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Weird Dreams
I had a dream two nights ago that starred John Ritter and Olivia Williams. Olivia Williams was starring in a Broadway production of Peter Pan, and they had co-opted a fifth avenue store to use as a place for costume changes. My brother followed Olivia WIlliams into the store, who had her outfit from The Postman on, and I followed him. John Ritter then stopped us, and we had a cigarette while walking across a college campus in winter and discussed his role as Ted on Buffy. The college campus looked something like Kent State/Akron U. meets Rushmore Academy. I think.
I had a dream last night that I was listening to the new Rivers Cuomo solo album.

I am a sad, sad man.
Damn, now this was cool. I had a dream that I was replacing Sandra Day O'Connor on the U.S. Supreme Court.

What a kick ass job.
Here's one from last night.

My friend Justin and I went to a concentration camp, I think it was Dachau. There were huge walls blocking view to the inside, and a large line outside. When we were going in, two twin old ladies walked out and began teasing us that we wouldn't get the surprise, and that they got it easily. Once inside, we were told by a third identical lady to find Helen Keller's corpse and bring it back, then bury it upside down in one of the metal ringss suspended near the entrance (they were metal rings with many metal triangles that pointed down, suspended up on three metal rods. So we began to search. Dachau wasn't so much a concentration camp as it was a national park, with lots of green grass, hills, gulleys, and trees. There were even crappy abandoned cabins here and there. As we walked, I told tasteless jokes.
"Hey Justin, what do you tell a girl with two black eyes?"
" don't have to tell her again."
"No, you already told her twice."
"Yeah, whatever"
Then we found a weird mound that appeared to be a shallow grave, and I instructed Justin to start digging. As we both began to sink our shovels intot he ground, I woke up to the sound of my alarm, which segued out of the dream like a harsh crow's screech.
I had the most incredible dream, but it is entirely to bizarre and weird and just plained fucked up to remember it all.
Bits and peices. Might not be all entirely peiced together.

Started off going into this awesome cemtary, I mean it was something that would give Tim Burton wet dreams. It was on this like large hill/mountain ands it went up and up to the top where these large trees surrounded this massive libary or archive. Just amazing.
I think the whole thing was supposed to be a tv show that I was watching.
And I went inside (or the main character in the show) the whole place is supposed to be an underground like organization that is mysterious and stuff. Its this big area that is just very cool. Involves like emerald green and white marble I think. Just really cool/creepy. And its run by this weird psychic ugly woman or something. Very mysterious figure.
I think its discoverd secret rooms by snooping around the complex, and discover evil creatures that are used by the orgaization to spread evil or something. Anyway some stuff happens involving the evil creatures yadda yadda yaddaa. The show is a two parter and in part 2 the muppets save the day.
No seriously they all live up inside the undergound thing on the banisters in the main huge like central area and take congrats or whatever to saving the day. I dunno weird.

Good it looked amazing though. WOW.

Yeah also I just rambeled down what happened because there is no way in proper grammer to describe what happened.

My subconscious is the worlds greatest production designer.
Also it was sorta H.P Lovecraftian a bit. I seem to remember coming across a symbol of Chutlu or something like it on a door or something. I was reading At the Mountains of Madeness that night.

I so want to have this dream again tonight.
Okay 3 strange ones, each seemed to revolve around my family.

#1 weird lights and stuff going on all around outside my house in the night or whatever, I think eventually a weird looking ufo came down or something

#2 My family and I had a pig that was mummified or something, it had its cavity sort of removed like it was a dead pig you would buy at the butchers. But it was alive and it was very very nice. Thats the way my dream thought of it. It was a nice pig.

#3 In my backyard there is alot of trees and this is true in real life. Anyways bigfoot and his bigfoot wife decide to show up, they have been living in our back yard for some time.
We are a bit nervoius about how they will act but it turns out they arey VERY VERY polite.
I had a dream that I had developed a flesh-eating disease last night. The rest was just scenes of a messed-up room and a Mexican hotel.

