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CLARICE (Silence of the Lambs), CBS/Kurtzman
Who needs Hannibal season 4, right?  Big Grin

Said to take place in 1993, a year after Lambs. Serial killer of the week/ SVU cases. Will her lameass new partner be the believer, or the skeptic? Find out in 2021, only on CBS. Brought to you by Alex Kurtzman.

"PREDATOR 2 feels like it was penned by convicts as part of a correctional facility's creative writing program, and that's what I love about it." - Moltisanti
Yeah, no. Like HELL to the mutherfickin' no.
Giving money to the studio that keeps enabling Adam Sandler is morally equivalent to Satanic kitten rape orgies. - Hypnotoad
And people say the networks have run out of ideas.
Staring LL Cool J as Barney Matthews
If this show had a chance of working CBS would be the last place you’d go
AIt's just tits and dragons. - Ian McShane on Game of Thones
This idea was long past it's due date even before HANNIBAL was around. Then compounding the mistake by putting it on CBS proper.
Originally Posted by ImmortanNick 

Saw Batman v Superman.
Now I know what it's like to see Nickelback in concert.

That's my review.
I scoffed at the idea of a Hannibal show, back in the day.

But I’m still scoffing at this. They’ll blow it.
Brigadier Cousins on PSN
Mads will always be Hannibal for me.

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