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WATCHMEN Draft: Round One - Bailey vs. Hifidog
(12-17-2019, 12:29 PM)bailey Wrote: Watchmen
Directed by Stanley Kubrick

Burt Reynolds- The Comedian
[Image: Malone.png]

Jeff Bridges- Ozymandias
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTeCtSE4HHFaL9-vnRHL-L...abcNRfVg&s]

Viggo Mortensen- Dr. Manhattan
[Image: prison_390.jpg?1542764364]

Mark Hamill- Nite Owl II
[Image: scruffymark.jpg]

Susan Sarandon- Silk Spectre I
[Image: susansurandon.jpg]

Linda Fiorentino- Silk Spectre II
[Image: 23794b2095aa5766ea1c73a3bf0f9952.jpg]

Jason Robards- Nite Owl I
[Image: 7037-2.jpg]

Bruce Dern- Rorschach
[Image: Burbs_Bruce2.jpg]

Leonard Nimoy- Moloch
Billy Barty- Big Figure


[Image: attachment.php?aid=4259]   
Comedian - Reynolds V Berenger: I like Berenger and all, but Reynolds and his mustache totally rule as The Comedian. I'm sure everyone was at least considering him. BAILEY

Veidt - Bridges V Sting: Not wild about either, TBH. Bridges is a very good actor, but I rarely see him effectively playing high status. Sting has the vibe and the look, but I just don't think he's that good an actor. DRAW

Manhattan - Viggo V Goldblum: Two odd actors, with eccentricities that complement the otherworldliness of Manhattan. I think Goldblum is the more intriguing. HIFIDOG

Dan - Hamill V Hanks: I like Hamill, but at this point in their careers, I just trust Hanks to deliver this character a lot more. HIFIDOG

Sally - Sarandon V Taylor: This young/old Sally thing is tough to parse. The role is like half old, half young, except who knows how that gets parceled out in a single 80s film. Of the two, I guess I prefer Taylor, that's a funny choice. But if Berenger is playing young Comedian against Elizabeth McGovern, is he still playing old Comedian? I don't know! Sarandon and Reynolds would play the material quite well I imagine. so, BAILEY

Laurie - Fiorentino V Pfeiffer: Of the two, I think Pfeiffer fits the character better, though that is based on what I saw her do in the 90s. If I'm casting this in 89, Fiorentino easily has the more impressive range. But Pfeiffer! HIFIDOG

Hollis - Robards V Stewart: I tend to agree that Stewart's age would have made this tough, while Robards was at his most active around this time. BAILEY

Rorschach - Dern V Williams: Of the two, I'd say Dern is the one that makes the most sense. That voice, the violence. Williams can certainly play crazy, but he's much more cherubic, I-believe-in-fairies-and-do-funny-voices crazy than he is Fuck-the-Government, I'll-break-your-fucking-arm crazy. BAILEY

Moloch - Nimoy V Lloyd: Both great. I think Nimoy gets the slightest edge. BAILEY

Win to Bailey
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