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BUDDY COP Draft (Character Version) - Lists

Cop #1: Tequila (from HARD BOILED)
[Image: 250px-TequilaYuen.jpg]

Cop #2: Nick Conklin (from BLACK RAIN)
[Image: 2215-2.jpg]

Main Villain: Hans Gruber (from DIE HARD)
[Image: 6a00d8345295c269e201b7c88dd16c970b-600wi]

Secondary Villain: Thomas Griffin/Juntao (from RUSH HOUR)
[Image: latest?cb=20141007143845]

Main Henchman: Pik van Cleef (from HARD TARGET)
[Image: vosloostareofdeath.jpg]

Second Henchman (Computer Hacker): Boris Grishenko (from GOLDENEYE)
[Image: BuZUB8NIUAE3GwB.jpg]

'Good Guy' who is revealed to be a Villain: Nick Curran (from BASIC INSTINCT)
[Image: michael-douglas-as-det-nick-curran-in-basic.jpg]

'Villain' who is revealed to be a Good Guy: MayDay (from A VIEW TO A KILL)
[Image: mayday.jpg]

The Cop Who's There to Die: Richard Chance (from TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A.)
[Image: livediela1.jpg]

Boss of the Cops: Captain Murphy (from the LETHAL WEAPON films)
[Image: 9040-11054.jpg]

Bonus Henchmen:

Tequila's main adversary is Juntao (although he doesn't know his true identity).  In the opening scene, Tequila tries to take down Juntao (and his group, Asian Dawn) and gets his partner killed.
In the meantime, in New York, Conklin and his partner Chance take down Grishenko, a computer hacker for hire.  Through backchannels, arranged by Conklins twin brother Curran out in L.A., Grishenko gets sent to Hong Kong.  Conklin and Chance accompany him.
At the Hong Kong airport, Conklin loses Grishenko to Hans Gruber's men who need his hacking skills.  Conklin and Chance stick around and get paired up with Tequila who 'does speak fucking English'.
At first, Tequila resents being paired with Conklin and Chance, but the team soon discovers that there's overlap in their cases: In tracking down who took Grishenko at the airport, they uncover that Gruber is actually working with Juntao for the big Nakatomi Tower job.
In an action sequence, Chance gets killed (face blown off) by Van Cleef, Gruber's main henchman.  This puts Conklin into a funk, but he is brought out of said funk by Tequila.  He lost a partner in the opening scene, so he can relate.
Following various trails, they uncover the Nakatomi Tower job.  They get inside right when the building goes into lockdown.  All of the other security forces are killed, so only Tequila and Conklin remain to stop Gruber and his team.
Hijinks and action ensues.  Tequila kills Van Cleef's brother, setting Van Cleef off in a rage.  
May Day, Juntao's main henchwoman, is there to oversee the interests of Juntao.  She gets caught up in things and gets stuck up on the roof.  When Gruber orders to blow the roof, she ends up getting caught up in the explosion but not killed.  She survives, but many of her friends are killed.  Angered, she switches sides to help Conklin and Tequila.  
There's a big bomb in the basement of Nakatomi Tower that Gruber plans on setting off to totally cover their escape.  The team tries to disarm it but it can't be stopped.  Somebody has to drive it out of the building, and May Day volunteers, telling Conklin and Tequila to 'get Gruber for me.'
She drives off, laughing, and dies when the bomb goes off.
One of the workers at Nakatomi is pregnant and has a baby.  Tequila is able to deliver the baby but, immediately afterwards, gets caught up in a firefight with Van Cleef.  He takes the baby with him and carries if for the next few action sequences to protect the child.  Eventually, he's able to give the baby back to its mother.
Conklin and Tequila are able to take out Gruber, who gets dropped out of a 30th story window.
Upon leaving the Nakatomi Tower, they encounter Thomas Griffin, a British diplomat.  Both Tequila and Conklin realize that he is actually Juntao, the leader of the Asian Dawn that Gruber was talking about in an earlier scene.  Juntao is arrested but, while trying to fight, is shot and killed by Tequila.
Suddenly, Van Cleef comes out of the tower.  It looked like he was dead earlier but it was just a ruse.  Both Conklin and Tequila gun him down together.
Grishenko gets arrested and rats out Curran to everyone.
Conklin is pissed that he was set up by his brother, Curran.  As he leaves for the airport to fly to L.A. to confront his brother, he has a nice parting moment with Tequila and waves back at him as heads off into the terminal.
(title and premise to be revealed at a later date)

Cop #1 - Porter (Payback, 1999)
[Image: s-l300.jpg]

Cop #2 - Charly Baltimore (The Long Kiss Goodnight, 1996)
[Image: d7812097138fb3ae7cf8e3dce311bc40.jpg]

The Villain - Frank White (King of New York, 1990)
[Image: tumblr_orx9m2udrA1qmob6ro1_400.gifv]

The Cop's (Not) Crazy Sister - Holly McClane (Die Hard, 1988)
[Image: 340?cb=20131227194759]

The Stupid Chief - Hoke Moseley (Miami Blues, 1990)
[Image: view_13_Miami-Blues_large_jpg.png]

The Henchman - Molly (Charley Varrick, 1973)
[Image: image-asset.jpeg]

Secondary Villain - Odessa (Ricochet, 1991)
[Image: 98338455_10217187731388960_8990829575302...e=5EEBB8C4]

Cop 1's Boss, His Sister's Old Friend Who Turns Out to Upend His Fucking Life aka The Good Guy Who is Revealed to be Not Good at All - Howard Ratner (Uncut Gems, 2019)
[Image: 8996880.jpg]

Henchwoman #2, Pulling Criminal Shit the Hero is Suspicious About - Karen Hill (Goodfellas, 1990)
[Image: Screen+shot+2011-06-13+at+3.13.05+PM.png]

The Snitch - Todd Parker (Boogie Nights, 1997)
[Image: toddparker_400x400.gif]
"PREDATOR 2 feels like it was penned by convicts as part of a correctional facility's creative writing program, and that's what I love about it." - Moltisanti

The Backdrop:
Toontown is now home to not only the Toons, but to their computer animated counterparts, nicknamed Ceegees.  At first welcomed with open arms, there's been growing resentment as the Ceegees take more and more roles away from the Toons.