I hate it so much when reality blurs into dreamland and then dreamland fades into reality.

Spent most of yesterday crunching serious numbers early monday morn. Dozed off at 2:30 in the afternoon till the time my wife nudged me awake telling me I was going to be late for some meetings, and she was going over to her sisters.

In the dream I get up from bed after the wife leaves. I go downstairs thirsty as hell. Pour myself some iced t, drink it all in one gulp. Walk up stairs to shower/get dressed for the meeting. When I look to the tv that has been left on. On it, I see Lawrence of Arabia. He's just stumbled upon some oasis. Rife with green plants, he spreads apart leaves and the scene pans out to a musical number. I couldn't be sure but thought it was Liz Taylor doing something cleopatra-ish. She was singing the following lyrics over and over like some bad tecno remix:

I am the queen.
Queen of this place.
I rule all. All Love Me.
I am the queen of this place.

It goes on repeating itself for quite some time. I stood there entranced. The technicolor scene was actually pretty. Great seperation of greens, blues, and pinks...everything had a weird cel-shaded look with thick black outlines on everything.

When I took my eyes away from the tv to look at the clock I realized I was half an hour late for the meeting, it was now 9:34. Figuring what the hell, I crawl back into bed.

That's when I wake up, and the clock reads 9:25

Fucked up it is...that and being late.
Okay I have NO idea where this came from.

In the dream Prala was going to have sex with 200 people for free on the streets of D.C (actuall I think she was in some big tent on the streets) for peace.

It was even a story on the front of the Washington Post.

Again NO idea where this came from.
Now what kinda drugs have you been indulging in tonight?
I recently had an odd dream involving my old job, which was at a Borders (shitty job, btw).

I had a cart full of books that needed to be brought into the basement (this particular Borders had 2 floors). I was on the second floor, so I went over to the elevator. After pushing the button a few times, I began to realize that the elevator wasn't coming; for some reason it was stuck.

Next thing I know, I'm in some sort of sub-basement. You know, dripping steam-pipes and vents everywhere, reallly dark. I walked down this hallway until I came to a door marked, bizarrely "BEWARE!" and beneath that, "MONKEY!".

It was an otherwise ordinary door. Padlocked. Somehow, I managed to retrieve, from somewhere on my person, a hammer and chisel, which I then used to pop off the lock and open the door.

It was pitch black inside. When I groped around, I felt a pull-chain for a light, so I did the appropriate thing there. The light comes on, and in front of me was this:

A treadmill, connected to an elaborate system of gears and pulleys. With a donkey on it. In front of the donkey was a string, dangling from the ceiling, which I presumed once held some kind of bait--maybe an apple or a carrot--that the donkey has since gotten to and eaten, hence the elevator has stopped working.

Then I woke up.
Last night I dreamt that Chewbaca had won an award for acheivment in music or something like that. And during his performance some dude with a really bushy haircut sang while chewie danced all around.
Alright, now I had a dream that could only have been inspired by CHUD, because nowhere else have I read or seen anything about a "Terminator 3 trailer", or anything remotely "Terminator 3"-related, when it comes down to it.

So at some point in this dream I'm sitting in a movie theater, and flashing by up there on the screen are images and scenes from a movie that I instinctively know to be Terminator 3, though in reality I probably couldn't tell Terminator 3 from Terminator 5000. I only take note of this trailer because the music playing over these scenes is so amusingly bad: it sounds like a loop sampled from a new recording of the Twisted Sister "hit" tune "I Wanna Rock" (a song which, in the dream, I mistakenly attribute to Ronny James Dio) in which the lyrics have been very subtly altered.

