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Jack Reacher (Amazon)
They're starting from the beginning, meaning that Killing Floor will be the first season.
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He's a little young (34), but Tom Hopper, late of Black Sails, Game of Thrones, and Umbrella Academy, has the height and the bulk. He's six-five, over 225 pounds, and is built, as they say, like a brick shithouse.
home taping is killing music
I like Killing Floor. It should be a badass season of TV.
Killing Floor is the only one of these that I've read. The switch from first to third person in book two, I think, really irritated me. I liked that the entire KILLING FLOOR novel is in Reacher's head.
home taping is killing music
Just cast Dolph Lundgren.
Can anyone think of an actor with hands the size of a supermarket chicken?
Ray Stephenson. Perfect.
Reacher's not in his 60s or Swedish so Lundgren is a ridiculous suggestion, as much as I like the big lug.

Stephenson would be a solid choice but is 55, too old.

Kevin Durand is 6' 4" and 46. Great presence, and built like a brick shithouse. As is Liev Schrieber.
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Fuck it, cast Michael Shannon. Film him low and give him hand to hand training so he can do his own stunts.
Except by the latest book, Reacher has to be in his mid-50’s at least. So they can’t cast a young pup either. Guy has to be late 30’s/early to mid 40’s.

Glad they are starting with book 1. Curious to see if the series lasts long enough to bring in Neagley. Love that character.
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Bad Luck and Trouble is one of my favorites. I hope this gets the ratings and goes for a while. But yeah, Killing Floor should be a great start. If they do get to One Shot, there is a ton in the book they left out of the movie, and Never Go Back is very much different than the book.

And throughout the books, some of them are set in Reacher's past, so they can go younger if they need to for a season.
I would skip “One Shot” the movie left some stuff out but nothing too crucial.

But totally re-do “Never Go Back”.
"Every romantic comedy should just be called "Tryin' to Fuck" - Patton Oswalt
Never Go Back felt like Cruise's first DTV movie.
It was weird--it's not like it was a terrible movie, but if you'd read the book it was kind of like " not the book."

The funniest thing to me they didn't do in the two movies was that Reacher didn't fuck anyone, as opposed to the books where he's having sex with everybody. I also wonder how "Running Blind" (aka The Visitor) will "play" as a series if they get that far, considering the main plot point is sort of stretching the bounds of believability. Not that Reacher himself doesn't do that all the time in the books.
Is that the one where Reacher stops a bullet with his pecs?
"I don't do tag-teams with blood relatives". Kenny Powers.
(01-16-2020, 12:11 AM)Felix Wrote: Never Go Back felt like Cruise's first DTV movie.

JR: NGB is arguably the worst movie of Cruise's career.  Just awful on every level.
No one thinks The Enemy is a good place to start? Its book 8, but its a prequel of him still an MP/investigator in the military, and plays out the reasons he left the service. I think it would be an excellent start.
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Originally Posted by JacknifeJohnny: 
Glad that you guys worked that out amongst yourselves.


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