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Marvel's DEADPOOL FOREVER starring Ryan Reynolds
I did like that Reynolds response to Blade asking how they fund their operation was: "I date a lot of older men."
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I like how the original "Blade" establishes that Whistler's family was killed by a vampire, and then in "Trinity," he now has an adult daughter.

All three "Blade" movies were written by the same person.
That's what you like? Not that he literally shot himself in the mug with vampire killing silver in the first movie and then is just back in the second?
I like what I like!
No no no...the lamest thing in Blade:Trinity (at LEAST equal to that horrible Power Rangers Dracula and the shite cinematography) is the fake vampire at the beginning that Blade kills so the authorities are after him

First Blade movie: *Blade tells Karen (heh) which people they're looking at across the street are vampires*

Karen: "How can you tell?"

Blade: "By the way they move....the way they smell.."

Fast forward to Blade Trinity....Blade shoots a dude full of holes. "Why aren't you ash?" *Dude literally pulls out a set of plastic Halloween vampire fangs* That's how they fooled him? Why does it matter anyway though? He's been killing familiars since the first movie and if they own the police.....never mind. Blade and Blade II only. Trinity is stricken from the record.

The last thing I read was that Deadpool 3 takes place DURING AVENGERS: ENDGAME (?!). How is THAT supposed to work?

Unless they mean he's in the theater watching Avengers Endgame when the bad guys jump him..
Not to mention regular humans just kicking the shit out of multiple vampires at once. In the first two movies it was incredibly hard for one person to kill one vampire by themselves. It's why Blade was so important. Now Biel and Reynolds seem to be almosts Blade's equals which is ya know.....fucking stupid. Really takes all the bite out of the vampires.
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(11-21-2020, 10:12 PM)MichaelM Wrote:
(11-21-2020, 09:56 PM)freeman Wrote: Cock juggling thunder cunt?

That would be it.

So good.
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Reynold's character I can understand a LITTLE more because he was a vampire. Maybe he retained a bit of superior strength? But Biel? She kills vampires like a female Neo because.....her last name is Whistler?


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