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2001 Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornaments Announced!
For you Star Wars fans, you can expect to see the following on your Christmas Tree this year...

- Anakin in his Pod Racer outfit
- Jar Jar Binks
- The Naboo Royal Starship
- R2-D2

For you Star Trek fans, take heed for Hallmark is finally making the actual Deep Space Nine space station. Better late then never I guess.

Their website sucks ass so you'll have to do it manually.

Go to and select Keepsake Ornaments from the pull down menu. Then go to the 2001 Dreambook listing to see the entire list.

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Trying to make the link in your original post work was fun...

Pain in the ass. And when I get there, what do I get?



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Wise ass...
-that's all you'll have time to scream before it tears you apart!!

I'm gonna need a Sequoya to fit all my Hallmark shit on.

U2Shark - "Keep Drinking the Dungeon Wine..."
Christmas sucks even in March.

I didn't fully realize this until right now but...

You are all gay.

And by "gay" I don't mean you like the same sex as yourself, I mean "gay" in the very third-grade way. Of course.

Hallmark...BE MEN for god's sakes!


HAM, once again you brighten my day (or night as is the case) with an obscure reference. This is why I love this man.

But...not in a gay way..

Give it up for Cohen.

And Johnny-The Hallmark stuff is cool. They've done great things.

Here's an example:

My brother has a two year old baby girl. She likes three things-



STAR WARS (Episode I-In one of the ONLY smart moves he's EVER made, my brother is exposing his child to the films in order).

She has some issues; for example she wants to be "amdawa", but she hugs "daf maw"...

But anyway, my dad has purchased almost all of the Star Wars ornaments for the Christmas Tree (we're missing a whiney farmboy), and he's showing them to the baby.

And the baby is looking at them...playing with them...

Dad's cooking for the child, I'm doing some sculpting--I come upstairs and discover that the child has replaced the figures in the nativity scene.

The Virgin Mary is out, replaced by Natalie Portman. Darth Maul stands over baby Jesus, brandishing his double-bladed lightsaber, as Han Solo looks on, blaster at the ready.

I ask the kid what's going on, and she replies, "amdawa has a baby. baby's sleeping. daf maw is visiting the baby."

I'm fighting fits of laughter as I stand up and proclaim "Now THAT'S a religion I can get into!"

And my daddy gets all mad, 'cause he hates it when I make fun of God...

And the baby starts making Maul attack the Wise Men...

So with that in mind, I say-

for making Christmas bright!

That was a beauty, HAM.

And cut the shit, Butane. You know you'd be on an Hallmark Ash ornament faster the white on rice.
Ash would never sell out? Would he?

You want a little? Huh? You want any? Come get some

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