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Greenland Pre-Impact Thread
From the Academy-Award winning director of Shot Caller...

Greenland (originally to be directed by Neil Blomkamp and starring Chris Evans) was supposed to open this weekend, but got moved to July 31st after the Covid fuss.  Then it was announced some other movie was opening on that date, and the studio behind Greenland wisely realized it was commercial and ritual suicide to stick around, and moved to August 14th.

As Molti noted in the ID42 thread, it looks like all the official trailers have been yanked, like the tape of Chris Rock's first pitch.  All the decent ones, anyways.  You can thank me later

It has Scott Glenn and Holt McCallany.  No Chris Browning, though. 

[Image: 76964135_565941490897961_115085931900934...e=5F12033A]
Final mix for #Greenland COVID style...
In theaters August 14th ??


It looks a whole lot better than Geostorm.
If I could change to liquid, I'd fill the cracks and bend the rocks.
No wonder why Trump wanted to buy Greenland!
I was really looking forward to this. It's been a while since we've had a good end of the world movie that doesn't feel utterly dour, and I've low-key really been into Gerard Butler's work the last couple years. Angel Has Fallen is something that would've had a 90+ percent RT score if it wasn't a sequel and the idea of Butler working with Ric Roman Waugh again is exciting. I just hope it's less Deep Impact, more Armageddon.

If there's any hope for the delay: not that I have anything against Scott Glenn, but I think Molt would speak for us and hope they're going to reshoot everything with Nick Nolte just for synergy.
"PREDATOR 2 feels like it was penned by convicts as part of a correctional facility's creative writing program, and that's what I love about it." - Moltisanti

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