Cop #1 - Officer Judy Hopps (Zootopia)
The Toontown police officer looking to clear her great-uncle Roger of the murder of multiple Ceegees.
[Image: 1*9aSeZirg0yCdpiyHqJZBwQ.jpeg]

Cop #2 - Benoit Blanc (Knives Out)
A private investigator called in as a favor to help solve the mystery and clear Roger's name yet again
[Image: benoitblanc-800x469.jpg]

The Villain - Scar (The Lion King)
Ceegee Scar appears to be the culprit, until his own Ceegee killing weapon -- a computer virus called the D.I.P. (Derez Initiation Protocol) -- is turned against him, revealing that it was a jealous Toon Scar behind it all along.
[Image: Scar-in-The-Lion-King-Animation-and-Live...=960&h=500]

The Boss - Commissioner James Gordon (Batman: The Animated Series)
Judy's hard-nosed boss who warns her of letting her affection for Roger get in the way of solving the case.
[Image: latest?cb=20160730221327]

The Crazy Relative - Roger Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)
Judy's great-uncle, once again framed for a murder he did not commit.
[Image: roger-rabbit.jpg]

The Cop Who's There to Die - The Stained Glass Knight (Young Sherlock Holmes)
The first victim (as he was the first true CGI character).
[Image: Film-youngsh-1985-18.jpg]

The Henchman - Rattlesnake Jake (Rango)
Scar's henchman who eventually turns the D.I.P. on his boss when Scar tries to take him out to tie up loose ends, which reveals Scar's true nature.
[Image: 2b218df9e788c7f582d656e36f6882e675f047e1_hq.jpg]

The Cop Who's a Pain in the Ass - Whiskers (Last Action Hero)
A wise-cracking hard-nosed detective who doesn't see why they need some human to come in and help with the case.
[Image: 4428-10707-300x225.gif]

The Snitch - Bit (Tron)
Bit was almost made part of the code that created the D.I.P., but escaped just in time to reveal to Judy and Blanc the nature of the deadly program.
[Image: zvZvg0p.gif]

The Comic Relief - Inspector Gadget
Makes his own bungling attempts to investigate the Ceegee killings, constantly getting in Judy and Blanc's way.
[Image: 4532657169913856.jpg]

BONUS: The Defense Attorney - The Hyper-Chicken (Futurama)
Roger's defense lawyer, who suggests calling in Blanc after remembering a case they worked on together in the South.

BONUS: The Forensic Scientist - Velma Dinkley (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?)
She explains what's happened to the dead Ceegees, as well as being the first to suggest that maybe something was being inserted into the code that keeps a Ceegee rendered.
Cop 1 : Detective Samuel 'george' Fransisco

Cop 2 : Detective John McLane


Main villain : Vilos Cohagen (Total Recall)


Villain who turns out to be good guy : Snow (Lockout)


Main henchman : Clarence Boddiker (RoboCop)


The cop's boss / the chief : Lt Dekker


The snitch - carter Burke (aliens)


President of the world state federation (bonus actor) - Rutger hauer (valerian)



[Image: latest?cb=20180528042907]


[Image: Karl-Urban-Dredd.jpg]



[Image: a48269badbfbd5ca052e59c7a7efa905.jpg]


SARAH CONNOR - The Terminator Series (Love Interest #1)

[Image: 220px-Sarah_Connor_%28Linda_Hamilton%29.jpg]

SONMI-451 - Cloud Atlas (Love Interest #2)

[Image: 340?cb=20121101195714]
CAPTAIN BENJAMIN SISKO - Star Trek: Deep Space 9 (The Captain)

[Image: 1_7szsw98u-byccwy2zfn7ea.png]

CHRISJEN AVASARALA - The Expanse (The Politician Who Expects Results)

[Image: avasarala-1200x640.jpg]

THE DUKE OF NEW YORK - Escape from New York (Villain #2)

[Image: 900?cb=20120808074905]

RICHTER - Total Recall (Henchman)

[Image: 23d1fa543580b6db1423e8ec1da85389.jpg]

ADELLE DE WITT - Dollhouse (Villain Revealed to be a Good Guy)

[Image: cf12f76605fa987f69240b256e8f8cc5.jpg]

PLOT: In the future, there are two worlds: the City and the Waste. In one world, rules are enforced by the iron fists of the Judges. In the other, it's kill or be killed. Judge Dredd - the top lawman in the city - is asked by Captain Sisko to investigate a mysterious human cloning and trafficking case. He is dispatched to the Waste - apparently the source of the clones - where he meets his new partner: "Mad" Max Rockatansky, the only lawman crazy enough to try to keep order where there are no laws. Pursuing the clones (designated the Sonmis) with the aid of Max's sometime partner Sarah Connor, they unlock a sinister conspiracy involving weapons profiteer Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg and his top enforcer Richter, a strange business known as "the Dollhouse," and the mysterious warlord only known as The Duke of New York to destabilize both regions and overthrow the government...
"When the going gets tough, the tough get lethal."

[Image: Buddy-Cop-Draft-Part-1.png]
[Image: Buddy-Cop-Draft-Part-2-5.png]
[Image: Grid-Bonus.png]

Los Angeles. 1997. An Ex-CIA Agent uses his government contacts to run a criminal empire. He's just kidnapped the Senator's wife. Only two men can save her. One's a no-nonsense detective who's just about the facts. The other's a renegade cop with enemies who are out of this world. Together they're a LETHAL FORCE. In between romancing Playboy Playmates, they're trading machine gun fire with the crime lord's deadly enforcers and psychotic hitmen, outrunning helicopter explosions and interrogating Three-Breasted Hookers. And that's all before breakfast. It's time to close some fucking doors and break open some skulls with LETHAL FORCE.

Drive-In Totals:

36 Dead Bodies
11 Breasts
3 Double Crosses
1 Strip Club Shootout
Multiple Motor Vehicle Explosions
3 Motor Vehicle Crashes with Explosions
1 Helicopter Crash with Explosion
1 Impalement via Flying Flaming Helicopter Blade
1 Gratuitous Aardvarking Scene with Cop 2 and Love Interest
1 Gratuitous Topless Catfight between Love Interest and 3rd Act Surprise Villain
Kung Fu
Grenade Fu
Automatic Weapons Fu
Breast Fu
Drive-In Academy Award nomination for Dan Aykroyd, pulling double duty as both Cop 1 and Henchman # 3 under heavy prosthetic makeup and fat suit à la his performance in Nothing but Trouble.
Drive-In Academy Award nomination for the Cowgirl Stripper, reprising her role from I Come in Peace.
Drive-In Academy Award nomination for Joe Bob Briggs in the uncredited role of Strip Club Massacre Victim.
Puf Bob says check it out.

