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BEHOLD! The List of DC Direct Solicitations Up Thru March 2002!
November 2001

Sandman-Daniel & Sandman-Morpheus Soft Toys
Delirium, Desire, & Daniel action figures
Dark Knight Strikes Again PVC set
Superman/Lois Lane deluxe figure pack

December 2001

Smallville PVC set
Green Arrow/Speedy 2-pack
Wildcat, Solomon Grundy, Power Girl wave

January 2002

Shazam! and Black Adam action figures
Ace The Bathound soft toy

February 2002

Green Lantern action figure wave including John Stewart, Tomar-Re, Kyle Rayner

March 2002

Just-Us League of Stupid Heroes, Alfred E. Neuman as Green Lantern and Flash
Sugar & Spike soft toy 2-pack
Tiny Titans

For a complete list of items including props and statues, head over to...


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