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Shore Scripts Fiction Podcast Contest
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Announcing our New Fiction Podcast Contest | OPENS OCT 1ST.

Our Two Podcast Contest Winners will have their pilot episodes produced, each with a budget of $5000. Plus, each winner will also receive $1000 Cash!

To find out more about this year's brightest new contest, go to

Podcasts are kind of a big deal and Hollywood is taking notice! A number of podcasts have been adapted for television, including Homecoming, Limetown, Lore, and Blackout. 

We have some of the most successful podcast creators onboard to judge our finalists and decide our winners. These include:

# Zack Akers – Limetown (20million listens)
# Lauren Shippen – The Bright Sessions
# Yhane Smith - Harlem Queen
# Richard Seneque - Visionaries
# Terry Miles - The Black Tapes, Tanis, Rabbits (130million listens)
# Nick Van Der Kolk - Love and Radio 
# Scott Conroy - Blackout (Starring Rami Malek)

We accept screenplays and radio-play format. 

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