The Players

Milo (The Last Boy Scout) as Main Henchman
Joe Friday (Dragnet '87) as Cop 1
Jack Caine (I Come in Peace) as Cop 2
Joshua Foss (Sudden Death) as The Villain
Jordan Tate (Under Siege) as Cop 2's Love Interest
Captain Stills (Terror in Beverly Hills) as The Boss of the Cops
Yvette (Clue) as Senator's maid/The 'Good Guy' Who is Revealed to Be a Villain/The Mole
Colin Morris (Into the Night) as Henchman # 2
Three-Breasted Hooker (Total Recall) as The Snitch/Underworld Connection
Grocer (Grosse Pointe Blank) as Henchman # 3
Senator Mendoza (McBain) as The Politician who wants results/Secondary Villain
Kelly Van Ryan (Wild Things) as Senator's wife/Damsel in Distress/3rd Act Surprise Villain

My half-assed attempt at a plot:

Jack Caine transfers from Houston to LA to get a fresh start after all that "alien business." He's partnered with the no-nonsense Joe Friday, who's more sullen than usual after breaking up with The Virgin Connie Swail. Meanwhile, a new drug called Swank has hit the streets and is causing an epidemic (It's said to be ten times more addictive than crack). Popular Senator Mendoza vows to put an end to the crisis when his wife Kelly is suddenly kidnapped from their mansion estate.

Caine and Friday are put on the case to find her and are ordered by Captain Stills to remain in close liaison with the Senator's office. They quickly become fed up with the Senator, who demands results but refuses to offer up any possible motive for the crime. Suddenly there's a possible break in the case when a Three-Breasted prostitute named Mary reaches out to the detectives saying she might have info. As per their orders, they inform Mendoza's office and head to a strip club, where Mary also works. She tells them that Mendoza is a client of hers and that the last time she was at his estate, she recognized a maid there named Yvette, a former prostitute herself with ties to Joshua Foss, a disgraced CIA agent who's now suspected of being involved in criminal activities.

Yvette, who's really a mole working for Foss, gets wind of the strip club meeting and informs Foss, who sends his enforcers (Milo, Colin Morris and Grocer) and several goons to the location to kill the cops and any witnesses. A firefight ensues, leaving Mary, Grocer and several patrons dead (including Joe Bob Briggs). Milo and Colin manage to get away while Caine and Friday find that there was one other survivor: Jordan Tate, a Playboy Playmate who was headlining at the club. Since she's the only living witness to the crime, she decides to tag along with the boys for protection.

One gratuitous sex scene and several car chases later, our heroes learn the truth: Mendoza is in fact running a drug cartel that's behind the distribution of the drug Swank and is funneling the profits to a secret offshore account. Foss found out that Mendoza wasn't on the up and up and kidnapped his wife as leverage to get access to that account. The film's climax takes place at Foss's penthouse fortress, with Caine and Friday in a standoff with Foss, his goons and Mendoza. We then learn that seemingly innocent Kelly has been in league with Foss this entire time; The kidnapping was all a ruse to get Mendoza's money.

Another shootout ensues, with Caine and Friday killing Colin and several goons. Foss tries to escape in his personal helicopter only to be attacked by a vengeful Mendoza. As they fight, Foss loses control of the helicopter and it crashes down onto a gasoline truck, killing them both instantly. Meanwhile, Milo has winged Friday in the shoulder and reveals that he and Kelly were going to betray Foss once they got the money. Those plans are ruined now but at least he gets to kill a nosey cop as a consolation prize. Then as he's about to shoot him in the head, in what can only be described as poetic justice, the explosion sends a flaming piece of helicopter blade into the air, impaling Milo. Backup is called to apprehend Kelly, who's already been knocked out cold by Jordan after a fight that inexplicably led to both of them being topless. Caine, Friday and Jordan then drive off into the sunset onto the next adventure. FIN.
Mangy Wrote:TCM 2 is like sentient cocaine.
Keanu Reeves is Jack Traven, of Speed (Cop #1)
[Image: 54075a70fb1d8d63e78bab62a5c09fd1.jpg]
Keanu Reeves is also Johnny Utah, from Point Break (Cop #2)
[Image: Keanu1.jpg]
Into The Keanuverse

Cast of characters:
Dominic Toretto- The Fast and the Furious (The Bad Guy Who Turns Good)
[Image: intro-1555967570.jpg]
Agent Smith- The Matrix (The Villain)
[Image: Agent-Smith-replicated.jpg]
Xenia Onatopp- Goldeneye (The Henchwoman)
[Image: YCosFKQc_400x400.jpg]
Theodore Brassel- Mission: Impossible III (The Boss of the Cops)
[Image: 340?cb=20170602164510]
Teddy- Memento (The Cop Who's a Pain in the Ass)
Caesar- Bound (The Secondary Villain)
[Image: iunl6JYItEhFYjP3IfXSGKzmdRneh39z66yQoK5i...cyQzb7gPig]
Angela Bennett- The Net (Cop #1's Love Interest)
[Image: the-net-sandra-bullock-2.jpeg]
Special Agent Louise Castle- Sabotage (Cop #2's Love Interest)
[Image: sabotage-lg.jpg]
Baba Yaga- John Wick (Henchman #2)
[Image: 202918_1301040.jpg]

The movie starts off like a riff on Speed + Point Break, with Traven and Utah meeting while both trying to take down Dom Toretto and his crew (the Bodhi-figure.) There's a familiar dilemma where some trucks that Toretto jacked have bombs rigged to explode if they fall below a certain speed.  Toretto helps them save the day and make sure no civilians are killed, so they let him go. Traven and Utah, assuming they must be long lost twins, reluctantly decide to work together to find the person who put the bombs on the trucks. That's when Agent Smith shows up, and things start to get really weird.  Assassins, doppelgangers, doppelganger assassins, and a really strong feeling of deja vu start to take hold. Is this thing even real??  Will Utah and Traven discover that they must take themselves out of the equation?
Film is an alchemical medium...
Do What Thou... Willt!

Los Angeles, 1968

Cop #1: Lt. William Kinderman (The Exorcist)
57, cynical exterior hiding a sentimental streak, even if he'd never admit it 
[Image: dpiwbr6.jpg]

Cop #2: Officer William Somerset (Seven)
31, bright and idealistic rookie, looking to make a difference 
[Image: dKsflZ6.png]

The Boss: Edmund Exley (L.A. Confidential)
40, intelligent and cunning, willing to break the rules to get results
[Image: ooZQzFd.png]

The Big Bad: His Satanic Majesty (Invocation of my Demon Brother)
Immortal, Angel of the bottomless pit, the Serpent of Old, darkness incarnate 
[Image: F7StuJY.jpg]

The Henchman: Kenneth Anger (Kenneth Anger - Magier des Untergrundfilms)
41, filmmaker, occultist, invoker of the void
[Image: sr6dDiI.jpg]

The Snitch: Jack Horner (Boogie Nights)
50, small time pornographer, Kinderman's underworld contact, knows more than he's saying
[Image: tjUH8qv.jpg]

