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BUDDY COP DRAFT - Bonus (May 22)
For the bonus, you have three options:

Option 1: pick two remaining roles from the list below.  As part of the standard draft, you should have all of the required roles covered, so I'm only going to list out the optional roles.
Option 2: you can change your mind on ONE of your picks from the main draft and replace that character with another character (who has not already been drafted).  This is to accommodate those of you who have stumbled upon an idea late in the game that can be enhanced by tweaking your draft.
Option 3: you can re-assign up to two of your picks (give them different roles) and select 1 bonus pick.  Again, this is to accommodate those of you want to tweak your draft slightly.

As a reminder, here are the optional roles:
Cop 1's partner/spouse/love interest
Cop 2's partner/spouse/love interest
Cop 1's child
Cop 2's child
The Cop's Crazy Parent/Relative
The Cop Who's There to Die
The Cop Who's a Pain in the Ass
The Cop Who's There for Comic Relief
The FBI/CIA Contact
The Politician who wants results
The Snitch
Secondary Villain
Henchman #2
Henchman #3
The 'Villain' Who is Revealed to Be a Good Guy
The 'Good Guy' Who is Revealed to Be a Villain
The Big Name Cameo: this is where you can actually draft a currently living actor to cameo in any role for one scene. Note that this actor CAN also be playing one of the characters in the film (required or optional).

This is open for everyone once:
- the final drafter of the day has gone OR
- at 4:30pm Eastern time
Senator Mendoza (McBain) - Politician who wants results/Secondary Villain

Kelly Van Ryan (Wild Things) - Senator's wife/Damsel in Distress/3rd Act Surprise Villain

[Image: 53CD.gif]

"Whooo, it worked! we screwed the bitch!"
Mangy Wrote:TCM 2 is like sentient cocaine.
Dick Miller as Walter Paisley, owner of an occult book shop
[Image: Screen-Shot-2019-01-30-at-6.52.16-PM.png]

Officer Max Cherry, Somerset's police academy buddy
[Image: 0*VG6kVM8HFmTjERBo.png]
Henchman #2- John Wick

Detective Jerry Lambert (Cop who's there to be funny, but will also die)

[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcR6A3iW-5g8ogja8oUTD...Q&usqp=CAU]

Max Walker (Cop #3, Post credits scene)

[Image: IMG_0582.gif]
I will be re-assigning two of my roles:

Batman will no longer be Cop 1. He will a celebrity cameo.

Joe Hallenbeck will be taking the Cop 1 position.

My Bonus Pick is:

Harmony Faith Lane (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) as Cop 1's ex-wife
[Image: kiss-kiss-bang-bang-michelle-monaghan.jpg]
Brigadier Cousins on PSN

Henchman #3: Red Grant (from FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE)
[Image: robert16.jpg]
Henchman #4: Mad Dog (from THE RAID: REDEMPTION)
[Image: 5648262-4539948-3985808187-mad_d.jpg]
"I gotta bookstore in Santa Monica and another in Pasadena filing insurance claims on things I'm sure weren't stolen. 
I hear you've got a knack for finding things that don't wanna be found, Mr. Rawlins."
(film - Double Indemnity, 1944)

"You got your fellow patrolmen so scared you're gonna put them through a drugstore window for lookin' at 'em funny nobody'll partner with you, White. 
That's why you're such a huge pain in my ass."
(film - Gangster Squad, 2013)

Non-counting bonus pick: 
"They say he knew better than anyone what was science fact and science fiction." 
(tv - "Far Beyond The Stars," Star Trek: Deep Space 9, 1998)
home taping is killing music
The Big Name Cameo / The FBI/CIA/NASA Contact - Ron Silver as NASA Agent Ron Silver

[Image: HVaJ6.jpg]

The 'Good Guy' Who is Revealed to Be a Villain - World War 2 Hero, gentleman detective, and Nantucket resident Hans Landa

[Image: samsung2.jpg]
Henchwomen = Manson Family -    Death Game girls

[Image: bREKQFBShlDmAEyrujUgsfDPXyA9Vlh6_2ofucMS...fb6M5f3eRW]

The Cop Who's There to Die

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

"Got concrete rhymes, been rappin' for ten years and

Even when I'm braggin', I'm bein' sincere"

"Teenage angst has paid off well/ Now I'm bored and old"

"Drunk as hell, but no throwin' up

Half way home and my pager still blowin' up"

"I'm tired of living all alone
yeah, nobody ever calls me on the phone
But when things start getting bad
I just play my music louder"

The Defense Attorney - The Hyper-Chicken (Futurama)

[Image: latest?cb=20090822141314]

The Forensic Scientist - Velma Dinkley (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?)

[Image: 1000?cb=20190812235508]
My karmic debt must be huge.


My blog: An Embarrassment of Rich's
The snitch - carter Burke (aliens)


President of the world state federation (bonus actor) - Rutger hauer (valerian)

Riggs is out as Cop #1, and in his place, a wild Mel appears...

Cop #1

Porter (Payback, 1999)
[Image: s-l300.jpg]
"PREDATOR 2 feels like it was penned by convicts as part of a correctional facility's creative writing program, and that's what I love about it." - Moltisanti
The Snitch:  Mumbles - DICK TRACY


Head of Police's Youth Outreach Program:  Logan 5 - LOGAN'S RUN

"Lets pour some sugar on Dallas!!  Seriose inquarys only!"
The Cop Who's There for Comic Relief: Billy (Air America)

Henchman #3: Wynn Duffy (Justified)
[Image: Don+Cheadle+Out+of+Sight.png]

Don Cheadle as Maurice Miller - Secondary Villain


Greta Thunberg as herself - The Big Name Cameo
I think these screen captures and giant (Dildi? Is there a plural?) are just the next step in the JJ Abrams online adventure series. Very slyly played, Bitches Leave.-Tom Fuchs

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