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Afternoon, everybody: The Cheers/Frasier Appreciation Thread.
I always loved the one with Paul where it comes out that he slept with Carla. Then Paul asks Sam to let Carla know it was only a one time thing.

"Paulie don't need no clinging vines."
ABC is doing a promotion this week where casts from old shows are guest starring on their current lineup. Looks like we’re getting a mini-reunion on The Goldbergs. I’ve only seen that show once, when Robert Englund guest starred as Freddy. It was fine.
Will be hard for them to top this reunion:

With Alex Trebek in the news...

"Every romantic comedy should just be called "Tryin' to Fuck" - Patton Oswalt
A scene of Sam and Diane getting married was shot in front of a live studio audience. The producers where hopping the news would leak so people would be surprised when they didn't get married.

People taking bets on whether or not they get married always cracks me up.
I've got good news and I've got bad news. The bad news is I've lost my way. The good news is I'm way ahead of schedule!

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