The Secondary Villain: Boris Balkan (The Ninth Gate)
30, a wealthy PHD candidate with a special interest in arcane and occult objects
[Image: fVWPRrI.jpg]

The Politician That Wants Results: Robert Thorne (The Omen)
52, influential CEO with ties that go all the way to the top
[Image: sOIIrjG.jpg]

The 'Villain' Who is Revealed to Be a Good Guy / Love Interest #1: Maila Nurmi also known as Vampira (Ed Wood)
46, former pin-up girl and television personality, suspected by many of practicing the dark arts
[Image: XedIk13.png]

The Big Cameo / The Victim: Adam West as Ty Lookwell (Lookwell)
40, slumming actor currently shooting a Satantic themed "roughie", found dead in an Occult bookshop 
[Image: fHhCm51.png]

Adam West as Ty Lookwell is found dead in an occult book store run by Walter Paisley. What would be a routine homicide investigation is upended when pressure is put on the LAPD by CEO Robert Thorne, who has very high connections, to close the case. Eager to appease the powers that be, police chief Edmund Exley assigns veteran homicide detective William Kinderman and fresh faced rookie William Somerset (The Two Wills) to the case, with explicit instructions not to ruffle two many feathers and to tie it up neatly.

The Two Wills discover Lookwell, his career far below stalling, had been shooting a sexplotation with a Satantic bent directed by fledgling porno kingpin Jack Horner, someone who Kinderman has had a long history with since his days on vice squad. Horner reveals the film has been funded by a trust fund kid at UCLA with an interest in "freaky stuff" by the name of Boris Balkan. Balkan, shacked up with retired horror hostess Vampira aka Maila Nurmi, politely accommodates The Two Wills, perhaps too politely. Sure, he was an interest in the arcane and occult, but everyone has a hobby. Nurmi reveals to our heroes just how much Balkan is hiding. Together with Kenneth Anger and other disciples of Aleister Crowley, they have worked to imbue a film with an alchemical balance that will summon the lord of darkness himself, His Satanic Majesty.

The Two Wills eventually locate a private residence off the San Francisco coast owned by Anger where they believe they will begin the process of summing Satan. Our heroes burst in only to find Robert Thorne presiding over a black mass with Balkan, Nurmi and Anger in attendance. The film, dripped in the blood of Ty Lookwell, his murder revealed to be part of the ceremony, shutters and flicks as the gates of hell are opened. Nurmi performances a ritual to reserve the effects of the film, killing herself in the process. In the chaos Balkan and Thorne escape, Anger revealed to be an unwitting pawn in their game.

Kinderman demands Exley bring in Thorne and Balkan, only to be warned not to pursue this further and pin the case on some hippies. Somerset, jaded by the blatant corruption on display, but knowing he can do more good in the department than out of it, accepts his promotion with the promise of silence, Kinderman, disgusted, relocates to Georgetown, Washington DC, and Robert Thorne leaves for Rome to join his pregnant wife...

A series of brutal murders has the city on edge and Robocop on the case. The clues will take him from the urban warzone of old Detroit to the peace and tranquility of San Angeles, headquarters of the OCP News Channel. But what Robo didn’t bargain for was his new partner. John Spartan, an old-fashioned cop from a less civilized era. Despite a rocky foundation the two lawmen soon find they’re not all that different. Together they’ll take on underworld marauders, an unstoppable shapeshifting assassin and a crazed media empire hellbent on tearing the nation apart. Justice is getting an upgrade.

Robocop and John Spartan are...


Robocop (Cop #1)

[Image: allcop_9397.jpg]

John Spartan (COP #2)

[Image: Demeo.jpg?resize=450%2C300&ssl=1]

Commissioner Hauk (The Boss)

[Image: efny_hauk.jpg]

The T-1000 (Villain)

[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=10344359]

Damon Killian (Secondary Villain, and host of the OCP News Channel's top-rated series The Killian Factor)

[Image: 340?cb=20140807211420]

SWAT Officer Jenette Vasquez (The Cop Who's a Pain in the Ass)

[Image: kty51gL.gif?noredirect]

Al Dillon (CIA Contact)

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

Detective Cliff Willis (The Good Cop who is Revealed to be a Villain)

[Image: tumblr_p5g6ghIbuH1x6m6njo1_1280.jpg]

ABC Warrior (The Main Henchbot)

[Image: e395be0138afccb9c277d7f9d9c3825bf47c9a8f.gifv]

Lori Richter (Henchman #2 and host of The Richter Angle)

[Image: 9uxbbb.jpg]

Bonus Cast:

Detective Jerry Lambert (Cop who's there to be funny, but will also die)


Max Walker (Cop #3, Post credits scene)

Ratty's Buddy Cop Draft:  THE WORMHOLE BEAT

Cop #1 - Det Sgt Tim "Freebie" Walker - FREEBIE & THE BEAN


Cop #2 - Lt Lenina Huxley - DEMOLITION MAN


Boss - Det Lt Marty Castillo - MIAMI VICE


Villain/Politician - Senator Aaron McComb - TIMECOP


Secondary Villain -- Al Capone - THE UNTOUCHABLES


Main Henchman -- The Dane -- MILLER'S CROSSING


Cop who's a pain in the ass -- Inspector Javert - LES MISERABLES


U.S. Secret Service Liaison - James West - WILD WILD WEST


Big Name Cameo - Malcolm McDowell as H.G. Wells - TIME AFTER TIME


Love Interest for Huxley -- Linc Hayes - THE MOD SQUAD



The Snitch - Mumbles - DICK TRACY

Head of Police's Youth Outreach Program - Logan 5 - LOGAN'S RUN

It’s 2004, ten years after the 1994 Wormhole Incursion.  The government has regulated the use of wormholes and the legalization of “chrono-grants”, i.e. people who immigrate from one time period to another to settle.  However, when local law enforcement cannot handle the workload, they call in The Wormhole Beat!
1975 chronogrant, Det. Freebie Walker (James Caan), is a misanthropic, foul-mouth cop who hates working the “wormy” cases, but he’s the best at it!  His new partner is 2032 chronogrant, Det. Lenina Huxley (Sandra Bullock), a highly decorated officer from a time when crime was rare.  He’s hugely offensive, and she’s hugely offended!  Watch the sparks fly!
Why are 1930s gangsters like Al Capone (Robert Deniro) and The Dane (J.E. Freeman) loose on the streets murdering respected politicians?  Why is the seemingly benevolent Senator Aaron McComb (Ron Silver) buying up illegal wormhole “locks” and consulting such imminent scholars as H.G. Wells?
Under the direction of 1984 chronogrant Det Lt Marty Castillo (Edward James Olmos), Freebie and Huxley must get to the bottom of this new crime wave before the future (and past) of the entire country is in danger!
"Lets pour some sugar on Dallas!!  Seriose inquarys only!"
Midnight Mars Run

The picture takes place in the setting of The Expanse, a few years before the events of that series begin.  I'm imagining a darkly comic action flick set in the future, but with no outlandish fantasy elements.  

