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THE KING OF HORROR Draft - Sign Up / Discussion
I almost did Lee Pace as my Ben Mears (SALEM'S LOT).
Would anyone be available to draft for me at 5? I have to bounce from work before then and will be in transit.

Currently imagining Thewlis doing the Crimson King with his Shame Demon voice.
home taping is killing music
Boone, if you want to pm me, I can post your bonus picks after I make mine.
Mangy Wrote:TCM 2 is like sentient cocaine.
(10-18-2019, 04:14 PM)boone daniels Wrote: Would anyone be available to draft for me at 5? I have to bounce from work before then and will be in transit.

I can do it.

Edit: Oh, HP beat me to it.
I considered drafting Pearce for Roland. Maybe I should've. I loved the Dark Tower series so much growIng up I named my dog Roland. He was a pitbull-husky mix with piercing blue eyes. I miss that dog....

Showing my homework:

1. While most people know her as the apathetic April on Parks & Rec, Aubrey Plaza showed that she had the chops to play a terrifying, nightmare-inducing demon with her role as The Shadow King on Legion. Plus, we already had "mean" Pennywise and "utterly alien" Pennywise. Now's the time for sexy Pennywise (No offense to Tim Curry, but his Bob Gray wasn't quite as seductive as his Frank N. Furter).

2. I'm a big fan of Walton Goggins as Boyd Crowder on Justified and I like the southern-fried snake handler/snake oil salesman vibe he'd bring to the character of Randall Flagg.

3. Originally my plan for Day 2 was to go with previously unadapted characters. When I lost Nic Cage, I dropped that idea and went with one of my backups, Leland Gaunt. As I've mentioned previously, I think Timothy Dalton perfectly captures the devilish charisma of that character.

4. I still wanted to have at least one previously unadapted character and figured I'd pick from one of King's more disturbing, underrated novellas, The Library Policeman. Ardelia Lortz is yet another King creation that preys on children. In flashbacks, she's portrayed as a sexy succubus. That seemed like a perfect fit for Daddario, especially with her huge.... eyes.

5. I only read Salem's Lot once and don't remember much from it. However, I've seen Tobe Hooper's miniseries several times and really enjoy the prim and proper gentleman version of Straker in that one. Glenn Fleshler has already proven he can do a spot-on James Mason impression in True Detective so he seems well-suited for the role. Besides, he already has experience as a villainous assistant from his time on Hannibal.

6. Jermaine Clement, another veteran of Legion, has shown that he can be simultaneously charming and sinister. I think he has what it takes to play two very different kinds of vampires (Although I do chuckle at the thought of Barlow talking about fucking a sandwich).

7. While it seems like he'll never escape the stigma of being a Tom Hardy clone, I was very impressed by Logan Marshall-Green's transformative performance in Upgrade and could completely buy him as Jack Torrence, a loving father who's turned into a monster by personal and literal demons.

8. Since he's already played an evil, manipulative ghost in a haunted hotel, I thought it'd be fun to include Evan Peters as Delbert Grady.

9. Lauren Ashley Carter is an indie horror darling (She's literally in a movie called Darling) and a self-fashioned, modern day scream queen. Those strong ties to the horror genre (coupled with those haunting eyes), make her a perfect choice for Wendy Torrance.

10. I wanted to pick JB Smoove because I think he's incredibly funny and I could see his version of Dick Hallorann using humor to bond with Danny. Plus it's always interesting when a normally comedic actor takes on a dramatic role. Not always successful, but interesting.

Bonus: No offense to Richard Brake, but he just gives off a pervy, child-eating vibe. As for Wes Studi, he's a brilliant actor who can be intimidating and seems like a more culturally appropriate choice for John Rainbird (As much as I like the George C. Scott version).

So there you have it. Admittedly, not the most creative theme (basically a big monster brawl) but overall I'm pretty happy with my list.
Mangy Wrote:TCM 2 is like sentient cocaine.
Sorry I haven't made more picks. Pretty busy, and I'm not even sure what roles to pick, if I'm being honest. If we end up doing brackets I'll figure it out.
Just changed a bonus pick from an actor I blanked on being already chosen. I'll edit in a replacement shortly.
OK, fixed
Superlaser speaks for me from now on.

In the bonus round, I picked the actors from the Wizard and Glass adaptation currently in production. My draft is indeed a sequel series to this yet unreleased real one. All things serve the beam.
Brigadier Cousins on PSN
I just want to say that Marcia Gay Harden's performance in The Mist as Mrs. Carmody is one of my favorite villain performances of all time. I'd love to see Winona Ryder sink her teeth into a villain role, but nothing would be as good as what Harden brought.

Also, I didn't want to name names earlier in the draft but I want to give a shoutout to Dreamcatcher for providing Morgan Freeman with his most ridiculous cinema hair in his entire filmography.
Hey, Richard, about Ralph Fiennes...
(Yesterday, 12:59 PM)Pither Wrote: Hey, Richard, about Ralph Fiennes...

Ah hell, didn't see him on the Chosen when I picked.  Oh well, just a bonus, no biggie.  I'll fix it later.
My karmic debt must be huge.


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(Yesterday, 05:36 PM)Richard Dickson Wrote:
(Yesterday, 12:59 PM)Pither Wrote: Hey, Richard, about Ralph Fiennes...

Ah hell, didn't see him on the Chosen when I picked.  Oh well, just a bonus, no biggie.  I'll fix it later.

All cool.

I'm curious if anyone else whos cast Barlow considered going the Nosferatu route. I did think about it briefly, with Doug Jones being the obvious choice, but decided to hew towards the book's version, who's basically Dracula. Hence, Mads. Some other alternates:
Barlow - Vincent Cassel, Hugo Weaving
Straker - Mark Strong (who very much fits King's description), Jason Isaacs
Matt Burke - Mark Hamill

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