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Toys You Always Wanted As A Kid But Never Got...
I have two and I gotta say they were both my fault.

Kenner's Super Powers line.
Mego's World Greatest Super Heroes.

I had two Megos, Captain America and Shazam and no Super Powers figures.

Too busy buying Star Wars figures.

What are yours?
Kenner's ALIEN.

My dad wanted to get it for me. Cun- er, Mom wouldn't let him.

At one point, a friend of my mother's took me shooping for my birthday and bought it for me.

Before she left the mall, she called my whor- er, Mom to tell her about the great White Sale at Whereverthefuck's and I was standing there as the conversation transpired...I'll never forget:

"...really good price, Joy. I bought two comforters for the boys......yes. Yes......he wanted the doll of that monster from the movie......what? We've already- Well, alright, Joy, alright. Okay then, okay...yeah. Yeah, okay...okay....bye-bye."

Then she turned to me and said:

"Your mother doesn't want you to have that."

I was clutching it in my hand, in the bag from Montgomery Ward.

I protested. I wasn't one of those kids that did the temper tantrum in public, so I relented and got a Hot Wheels Spiderman vs Green Goblin playset.

And when I got home, I-a freshly-minted six year old-looked at my mother and said the words I still tell her at holidays and family gatherings two decades later.

"I hate you."
They released a line of Indiana Jones figures in the early 80s that I was dying to get but I never ever saw them in stores. Must not have distributed them up in Canada.

Also, they released some cool figures of the Visitors from V where you could take of there faces and press a button on the back and have a lizard tongue come out. Again, never saw them in stores.

Lastly, I was a big Transformers collector, and I would have loved to have gotten the Headmaster called Fortress Maximus. I saw it for sale once, but it was way too expensive to get.
I feel you pain guys. My mother never got me the Alien figure either even though she swears she saw it many times on close-out for around two bucks.

As for Indy, I never found a Marian figure or most of the others. Kinda sad when I was using the Well of Souls playset with Star Wars figures...
Marion is the only figure I'm missing.

I got's me the nazzi truck too, bitches.
McDonnell-Douglas F-15 Eagle
Grumman F-14 Tomcat

Anything else is a stocking-stuffer.

Shit guys, we pool our figures and we might just make a full set of Indiana Jones figures. And if we pool our money, we might be able to afford a Marion.

But I do have the mail-away Belloq in "Oh Shit My Head's About to Explode" robe and the 12 inch Han Solo doll dressed as Indy.

As for Clash, I too have Perseus and Pegasus. But I always wanted the f**king Kraken. And yes, once again my mother said it was too scary for a five year old.

Seeing the prices for it on E-Bay now is scarier.

And Zod, I really want to get Lucifer and some Cylons one of these days...
Fortress Maximum and the GI-Joe aircraft carrier! Too damn expensive at the time.

You want a little? Huh? You want any?


<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">I never got Megatron either. My mom didnt want me having toy guns. The facts that it turned into a robot and was the only worthy adversary for my Optimus Prime were totally lost on her.

Seriously, that's tragic.

So, Thomas, do you have an incredible gun collection now?

The Dark Tower game?

Eh? We're not talkin about Stephen King Dark Tower, are we?
No, Deej-It was a big craggy black plastic spire that had touchpad buttons on it that emitted sounds for reasons that were as unclear to me then as they are now...
I thought that was a Coleco controller...
But you realize how incredibly cool that could be, right? And I would have to buy it, were someone to make it...
There was a lot of parents freaked out about the Dark Tower game. They said their kids were getting nightmares and spitting split pea soup after playin the game. At any rate it was pulled from the shelves.

"They say it was the devil's work."

A couple of years later an the Quiha board was mass produced, and can still be found at some toy stores. Funny how things turn around. hehe

You want a little? Huh? You want any? Come get some

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