So while these scenes from T3 are flashing by, none of them making much of an impression, really--Arnie looking a little tired and wrinkly in the familiar sunglasses/leather jacket combo, some girl hanging precariously from the roof of a multi-storey parking lot or something--this really cheesy loop of a really cheesy re-recorded Twisted Sister song is playing, and it keeps saying:





and so on, over and over, over the rest of the trailer. The message here seems to be that Terminator 3 is, indeed, "gonna rock".

Even in the dream, the whole enterprise seemed spectacularly cheesy and desperate.

dreams and music...why are they linked?

Had a moderately not so weird dream the other day.

In it Gord Downie and his band The Tragically Hip were playing at a small bar in probably some small assed town. I got out of the bathroom and found them playing on stage...doing a great rendition of CCR's "Suzie Q". Just where suzie q would end...the band keeps playing, keeping the beat, and the guitarist starts the New Orleans riff which resulted in a standing ovation with some people even crying for joy.

The dream kinda ended halfway through New Orleans is Sinking thanks to the god damned alarm clock. Really wish I could download that performance onto a cd.
I dreamed that I was Sigourney Weaver and I was trying on bras and also I was *Ahem* fondeling myself.

My subconcious has some bizzare fascination with Siggy Weaver.
I had a dream that aliens were taking over the world and the only nearby resistance base was in a local supermarket called Krogers. I refused to alert them that they had been discovered by the alien force simply because they weren't union.
I had a weird dream-like experience night before last. I say dream-like because I was concious of lying in bed (actually, I thought I might be in my recliner, if that's relevant), but as I was lying there I could feel my entire body vibrating rapidly. It seemed as though I were in tune with the vibrations of the universe or something--it was an entirely pleasant, almost erotic experience. Also, this is not the first time this happened. I remember having a similar experience a few months ago.
Huge, lushly green bladegrasses were growing out of my right nostril and I was pulling them out one after the other. That's it. End of story.
A few friends and myself volunteered to take some kind of performance enhancer pills as part of a classifed government research project, which promised to turn us into superheroes.

The drugs started to take effect while we were watching a test screening of Bulletproof Monk 2 a few hours later. My friends started to hulk out/guyver/metamorphasize into grotesque werewolf-type creatures, and they started killing everyone in the theater, and then came after me.

Luckily, my transformation was starting to kick in as well, and as I was running out of the theater and through the various back alleys in Point Break style, I turned into a similar beast, and then realization dawned on me that the pills were fully intended to make us psychotic killers.

I knew this when I ran past Carson Daly's apartment window, and I called 911 on my cell phone (while still running from my friends) to tell the cops that the killers were hiding out in there. My last recollection of the dream was looking back to see the SWAT team shoot endless automatic weapon fire into Daly's window, to his screaming/crying "No! No! No!".

My wife told me this morning that my teeth grinding kept her up for most of the night.

dreams and music...why are they linked?

Had a moderately not so weird dream the other day.

In it Gord Downie and his band The Tragically Hip were playing at a small bar in probably some small assed town. I got out of the bathroom and found them playing on stage...doing a great rendition of CCR's "Suzie Q". Just where suzie q would end...the band keeps playing, keeping the beat, and the guitarist starts the New Orleans riff which resulted in a standing ovation with some people even crying for joy.

The dream kinda ended halfway through New Orleans is Sinking thanks to the god damned alarm clock. Really wish I could download that performance onto a cd.