Act I
On Ceres, Detective Joe Miller loses his partner on a raid against the crew of a space-meth operation.  They capture Jonathan Mardukas, the accountant for the operation that had been visiting from the Martian home base of the drug kingpin, Gus Fring.  Mardukas is scheduled for extradition back to Mars for trial, where he intends to testify against Fring for a reduced sentence.  Miller's boss, Bryant, assigns him a brand new contracted partner, a funny looking guy named Showalter, and tells them to guard Mardukas on the trip.  Bryant is worried that Fring will try to kill Mardukas while in transit, to prevent him from testifying.  Of course, Bryant has sold out to Fring and planted Showalter on the mission to kill Mardukas.  

MBI Special Agent Olivia Dunham is assigned to go to Ceres and transport Mardukas back to Mars. (Apparently there are no Martian Marshalls.)  She hears the end of a phone conversation where her boss Gerard, who used to work for the Mars Intelligence Agency, is arranging for an old associate (The Operative) to do some kind of job.  The details are ambiguous, but she is concerned that she is being set up to fail, since Gerard generally seems sort of shady.  

Dunham's transportation is The Raven, a small personnel transport piloted by a hotshot Special Agent named Billy.  The functions of the ship are managed by an AI designed after Edgar Allen Poe.  Billy cracks jokes and brags for the entire trip to Ceres, while Poe does his jobs with good-natured aplomb.

Dunham meets Miller and finds him to be sketchy and unprofessional (there are rumors that he's on the take).  Miller thinks Dunham is a humorless hard-ass.  They don't get along.  The night before they're scheduled to leave Ceres, Mardukas tricks Miller and almost escapes custody; Dunham tackles him and locks him back up. Her opinion of Miller is not improved.

Act II      

Our crew heads back to Mars on The Raven, where much male bonding occurs.  Dunham isolates herself away from the grab-assing, while Showalter and Mardukas in particular, hit it off.  (They are both prostitution enthusiasts.)  Mardukas keeps trying to convince anyone who will listen that he can pay handsomely if they will let him go, with little result.  

Quotable Quotes:

Mardukas (to Miller): Why are you so unpopular at the Ceres Police Department? 

Showalter: You don't look like a criminal.
Mardukas: I'm a white collar criminal.

Showalter: Just keep it still over there, Jonathan, or we're going to have to, you know, shoot you.

When everyone is asleep, Showalter installs mal-ware into Poe, reprogramming him to turn off the radar and flush all the air out of the ship.  As our heroes pass out from oxygen deprivation, The Operative arrives in his ship, docks with The Raven, and comes aboard.  The Operative and Showalter, who are in space-suits, step into the air lock together and leave our heroes to die.    


The Operative lets Showalter step into the airlock of his ship, then closes the Raven's airlock door and uses a remote control to separate the two ships.  Showalter is blown into space and floats away, begging for his life.  Who knows, maybe he'll be rescued by a passing ship.  The Operative has no parting words.

Our heroes wake up with splitting headaches.  Poe is effectively dead, and The Operative is gone (they never even saw him).  They have no idea what happened, but they know Showalter is gone.  They arrive on Mars without further mishap.

Quotable Quotes:

Mardukas (to Dunham): You have two emotions, silence and frustrated silence.

Miller and Dunham, who are finally beginning to respect each other and get along, put Mardukas in a holding cell.  Moon and a team of thugs assault the place, and though their attack is unsuccessful, Miller and Dunham realize that Mardukas won't be safe until they take Fring down.  The climactic fight takes place once they track Fring to a warehouse.  There is a lengthy scene on a cargo tram traveling in a tube that runs along the barren Martian surface that cuts back and forth between Moon working Miller over in a fistfight while Dunham tries to get to Fring.  In the end, Miller, beaten to within an inch of his life, outsmarts Moon and tosses him off the tram to bounce off the wall of the tunnel and fall under the wheels of the vehicle.  The tram derails and smashes a hole in the wall of the tunnel.  Dunham recovers from the accident first, and tries to arrest Fring.  When he resists, she kicks him out the hole in the tube to die on the unforgiving Martian surface.  Fring's oily henchman Wynn Duffy survives somehow and is available for a potential sequel.  

The cast:

Cop #1 - Josephus Miller (The Expanse)               Cop #2 - Olivia Dunham (Fringe)


The Snitch - Jonathan Mardukas (Midnight Run)               Dunham’s Boss: Samuel Gerard (The Fugitive)


Villain - Gus Fring (Breaking Bad)                         Main Henchman - Moon (Double Impact)


The Villain who is revealed to be a Good Guy: The Operative (Serenity)        The cop who’s there to die: Poe (Altered Carbon)


The Good Guy who is revealed to be a Villain: Bryant (Blade Runner)     Henchman #2 - Carl Showalter (Fargo)



The Cop Who's There for Comic Relief - Billy (Air America)           Henchman #3 - Wynn Duffy (Justified)

A NETFLIX Original Mini-Series Event

2020.  In a desperate & idiotic bid to troll the American people, Donald Trump orders the administrator of the EPA to force the Detroit automakers to completely scrap all of their clean and renewable vehicle projects.  Facing pushback from the Big 3, EPA Administrator Judith Kuttner hires master of disguise and assassin, Mr. Jigsaw to liquidate those standing in her way.    

Renegade Brooklyn Detective Michael Hitchcock has been chomping at the bit for his chance to bring down the devious Mr. Jigsaw…and to try an authentic Detroit Coney Dog.  And now, he’ll have his chance to do both! 

While attempting to take down a local criminal enterprise, Detective Axel Foley is suddenly pulled off of the case and reassigned to a multi-jurisdictional International Taskforce.  The target: Mr. Jigsaw. 

Everything comes to a head on Earth day when the Big 3 are set to unveil their plans for a cleaner tomorrow with climate protection activist Greta Thunberg.  Unbeknownst to the heroes, Thunberg is also a target of the maniacal assassin.  Will they be able to save Greta Thunberg?  Can they bring down a devious conspiracy deep in the heart of the Trump administration?    Find out this summer…only on NETFLIX.

