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The return of Ambler: New Youtube Channel
(05-20-2020, 07:19 PM)ambler Wrote: Why your love of THE TERMINATOR may not be as innocent as you think.

I make no secret of the fact that I'm a Skynet apologist.
Seeing The Blair Witch Project in the summer of 1999 was one of the most terrifying theatrical experiences I've ever had. And I wasn't entirely sure it was fake. Let's revisit that time period and examine the blurred line between reality and fiction.

In 1916 a U.S. court ruling, following the example of company law in Britain, effectively made it illegal for a corporation to be motivated by anything but the maximization of profit.  Corporate social-responsibility, therefore, became illegal. 
Scariest film experience I've ever had. Really thought I was going to have a heart attack in the theatre.
There are weapons in my hands, my hands are weapons.

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