One of my all time favorite and most memorable dreams had me touring with das Hips in Europe. Some damn good tunes in that one, along with some insane Gord rants that I wish I could recollect.
When I woke up from this dream at 4am, I told myself I was gonna post it in the weird dreams thread, because it was actually somewhat related to CHUD, and AICN. But the more time passed, the less of it made sense. It involved me coming to this job at a lab--and when I woke up I could totally remember having actually had this job, even though it was entirely fabricated--and...OK, sometimes on my home computer I'll open a forum on CHUD, but it'll show me the forum as it existed last week or something (I think Rylander was complaining about this too. It happens on my home computer, but not my work computer). So I got to work, and signed onto AICN, but it was AICN from 1994, which was the last time I'd been to that job. And there was some story about a live-action Beavis and Butthead movie being made. And there was something about an ex-girlfriend also working at that job, and...oh, it's all a blur now. There was something else CHUD-related, like I told someone that Charles Brigand was gonna be in episode III, but in my mind Charles Brigand was the name of the actor that plays Gunn on Angel. And I was outside my mom and dad's house giving some old guy directions, and he gave me a bottle of Boddington's Ale, which I went inside and drank at the breakfast table while talking to my mom and dad. Why am I even typing this?
This one really baffled me. I dreamed that I was at some kind of Geek Con, but it was in some big old house and there weren't that many people there. And they wanted me to deliver the keynote address, because I was the president. I think president of the USA, although I'm not really sure. I remember thinking "why do they want ME to speak? Oh yeah, because I'm the president." So I stood on this fake rock and put on a white afro wig, and gave this speach into a microphone while standing in what looked like The Globe Theater. And I started giving this speach about all the progress geeks have made, and how we need to keep up the solidarity and be very public about being geeks, and keep organizing massive roleplaying campaigns and writing fanfiction, and that we should take over small AM stations in our towns. And that got alot of cheers.

Gawd, this thread is great! I've been reading it for the last hour. The weird thing is, most of the dreams I described, I have no memory of now. I don't even remember posting this stuff. I also find it quite interesting that I had two seperate dreams about Beavis and Butthead.

Fortunately, I just discovered this new method for remembering dreams.


The skullfuck
An Exercise in Dream Recall

Purpose: This is an exercise to aid in the recollection of dreams
through the use of visualization and tactile imagery. It is best
performed at the times that one begins to fall asleep.

1. Relax; take a few deep breaths, and concentrate on the present
sensation of the extremities.

2. Allow yourself to feel the gradual decrease in sensitivity of the
limbs as you drop off to sleep.

3. Switch your attention rapidly from limb to limb, but block out
extraneous thoughts as completely as possible.

4. When nearly all sensation is lost in the extremities, switch your
attention to the spine; localize your attention to the sensation
at each vertebra. Send a current of energy up from the base very
slowly to the top.

5. When the current reaches the top, visualize the entire spine as a
penis, and the point where it enters the skull as the
sexually-oriented orifice of your choice.

6. Concentrate now on the sensation of the spine-penis entering the
foramen magnum-orifice. When bringing the sensation to the
concious level, recall that it is your penis and/or your orifice;
a great deal of sensation is being generated.

7. Hold the images and sensations in mind until you do, in fact, fall
asleep. Attempt immediately to hold up your dream-hands in front
of your eyes.

By practicing this daily, near total dream recall is achieved in a
relatively short time.

You know, sometimes I wish I could actually remember my dreams. I would probably have some pretty CRAZY dreams to talk about.
Whoa dude. Last night I had a dream that David Warner came to my school for some seminar on sci-fi, and I saw him in a building, and I said "Whoa dude! You're David Warner!! I love Tron!" Then Warner turns around, says "No shit, asshole." And shoves me to the floor. Then an alien invasion occurs.
So, you were reliving last week?
Last night I dreamt that I found all these awesome Hunter S. Thompson documentaries and a sequel to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Then something about Johnny Depp taking his shirt off and it all got a little hazy. No more marijuana before bed!
So, you were reliving last week?
For a good year, I had a series of dreams where I burned alive. Each night, there was a new method of ignition.

I don't dream that much anymore. When I do, it's usually me reconstructing script outlines or news segments from the day before.
I had this dream one time where I was walking through this city. I can't tell if the skyscrapers are made of cardboard or not, and the sky is blood red. Basically, everything looks like a level from "Rise of the Triad" without Nazis or those whirling blades o' death.