[Image: eddie-murphy-beverly-hills-cop.jpg?w=1000]
Eddie Murphey as Det. Axel Foley - Cop 1
[Image: 190429_3947747_Cold_Open__Keep_Hitchcock...Free__.jpg]
Dirk Blocker as Det. Michael Hitchcock - Cop 2
[Image: herbert-lom-pink-panther1.jpg]
Herbert Lom as Chief Inspector Robert Dreyfus - Boss of the Cops
[Image: 227064_original.jpg]
Kim Basinger as Judith Kuttner - Villain
[Image: 3088110.jpg]
Tim Curry as Mr. Jigsaw - Main Henchman
[Image: salma_bodyguard-002.jpg]
Salma Hayek as Sonia Kincaid - Cop 2's Love Interest
[Image: hlmen8rbxfwyipixc3wj.jpg]
Madeleine Stowe as Maria McGuire - Cop 1's Love Interest
[Image: Dennis+Farina+Snatch.jpg]
Dennis Farina as Abraham "Cousin Avi" Denovitz - The Snitch
[Image: 50-best-movie-moustaches-38-1556697892-S...inline.jpg]
Paddy Consadine as Det. Sergeant Andy Wainwright - The Cop Who's a Pain In The Ass
[Image: 400px-ALDDS_34.jpg]
Charles S. Dutton as Sonny Rothmiller - The "Good Guy" Who is Revealed to Be a Villain
Don Cheadle as Maurice Miller - The Secondary Villain 
Greta Thunberg as herself - The Big Name Cameo
I think these screen captures and giant (Dildi? Is there a plural?) are just the next step in the JJ Abrams online adventure series. Very slyly played, Bitches Leave.-Tom Fuchs
Miami Heat

1994, LA PI Joe Hallenbeck finds himself on assignment in Miami, on the request of his estranged ex-wife, Harmony Faith Lane. Her boss, attorney David Kleinfeld, is scared, and is looking to turn states evidence on a major Miami drug kingpin. Little does Hallenbeck know that Kleinfeld is already a CI, working for Officer Terence McDonagh, of Miami PD. At the pool on top of the Miami Standard, Kleinfeld reveals an elaborate web of conspiracy to the two, revealing a partnership between infamous drug lord Tony Montana, Miami businessman Dick Jones, and the Yakuza, forging an improbable alliance to flood Miami with a highly addictive new drug, going under the street name Fuck. Hired assassins arrive, and Kleinfeld is tossed off the building, making Hallenbeck and McDonagh the only two people left alive who've got enough evidence to bring down the whole operation. Now they're on the run, and McDonagh is starting to go through withdrawls. Non stop action, non stop cursing, two car chases (including a famous one on the Venetian Causeway), a sequence in the swamp with a chase on those hydrofoil things, including gator attacks, a bit where they hide out at the apartment of McDonagh's on-again-off-again stripper girlfriend and a final shootout at, oh, let's say the Coral Castle sculpture garden.
Director: John McTiernan
Writer: Shane Black

Cop 1: Joe Hallenbeck (The Last Boy Scout)
[Image: 578476.jpg?resize=676%2C381&ssl=1]

Cop 2: Terence McDonagh (Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans)
[Image: Port-of-Call.jpg?fit=1050%2C700&ssl=1]

Villain: Tony Montana (Scarface)
[Image: 81FxHzCtjDL._AC_SL1500_.jpg]

Main Hench(wo)man: O-ren Ishii (Kill Bill Vol. 1)
[Image: sexy-villains-oren-ishii.jpg]

The Chief: Captain Conrad Howard (Bad Boys 1-3)
[Image: DttlBDVWkAAyVLF.jpg]

Secondary Villain: Dick Jones (Robocop)
[Image: latest?cb=20200510051102]

The Snitch: David Kleinfeld (Carlito's Way)
[Image: 33430-1532336922.jpg]

Henchman #2: Endo (Lethal Weapon)
[Image: 012%2BAl%2BLeong%2Bas%2BEndo.jpg]

Cop 1's Ex-Wife: Harmony Faith Lane (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)
[Image: kiss.jpg]

Cop 2's Love Intrest: Kiki Tango (Tango & Cash)
[Image: da52ddb3d471ebc65ba19a60cc110103.jpg]

Celebrity Cameo: Batman (the Nolan one)
Batman appears at a Black Tie Event, making a speech on civic outreach. Everyone loves him, especially Captain Howard, except Hallenbeck and McDonagh, who stand by the exit, smoking cigarettes and bitching about Batman. This is where they start to find common ground.
Brigadier Cousins on PSN
Los Angeles, 1950. A rookie cop on the edge. A detective at the margins. A city ready to be reborn. This is...

[Image: sCS7hdY.jpg]
a chiller-thriller

(film - Devil in a Blue Dress, 1995)
a private eye at the margins (cop #2)

(film - L.A. Confidential, 1997)
a cop on the edge (cop #1)

(film/tv - Marvel Cinematic Universe, 2011-2019)
a retired spy who just wants to enjoy the beach (boss)

(film - Kiss of Death, 1947)
a psycho with a purpose (main henchman)

(tv/film, The Stand, 1994, and The Dark Tower, 2017)
a god with a thousand forms ready to teach l.a. how to be civilized (villain)

(tv - Mad Men, 2007-2015)
a pin-up girl with a secret (love interest #1)

(film - Hidden Figures, 2016)
a mathematician at the new RAND Foundation (love interest #2)

(tv - Strange Angel, 2018-2019)
a mystic scientist dreaming of the stars (villain to good guy)

(film - The Rocketeer, 1991)
an actress who likes a good time; bud's cousin (the crazy relative)

(film - Angel Heart, 1987)
a private eye (or so he says) with an agenda (good guy to villain)


(film - Double Indemnity, 1944)
a claims adjuster who hires Rawlins (the client)

(film - Gangster Squad, 2013)
a cop who can put up with bud white (partner)

bonus picks that don't count: 
(tv - "Far Beyond The Stars," Star Trek: Deep Space 9, 1998)
an editor of a small sci-fi pulp mag (the corpse)

(film - WarGames - 1983)
a theoretician at RAND (the snitch)

(film - The Black Dahlia, 2006)
a man who knows more than he's telling (politician)

(film - A Beautiful Mind, 2001)
a couple of nerds nastier than they look (henchman #2 & #3)

It’s October 1950 in Los Angeles. Although the Black Dahlia murder lingers like a fog, the city - and its corrupt LAPD - are enjoying the last gasps of hedonism before the new Chief Parker cleans things up. But L.A. will always be a city for dreamers, and there are some who only dream of nightmares...

OFFICER WENDELL “BUD” WHITE is a young beat cop whose volcanic temper means nobody will partner with him except NAVIDAD RAMIREZ, a former military sharp-shooter. A week or so before Halloween, the two respond to a call at the offices of Wonderful Tales, a sci-fi pulp rag with few subscribers. They find editor/publisher HERBERT ROSTOFF dead, gruesomely murdered, eyes open, terrified look on his face, and holding a scrap of paper with “the wine-dark sea” underlined. 

