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The Half of It
This won at Tribeca and, I have to say, Alice Wu's film certainly belongs in the upper echelon of modern teen dramedies.

It has a lot of the common tropes but still manages to subvert those a bit while giving us unique and well-developed characters in a unique and well-developed love triangle. It is funny and moving and has a beautifully gentle spirit. I wish it had leaned a bit harder into its more unconventional and naturalistic sides as there are times where it comes off a tad generic or forced, but all in all it is a refreshing and effective movie with good performances and plenty of lovely moments.

It is an ode to love but more than that, an ode to friendship and the ways that certain bonds can greatly deepen both our sense of self and our empathy for others.
the empire never ended
It's such a sausage fest.
It's very ok. I'm not sure what it subverts at all, as it all seemed pretty by the numbers indie teen drama. I wouldn't say it's bad, because I didn't dislike it, but it's kind of dour for a teen take on Cyrano de Bergerac. When this was over I was reminded of Kevin Smith talking about Chasing Amy as a fantasy film...this is that too, it's just not really having as much fun with it.

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