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Masterpiece G1 Transformers
Oh right, Sharkticon works too. And it fits the G1 theme better, silly me.

The Titans Return Sharkticon Gnaw figure is pretty good. They recently redid the figure as part of the Earthrse - Quintesson Pit of Judgement pack. Guilty or innocent?
Git' in under mah belly!

I’ll wait for the OSKO.
If I could change to liquid, I'd fill the cracks and bend the rocks.
I had a couple of chances to get MP Arcee this Saturday at my local toyshop's first swap meet of the year. I ultimately decided not to because her proportions are off and I just can't get with it, specifically her chestial region. Saggy robo granny tiddy. And at 140+ dollars for such a small figure, no thanks.

I chose to get the mainline Earthrise Arcee instead. It still looks like the character well enough, is better chestially proportioned, and was only 20 bucks.

Yeah that Robosen Optimus looks pretty sweet, but hooooooooo boy 700 dollars. That's even more than HasLab Unicron, and that was already irresponsibly expensive at $575.
Git' in under mah belly!

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