In an altogether different part of the city, EZEKIEL “EASY” RAWLINS is a city janitor with a reputation among certain communities. He’s also having an affair with the married KATHERINE JOHNSTON, a mathematician at the newly founded RAND Corporation. One afternoon, during a shift at Ridgemont High School, claims adjuster BURTON KEYES asks Easy to help with a case of possible insurance fraud. A number of rare titles have gone missing from several rare bookstores, but Keyes doesn’t believe it. “They say you’re a man who finds what doesn’t want to be found,” he tells Rawlins. “That you don’t have a license is just a bonus.” Easy takes the case. 

While investigating the Rostoff murder, Bud and Navidad find a likely suspect, a former screenwriter named Barton Fink. Fink is completely insane, babbling about “the dark man” and “the life of the mind...everything aflame,” but the thin evidence is enough for the ambitious ELLIS LOWE, Deputy District Attorney, who orders the case closed. As Fink is being carted off, he whispers in Bud’s ear: “He walks ever closer...across the wine-dark sea.” Although Ramirez wants to let things go, there are too many things about the case that bother Bud. Encouraged by JOAN HOLLOWAY, Bud’s on again/off again flame, White pursues the case on his own. 

Rawlins, too, encounters that phrase in his investigation into those lost books, accompanied by fellow “finder of things” HARRY ANGEL. (Easy prefers to work alone, but can’t shake Angel.) At the occult bookshop The Green Man, shop owner Mr. Stanz explains that the phrase comes from Homer’s The Odyssey, and that there are “those who believe the difference in color suggests that Homer’s not our own.” Among the believers of this fringe theory was the late writer W.P. Mayhew, whose slim novel with that title - The Wine-Dark Sea - was his only work of “fantastic fiction” and was printed by a small local publisher after his death in the 1930s. Like Mayhew and Stanz, the publisher is fascinated by the overlap between science and the occult, or “the science of old.” That publisher? Herbert Rostoff.   

After some “encouragement,” Stanz points them Rostoff’s private office, where he kept “the really good stuff.” His office is in “the Mansion,” a once-glorious apartment building, now dilapidated after the FBI discovered a Nazi spy ring run by a swashbuckling hearthtrob in the 1930s. Angel and Rawlins arrive just in time to see Rostoff’s office being ransacked by three men, two of whom are bickering and a third who can’t stop giggling. These men leave the office without having found what they were looking for, Harry and Easy don’t have much luck either - save a slightly faded photo of a woman in a white dress. Rawlins and Angel argue about the next step, come to blows, and part ways. 

After a shift, Bud also encounters the three men from the Mansion: TOMMY UDO, SOL, and BENDER. Udo, the giggling psychopath, seems to take delight in “emphasizing” to White that he better drop the Rostoff case. But White is stubborn, and returns to the scene of the crime one more time...only to find Easy Rawlins already there, investigating. The two fight (of course they fight), but when Easy shows Bud the photo of the woman in the white dress, things change. The young woman is JENNY BLAKE, Bud’s cousin, who went missing in June. 

An uneasy alliance is formed. A closer inspection of Rostoff’s offices reveals that he was the publisher of several other pulp magazines - Weird Western Stories, Spine-Chiller, Quest, Private Eye, even a romance magazine. They also learn these magazines never reached above a thousand or so subscribers a piece, and all of them were funded by a company called Dissectum Viridis in Castle Rock, Maine. What’s more, all of the magazines seem to share many of the same subscribers. As Easy studies the names, he recognizes several as Katherine’s colleagues at RAND - a conclusion underlined by Bud’s discovery of a document in a hidden compartment. The document lists which subscribers work at RAND, which work at the nearby Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), who are also members of something called the Adventurer’s Club, and those who have some connection to RODERICK “RODDY” PADICK, a successful businessman/investor in the Daniel Plainview/Noah Cross mold. There is considerable overlap between the four categories. And where is Padick tonight? Holding a fundraiser for Ellis Lowe’s campaign for District Attorney...a fundraiser that just so happens to be co-sponsored by the RAND Corporation being held at the Adventurer’s Club of Los Angeles.

So of course the natural thing to do is crash it, and that’s just what Easy and Bud do, sweet-talking and two-fisting their way into the event at one of those classic, big L.A. locales that’s a little bit meeting hall, a little bit museum. Unfortunately, Harry Angel has also decided to crash the party...and Katherine Johnson is there with her husband. And that’s before Bud spots Joan Holloway with a handsome man on one arm and a beautiful woman on the other. With all this dynamite in one room, things are bound to explode, even if Easy and Bud do their best to play it close to the vest. 

The “highlight” of the evening is Roddy Padick’s speech praising Ellis Lowe, which uses coded language for Los Angeles’ corruption problem, at once racist and eerie, with its discussions of “a future of gods” and “where light and darkness meet as one.” As his speech winds down, Padick turns the microphone over to JACK PARSONS, brilliant “rocketeer” and the handsome man Bud saw as Joan’s date. Parsons praises Lowe and Padick for their joint commitment to “opening humanity’s eyes to what’s possible.” 

Rawlins and White are intrigued by Padick’s ability to hold a crowd’s attention, but before they can speak to him, Tommy Udo shows up with Sol & Bender. A brawl ensues, with Harry Angel getting a few licks on the “bad guys” (in this case, Bud’s fellow LAPD officers, working security) before disappearing. And just when it looks like Udo’s got the drop on White and Rawlins, he’s shot in the shoulder, by a mysterious woman in the upper levels. For a moment, Bud thinks it’s Jenny, before Rawlins pushes him into escaping.

The pair regroups at Rostoff’s private office. Clearly, what they’re dealing with is not what they expected. This doesn’t just go all the way to the top - it goes all the way to the top of the top. But they have no idea what it all means - how are RAND, the DA, and this Padick connected to these murders? Eventually, the two men share a drink, and then another, and then another. They swap stories about their terrible childhoods - Bud and the radiator, Easy with a dad who had to flee the Klan - and even get some jokes in. As they’re talking, Bud idly flips through an open issue of Spine-Chiller magazine...and then stops. The edge of one page is up against another open page from the magazine below it...and the line on one matches up with the line on the other, creating part of a triangle. Both magazines are from the same month and year. 

A montage ensues as the two men work late into the night, going through magazines and assembling matching lines by taping them onto the wall. One page after another, some horizontal, others vertical, still others at an angle. Every issue of the magazines published by Rostoff and funded by Dissectum Viridis seems to have the line on at least one page. Eventually, the symbol comes into view, big and bold, looming over them in the moonlight that streaks through Rostoff’s windows. 


