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WATCHMEN 80s Casting Draft (Sponsored by The B Action Movie Thread): Discussion
(01-12-2020, 02:42 AM)huntertarantino Wrote: Pither, you stole Dafoe from me, but I gotta admit, it's my utmost pleasure to lose to you. Being able to organize this draft and produce something that formidable is a feat in of itself. Props.

(Absolutely not meant as a jab by the way. You had the lineup I wish I could trade all of mine for.)

Thanks! And you still came up with an excellent Rorschach in spite of my thievery. When I was re-reading the comic to prep for this draft, I kept finding myself imagining Rorschach sounding like Combs as the Question.
Congrats on the win, Pither! Good work! Fun draft.
Good job with running this and congrats on the win, even if it IS bad form to run it AND win it.

(just kidding)

This was a fun one. Well played by everyone!
Congrats, Pither. Thanks for running this.
I had so much fun. Thank you, Pither.
"PREDATOR 2 feels like it was penned by convicts as part of a correctional facility's creative writing program, and that's what I love about it." - Moltisanti
Thanks, everyone!

This was the most fun I've had running one of these since CASABLANCA. Folks really brought their A games to this.
Yes, best draft of 2019, for sure.
Brigadier Cousins on PSN
Great fun and great work from everyone.
"I'd rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on Earth."--Steve McQueen
Great draft all-around. Congratulations on the win Pither!
"I'm not a smart man" -F. Gump
Great job running this Pither and congrats on the win! Best draft I've participated in a while.
Congrats Pither!
Mangy Wrote:TCM 2 is like sentient cocaine.
Nicely done Pither!
Well played, Pither.

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