This guy comes up to me, says that if I pass his test, I get a million dollars. I say OK. Next thing you know, we're in this white room with a table and a chair. On the table, their is a four page test bokklet and a number 578 pencil. I sit down, and the man pulls out this syringe and stabs me with it, injecting this fluid into me. When he's done, he tells me that if I don't finish in an hour, my flesh will drop off, and I'll die.

I start the test. The first three pages are softballs, questions like, "How do you spell 'CAT?'" Then I get to page 4. It's one of those elementary school style crossword puzzles. It would be easy... if the clues weren't all in Aztec, or what my brain thinks Aztec looks like.

Needless to say, I don't finish, and my flesh drops off. This really hurts, and it wakes me up. When I wake up, my arm still burns.

Originally posted by Z-Man
Dreamt that I was going to see Ozzy Osbourne, who was touring with Ween as his backup band! There was more to it, too--they were doing a rock opera based on...what? I can't remember. Seems like it had to do with commercial jingles or something. But in my mind, I was thinking "well, they'll probably do a Ween song and a couple Ozzy/Sabbath songs for an encore."

I once dreamt that I was standing on the side of a stage, watching Ozzy sing, with no band, but a bunch of sofas were all over the stage.

The last dream I remember was quite disturbing, I think it came from watching "Near Death" a god-awful (gory) shot on video horror movie...This was a few weeks ago...

Swykk and I are waiting outside a video store taht was supposed to be "Take-one Video," a great nearby store that closed a few years ago....of course the place looked completely different in the dream, and we decided toi sit on the front steps and wait for our buddy Andy to arrive. Somebody sits down behind me, I turn to say, "What's up, dude?" but it's not andy, just some 14-year old with a bike smoking a cig. Dave and I say "Forget him," and enter the store, which looks like a huge library with the fancy dark wood furniture like I always see in movies....The video store is to the right in another room....Suddenly were in a house walking upstairs to watch a DVD...I look to my right into the bedroom I'm passing and see a pile of body parts mushed into a giant, bloody ball sitting atop the bed. It was gross, and we enter another bedroom...All of a sudden this really loud screeching horrible scary-ass music starts blaring into my ears, and a young teenaged girl is sitting on a table with this young, skinny, longhaired metal-head looking guy standing in front of her. He looks towards me and says in the typical slow, slurred demonically-possessed movie voice, "have you ever been sacrificed?" Then, he proceeds to pull out a knife, and slash down the side of the girl's unexpressive face....Actually, he's holding ther knife about an inch from her face as he slices, but blood appears, and he manages to catch her eyelid with the tip of the blade. Then I'm sitting on the bed looking down at the DVD player on the floor, the room is empty, Swyyk gone. Metal-head suddenly rises from the floor, lifts up his knife then walks reeeeeaaal slow toward me. "Swykk!" I shout, but to no avail. So I grab the DVD remote next to me, attempt to press fast-forward (why?), and hit pause.....Dream ends. Scared the hell out of me.
I once dreamed that I was framed and arrested for terrorism (this was around '92 or so)--and somehow, McDonalds was involved. While walking through a forest on a chain gang, I found a trail of quarters and started picking them up. The next thing I knew, I had somehow gotten out of my leg chains and was on the run from the guards.

I made it to a highway and flagged down a passing car. I offered the driver (my first grade teacher) all the quarters I'd found for a ride, but she just took all my quarters and let me have her car. I jumped in and tore off, only to discover a humvee in my rearview mirror, driven by George Bush Sr.

The last thing I remember before waking up is a killer 100mph chase scene with me swerving every few feet to avoid the nuclear missiles that Georgie's humvee kept firing at me from his trick headlights.

Weird stuff.

Originally posted by Whitey Powers, Jive Homicide Det.
For some reason the Demon Etrigan was in one of my dreams last night. I had many many strange dreams last night. Stranger than usual. It might have been due some reality altering experiences the preceeded my sleep that night.

Reality Altering

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