“What is it?” Easy asks. “Dunno,” Bud shrugs. “Some kind of code? Hobo shit? A symbol for something?” 

“Actually,” a woman’s voice says behind them. “It’s called a sigil.” The two men turn to see a gorgeous British woman in their doorway - the woman Bud recognizes from the party. 

 “It symbolizes something that will make the atomic bomb look like a fireworks show, " she says. "Nothing short of the end of reality itself. The unmaking of the world." She pauses, introducing herself: 

“Peggy Carter. You boys have some work to do.”
home taping is killing music

"Got concrete rhymes, been rappin' for ten years and

Even when I'm braggin', I'm bein' sincere"

"Teenage angst has paid off well/ Now I'm bored and old"

"Drunk as hell, but no throwin' up

Half way home and my pager still blowin' up"

"I'm tired of living all alone
yeah, nobody ever calls me on the phone
But when things start getting bad
I just play my music louder"


A police officer investigating a mysterious death, in which the victim's head seems to have exploded, dies in a similar manner. The FBI takes charge of the case, assigning Special Agent Dana Scully for her expertise as a forensic pathologist. Scully finds herself partnered with the eccentric, intuitive Special Agent Dale Cooper. What they uncover involves a government-funded organization researching telepathy, and one of its former subjects, a highly dangerous man known as Darryl Revok.




DARRYL REVOK (Main Villain)
With his lethal telepathic and telekinetic abilities, Revok was able to seize control of the research program that studied him. He now uses its resources to locate those with similar abilities and recruit them to his cause of total domination.

WALTER, THE EYE (Henchman)
Capable of altering human perception, he is a valuable spy and enforcer for Revok.

DR. MARTIN BRENNER (Secondary Villain)
Formerly the head of the telepathy/telekinesis program, he is retained by Revok as a front, and believes he can still regain control.

KILGRAVE (The Snitch)
A follower of Revok, until his resentment of being under another's command became too great. He seeks to make a deal with the FBI, but is still hardly trustworthy.

After catching wind of the strange angle they are pursuing, he attempts to go behind Scully and Cooper's backs to have them taken off the case. He inadvertently reveals what he has learned (but doesn't believe) to the Eye, and is killed for his troubles.

OFFICER JACK FORREST (Cop Who's There to Die)
The officer investigating the initial murder, only to meet a grisly end himself.

NICK CAVE (Big Name Cameo)
A musician performing in a club where a meeting between Scully, Cooper, and Kilgrave takes place.
Fat Elvis Presents ... An Untitled 70's Production

Cop # 1

Inspector 'Dirty' Harry Callahan

[Image: DecimalTallBlueshark-size_restricted.gif]

Cop # 2

Lt. Frank Bullitt

[Image: 7bUy.gif]

[Image: IckyEnragedBass-small.gif] 

Secondary Villain:

Paul Kersey

[Image: ChillyUntidyBallpython-size_restricted.gif]

Villain: Angel, Leader of A Biker Gang

[Image: wsmith-big.jpg?w=853&h=480&crop=1]

[Image: chrome-and-hot-leather-3.png?w=700]

Undercover Snitch:   Gator McKlusky

[Image: white_lightning_104.ashx?modified=20181024130400]

[Image: whitelightning.jpg]

[Image: 2013-06-08-04-57-47-pm-s3m.jpg] 

The 'Villain' Who is Revealed to Be a Good Guy


[Image: VillainousOptimalFlee-small.gif]

[Image: source.gif] 

The 'Cop' Who's a Pain in the Ass = Witness In Protection (the Pesci role) -  Billy

[Image: image?]

[Image: 2077614574_e9cb68ebc2_z.jpg]

Boss: Jack Browning- The Governor of California secretly Mr. Big

[Image: 8Tt1.gif]

"Got concrete rhymes, been rappin' for ten years and

Even when I'm braggin', I'm bein' sincere"

"Teenage angst has paid off well/ Now I'm bored and old"

"Drunk as hell, but no throwin' up

Half way home and my pager still blowin' up"

"I'm tired of living all alone
yeah, nobody ever calls me on the phone
But when things start getting bad
I just play my music louder"

The Big Name Cameo/ Special Guest Star -  Shaft

[Image: tumblr_povkjuQklo1uk07ru_540.gif]

[Image: bPn11r.gif] 

Main Henchman= Wartime Consigliere/ Spiritual Leader    Manson

[Image: tumblr_n9wiskputw1r4pu8bo6_r1_250.gifv] 

Henchwomen = Death Game Girls

[Image: image-w1280.jpg?1445926638]

[Image: 4x9B6xOchKoI36P6kfXwIDQuBe92IJA7OgcD1NGz...qgd7dFsi-Q]

The Cop Who's There to Die

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

"Got concrete rhymes, been rappin' for ten years and

Even when I'm braggin', I'm bein' sincere"

"Teenage angst has paid off well/ Now I'm bored and old"

"Drunk as hell, but no throwin' up

Half way home and my pager still blowin' up"

"I'm tired of living all alone
yeah, nobody ever calls me on the phone
But when things start getting bad
I just play my music louder"

in ultra panavision and technicolor

Cop 2 - Frank Drebin
[Image: detail.725d2f78.jpg]

Cop 1 - Chan Ka Kui
[Image: 20120921031005121.jpg]

Henchman - Gogo Yubari
[Image: 3007076249_1_11_LwJ6Q6Qi.jpg]

The Boss of the Cops - Marge Gunderson
[Image: 1200x630]

The Villain - Elijah C. Skuggs
[Image: DkAOcNHWsAEK-Av.jpg:large]

The Cop's Crazy Parent/Relative - John "Sleepy" Estes, aka Mad Bull (Mad Bull 34)
He will be a animated character.
[Image: EZox3I.gif]

The Cop Who's There to Die - (zombie cop) Detective Roger Mortis
[Image: 800px-DeadHeatUziFire2.jpg]

The Politician who wants results - Chaz, Aide to the Mayor (Futurama) played by Bob Odenkirk

The 'Villain' Who is Revealed to Be a Good Guy - Ah Jong (The Killer)
[Image: the-killer.jpg?itok=wsXnju4p&mtime=1488433872]

The 'Good Guy' Who is Revealed to Be a Villain - World War 2 Hero, gentleman detective, and Nantucket resident Hans Landa
[Image: tumblr_mroui4KON61seyi8qo1_500.gif]

Secondary Villain - Predator
[Image: 1*J4-hZJb4esywjgMYFbYA5Q.jpeg]

The Big Name Cameo / The FBI/CIA/NASA Contact - Ron Silver as NASA Agent Ron Silver
[Image: SecondaryYellowCaudata-size_restricted.gif]

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