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^Chewer above me/ v Chewer below me
I'm not sure if this game was ever played on the Chud Message boards so I'll explane how to play. It is sort of a game of roasting each other.

Each post will talk about/insult the person posted above you ^ then say somthing about yourself < then say somthing about/insult the next person to post below you V .

A post should look somthing like this:

^ Will get plastered and then Strip at CHUDwest.
< Glad he wont be there to see it.
v Eagerly awaits to watch ^ get plastered and then strip at CHUDwest.

That is really how it goes so I'll start with the first post.

< gets high on asthma meds and antidepressants at night.
v doesn't even know that that a state of being other than high even exists.
^ hopes someone will respond to this thread.
< needs someone to acknowlege that he exists.
v thinks Adam Sandler is a god.
^ thinks this is a cool "game"
< doesn't see the point of it.
v probably agrees with me.
/\ Is a complete and utter loser.
< Is too cool for school
\/ Won't resist the urge to masterbate at work tomorrow.
^ has a thing for other people masterbating.
< doesn't have a job.
v thinks masterbation is a karate teacher.
^ Masturbates to guys in dresses.
< Only holds the key to the closet.
v will look at this thread and let out a low, "ugh".
^ responds to this thread never the less.
< just worked out and is too tired to think of anything.
v 's idea of a workout is reading the entire Answer a Questions / Ask a Question thread.
^thinks he is clever making up this thread
< Is watching the Punisher
"down" owns the entire "Saved by the Bell" collection
^ owns the entire Momma's Family series.
< stole this thread from another site and cannot think up any orignal ideas of his own.
v is helping me make this thread more popular.
^ has woefully misinterpreted my reasons for posting in this thread
< is only posting in this thread to pad out his post total
v is probably doing the same thing
^ knows precisely the reasoning for responding to this thread.
< is also only padding post counts.
v is unaware of the fact that Tony Danza is playing God in the next Oh God! movie, "Oh God, I've lost my career"
^ fucked up that last post. DAMN NO EDIT!
< will try again.
v is unaware of the fact that Tony Danza is playing Jerry Landers alongside Sean Connery as God in the next Oh God! movie, "Oh God, I've lost my career"
^ Enjoys "the touch and feel of cotton" a little too much.

< Used to think Michelle Meyrink was the end-all, be all of females {circa Real Genius}

v Was once arrested for Mopery{exposing yourself to a blind person}.
^don't really know this guy, but I think I know what wavelength he is on.

<someone you may have seen in SOHO

Down: my partner in crime

NOTE: Sleeplesslumber, where do you find that down thingy symbol? neato game, btw.


NOTE: Sleeplesslumber, where do you find that down thingy symbol? neato game, btw.

Its a VEE, Satchmo.
^ doesn't know the "down thingy" is a lower case V.
< has a toothache.
v has hairy palms.
^figured out the down symbol

<wanted to edited the above post but couldn't

v my other partner in crime
^Thinks I'm his partner in crime
>Thinks this thread should die a quick death
v will be the last post in this stupid thread.
^ Harbors a desire to be adbucted by mantis aliens
< wishes more people would buy the Package CD
V Found a bizarre insect grafted to his/her genitalia
/\ *Bought a house pre-poltergeist-ed
< *Can't wait for CHUDWEST '02!
\/ *Has dirty knees...we wonder why.
^ Keeps trying to pull up my pants legs to look at my knees.
< Likes to use emoticons 'cause he thinks they're "cute".
v Never returns my late-nite phone calls.
^ Realized there was no God beacuse of his existence
< Knows that If There is a God, I know he likes to rock, he likes his guitars, and his spiders from Mars
V Proves the existence of Satan, as evidenced by those teeh
^Probably speaks Japanese


v Last book they read was "Itsy, Bitsy Spider" and thought it was interesting.
^ not a woman either.
< can reconize other sexless demons on the message boards.
v is helping me in my plan to takeover the world and bring about the apocalypse.
^ posts odd threads
< tired, but is a post-aholic, obviously
V is yet another, tired post-aholic
/\ Desperately wants someone else to wallow in his misery.

< Has not been able to post much in any other forum for quite some time.

\/ By posting after me admits to licking sweaty goat balls.
^ is named after a hungry chunk of wood.
< Bob sees a lot of action.
v has no idea how infectious a smile can be.
^Stole Sleeplesslumber's xanax paste

< Is a woman that hates wearing panties

v Person that brought those snakeheadfish to the states.
/\ Is woman I would like to watch though Glass floor tiles

<Ran out of Piranha to feed snakeheadfish had to let them go.

\/Thinks "talking shit," means "You have bad breath."
^ Affectionately known behind his back as Wilt Chamberlains 'stunt penis'.

< Will make you suffer from Fistaphobia.

v Will try again next year to join the damn Green Lantern Corps.
^ Was never truly happy 'till the day he realized 'fist' was also a verb.

< Is pretty sure the Green Lantern Corps will accept his application this year, now that the rash has cleared up.

v Keeps sending me nun porn via e-mail.
^ Turned Rupert Everett straight
< Was factory assmebled in Singapore from parts crafted in Malaysia
V Is the REASON doves cry
^ Had his stiff drink, and is now in a pee group.

< Is fixing a stiff drink, right after he types this.

v Has a stiffy.
^ Beat me to the punch.

< Is drinking punch.

v Soon to be a member of The Nation's Punched.
^ will have one hell of a hangover.
< Xanax paste?
v thinks people steal story ideas from'em by drinking some magic well drink and is about to sue because of this.

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