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Heat Casting Draft Final Round: Molt v. Atom

Denzel Washington as Neil

Chris Pine as Chris

Michael Shannon as Michael Cherrito

Barry Pepper as Breedan

Noel Gugliemi as Trejo

Billy Bob Thornton as Nate

Samuel L. Jackson as Vincent

Gil Birmingham as Det. Casals

Bokeem Woodbine as Sgt. Drucker

Thomas Haden Church as Det. Bosko

Blake Lively as Charlene

Naomie Harris as Eady

Halle Berry as Justine

Ben Stiller as Roger Van Zant

Keith Williams Richards as Waingro


Benicio del Toro as Vincent Hanna

Josh Brolin as Neil McCauley

Tom Hardy as Chris Shiherlis

Jeff Bridges as Nate

Dave Bautista as Michael Cheritto

Jennifer Connelly as Justine Hanna

Katherine Waterston as Eady

Trevante Rhodes as Donald Breedan

Mackenzie Davis as Charlene Shiherlis

Derek Luke as Sgt. Ducker

Zahn McClarnon as Det. Casals

Thomas Jane as Det. Bosko

Danny Trejo as Himself

Richard Brake as Waingro

Dane DeHaan as Roger Van Zant
Washington V Jackson is just kinda undeniable.
Brigadier Cousins on PSN
Let it be known, Moltisanti is the gun at a knife fight when it comes to modernizing Mann.

Atom, you’ve been a pro this draft.
"PREDATOR 2 feels like it was penned by convicts as part of a correctional facility's creative writing program, and that's what I love about it." - Moltisanti
I will happily lose to Molt!

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