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WATCHMEN Draft: Round One - Judas Booth vs. Fat Elvis
(12-16-2019, 12:27 PM)Judas Booth Wrote:
Scott Free/Jerry Bruckheimer Present a Ridley Scott Film


Edward Blake/The Comedian: Michael Douglas
[Image: 2215-2.jpg]

Jon Osterman/Dr. Manhattan: Arnold Schwarzenegger
[Image: ebd92daf56fd1b6ea24e744a08055b5a.jpg]

Dan Dreiberg/Nite Owl II: Keith Carradine
[Image: The-Moderns-1988-2.jpg]

Laurie Juspeczyk/Silk Spectre II: Rosanna Arquette
[Image: 31073184_1300x1733.jpg]

Walter Kovacs/Rorschach: David Patrick Kelly
[Image: latest?cb=20190825101814]

Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias: Rutger Hauer
[Image: 0*-xYwqeQIUP5FJubR.jpg]

Hollis Mason/Nite Owl I: Paul Newman
[Image: mi2mravgxi2b6i3fzp2f.jpg]

Sally Jupiter/ Silk Spectre I: Kathleen Turner
[Image: Kathleen-kathleen-turner-7014462-423-319.jpg]

Edward Jacobi/Moloch: Peter Cushing
[Image: eba866322636f76d8c9623ffadf6570f.jpg]

Big Figure: David Rappaport
[Image: MV5BMTAyYmYyOGEtYjljZi00YjJkLWJhODEtMDU1...@._V1_.jpg]

Doomed Sailor in the Black Freighter story: Sean Connery

(12-20-2019, 12:03 PM)Fat Elvis Wrote: Fat Elvis Presents... Watchmen A Brian De Palma Film

1. Nicholas Cage as The Comedian (Edward Blake)

[Image: giphy.gif]

2. Wings Hauser as  Rorschach

[Image: vice-squad-blu-ray-review-scream-factory...30x300.jpg]

3. Diane Lane as Laurel Jane "Laurie" Juspeczyk (Silk Spectre)

[Image: 9c4c8ea28b1abb0bbc35328f25225549.jpg]

4. John Ritter as Nite Owl II (Daniel Dreiberg)

[Image: they%2Ball%2Blaughed.png]

5. John Travolta as

Doctor Manhattan

[Image: b8714584ccd1628d847495d53c95e439--saturd...-alive.jpg]

(12-20-2019, 01:10 PM)Fat Elvis Wrote: 6. Val Kilmer as Ozymandias (Adrian Veidt)

[Image: hkzvDA-TMvccnibVU_SVfmqUK0DbnKjCXwjkxDx4...1ce61e5ffa]

[Image: AvO5.gif]

7. Fred Ward as Hollis Mason/ Nite Owl

[Image: tumblr_os4pho00Lq1un7uhro3_500.gifv] 

8. Tuesday Weld as Sally Jupiter / Silk Spectre

[Image: vxf02n4sfdsmxv0d.jpg?skj2io4l][Image: Tuesday-Weld-on-the-set-o-012.jpg?width=...bf16cb2eff] 

(12-20-2019, 03:57 PM)Fat Elvis Wrote: 9. Tim Curry as Moloch The Mystic

[Image: 2005-Spamalot-Tim-Curry-bw-sm.jpg]

10. Betsy Russell as Ursula Zandt / The Silhouette:

[Image: 418deff852f44d06eab2e252da82fa54.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_lnq44aYEhd1qh3re4o1_400.gifv]


Philip Baker Hall as Nixon

[Image: secret-honour-philip-baker-hall-1108x0-c-default.jpg]
Nicholas Cage?

Voting for Judas.

Comedian: Douglas V Cage: I don't like Douglas for this role, and I love Cage for it. ELVIS

Manhattan: Schwarzenegger V Travolta: I don't totally agree with either, but I'd much rather see Schwarzenegger's take. He's always an engaging presence, and 89 Travolta is not exactly killing it. JUDAS

Dreiberg Carradine V Ritter: I think Carradine is a safer choice, but I can imagine the Ritter casting working really well. It's the more interesting choice, at least. ELVIS

Laurie: Arquette V Lane: Diane Lane is hard to beat. She might be a little young, but I'm leaning her way over Arquette, for reasons I can't quite pin down. ELVIS

Rorschach: Kelly V Hauser: David Patrick Kelly was one I considered, and I like him for it much more than Hauser. I know Rorschach is unpleasant, but I'd say he works less well if he's reppellent JUDAS

Veidt Hauer V Kilmer: Kilmer's OK, but Hauer is a natural fit for this JUDAS

Hollis Newman V Ward: I think Fred Ward's overall vibe is great, and I'm not sure I'd cast a such a giant like Paul Newman in the role, but Ward is a little too young - he could easily play someone from the newer generation of heroes - and there's no denying Newman would crush the role. JUDAS

Sally: Turner V Weld: The relative ages of Sally and the Comedian (and Hollis, I guess) were an issue here, and I would't say anyone really made sense of it all (all drafts including mine). But either way, Weld is a spot on choice ELVIS

Moloch Cushing V Curry: Curry now would be an amazing Moloch. Curry in 89 was still pretty much sexy young Curry. Cushing was my backup Moloch, and he's a natural choice. JUDAS

Tight race. In the end, the point say Judas.
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