the last 2 decades or so.

I've talked about this before, but I think Clarke is an actor who is almost entirely dependent on who's directing her to bring out the things she's good at. I actually really like her in SOLO; I think Howard understood how to get a performance out of her that felt natural and warm, yet with real pathos at the end. Qi'ra is probably her best film role to date. And I know we went back and forth about this in the LAST CHRISTMAS thread, but I do think Paul Feig has a track record of being able to get good to great performances out of his actresses, which bodes well for that movie.

Of course, the other factor is the Patrick Wilson problem - the kind of movies that would help "make" her a star, the kind of mid-level romantic comedy/thriller/drama that used to come out all the time (often based on a John Grisham novel) aren't being made anymore, except by streaming platforms. So she doesn't have the chance to do well in a number of those relatively inexpensive projects to build a track record. This is the great curse of "breakout TV stars" of the 21st century. I'm struggling to think who of the bigger breakouts of the last decade or so has had a Clooney-like transition.

Looking at the Emmy winners for Best Actor/Actress in a Drama since 2000, on the actress side, the only ones who stand out are Alison Janney and Viola Davis. Davis is in that category of "movie stars who do TV" (Close, Sedgwick, Sally Field) (As opposed to "great TV actresses" like Moss, Margulies, and Hargitay) which has defined a lot of the Actress category this century, but Janney's always been a dependable character actress who was able to keep being a dependable character actress after West Wing. The only "breakout" winners are Tatiana Maslany and Claire Foy, and both of those actresses have also struggled to find good starring roles in movies. On the actor side, Gandolfini probably could have done it if he had lived (RIP). But Spader, Sutherland and Jeff Daniels are all movie stars. Hamm, Cranston and Lewis have all struggled. I think Rami Malek is an outlier, though you can't deny BoRhap made him a star.

And that's not even to say Clarke returning to TV after a few years would be a bad thing - especially in a role like Qu'ra, which I think has potential to be something special. After all, Keri Russell went from TV to a spotty film career back to the best role of her life on THE AMERICANS.

Anyway, I'm really not trying to be difficult or pedantic about this; I just think it's fun to talk about/think about.
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(09-16-2019, 11:49 PM)barry woodward Wrote: Question: "Any chance you're working on a treatment for a Solo Disney+ show?"
Jon Kasdan: "Nope, not a Solo show @FilmApothecary but I've been working on a project for Disney+ I'm excited about."

Isn't Kasdan attached to that Willow TV-sequel Ron Howard was recently talking about? He mentioned Disney+ as a possible venue in that interview, I think.
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