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Chris Morris' 'The Day Shall Come' brought to you by Me
I only became aware of this film's existence thanks to youtube's bubbling swamp churning up this video!

The film is a satire of FBI entrapment capers where a small Miami Black Identity movement becomes elevated and inspired into real plots via infiltration and money from the feds.

Sounds kind of cool in a dark sort of way, like 4 Lions.  Apparently some people have seen it, but it's out this week in more places.
I was really looking forward to this since I found out about it at the beginning of the year but the reviews have been a bit discouraging.
the empire never ended
Yeah, the early notices and publicity haven't been much. But Four Lions got kind of the same treatment, so I dunno. He says himself that it's more satirical than comedic. Maybe that's the problem.
The trailer makes it look like it owes a lot to Veep.  The FBI parts at least.

I think this movie may be suffering from a case of unfortunate timing. Four Lions arrived at around the right time, but war on terror stuff isn't really what everyone's talking about at this moment. I guess that's the problem with trying to make movies when you're a satirist, they take so long to get off the ground that by the time you get one finished and released there's a risk everyone's attention's moved on to something else.

I do kind of wish Morris would get back involved in TV more. He used to be so prolific, but his output over the last decade only really consists of two movies.
This is now available on Hulu.

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