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All Things E-Bay: Version 1.0
OK, here ya go. A place for all you bargan hunters to wax on about your latest finds.

And I'll start.

Last night I scored a super sweet One-Sheet to The Ice Pirates for a rock bottom price of $2.50! The Legend of Billie Jean poster I was looking at went for $17 and change much to my dismay.

As for toys, I have recently scored the rare Naboo Security Guard, Captain Piett, Hologram Darth Sideous, and the last of the 3 Wal-Mart exclusive Max Rebo two packs I needed.

I feel mighty...
Lesse - I'll start toy related first, last week I got a Beta tape of He-Man & Masters of the Universe Volume 11 for $2 bucks. Last week I also got an Iron Maiden: Can I Play With Madness poster for $3.50. I got a German promo cd single of Big Gun by AC/DC. And in 5 minutes I'll be the proud owner of a 45in vinyl single of Christopher Cross: Arthur's Theme (best that you can do) with a groovy picture sleeve for $1.99.
Oh, hell. Looks like I'm going to have to start an ebay account.


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